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Anyone wondering about the practicality of taking long road trips in a Tesla Model S would do well to watch this recent video from Fully Charged, in which host Robert Llewellyn takes a Model S 100D on a journey from London all the way up to the Orkney Islands – the UK equivalent of a Kerouacian coast-to-coast odyssey.

It’s worth watching this piece just for the scenery (note all the windmills along the way). However, host Robert Llewellyn also has a couple of interesting insights about the differences among the “regular” rear-wheel drive Model S, the dual-motor version (100D) and the performance version (P100D).

Tesla Model S

A Tesla Model S is ready to take on the road

For those who can afford a “100,” range anxiety – which has never been the debilitating disorder that the popular press makes it out to be – is completely eradicated. With a range well over 300 miles, you can drive four or five hours at a stretch, and sitting in a car any longer than that without a break is unhealthy for the circulation anyway, to say nothing of the bladder.

Superchargers are plentiful in Cool Britannia – at least 36 by last count. Travelers heading for Scotland can top up at Gretna Green, where illicit lovers of yore said their hurried vows, outside of Edinburgh and Dundee, and soon in Inverness.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Charles Morris.

Tesla's flagship Model S

Tesla’s flagship Model S

Robert soon notices that, compared to his own single-motor Model S, the 100D has “loads of regen.” This is of course because there are two motors recapturing the braking energy, and it contributes to the 100D’s awesome 335-mile range (that’s the official EPA-rated range – on this trip, Robert finds that he can achieve even more). That’s the top range of any Tesla (or any other EV) except for the upgraded Roadster 3.0, which Tesla says can get as much as 400 miles.

Above: Robert Llewellyn tests the Tesla Model S 100D (Youtube: fullychargedshow)

The two-motor arrangement does have one minor drawback. Robert notes that the frunk is slightly smaller – that second motor had to go somewhere. That said, there’s only one more capable electric vehicle on the planet, the P100D. With a larger high-performance motor in the rear, the P offers more acceleration but slightly lower efficiency – 33 kWh per 100 miles, compared to the 100D’s 35 kWh of energy in 100 miles.

The P100D with Ludicrous Mode may be the official top of Tesla’s line, but Robert makes a strong case that the 100D is actually a superior choice, especially for those who like road trips. In addition to the slightly better efficiency, you get more range: 335 official miles, compared to 315 for the P100D. At nearly $40,000 less, there’s no question that it’s a better bang for your buck, unless you simply must have the thrill of Ludicrous Plus acceleration, which takes you to 60 mph in 2.28 seconds.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is still plenty quick in any configuration

Remember, the Model S 100D is no sluggard – it can go 155 mph, and does 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, which may be less than Ludicrous, but is still as quick as any dinosaur-burning vehicle you’re likely to meet. Whether you’re heading the length and breadth of the Scepter’d Isle, or threading the high passes in Colorado on your way to the Pacific, you may find that the 100D is the ultimate road car.

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX, Check out the site here.

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I can’t fit my dogs in the back of a Model S so for now it’ll be the Prius V 😀

I guess if you’re a DINK or Yuppy but for families with pets, and let’s be honest a majority of families have pets you need something with a better storage area in the back.

Model X would work great for that actually

I was thinking the same thing. X can tow a trailer full of kayaks, camping gear, etc. etc. maybe even small to medium sized travel trailer.

Of course, renting a gasser would be a lot cheaper.

Have you tried? They can fit 2 children in the back of the Model S so why not dogs?

Many families have a pet, but most families do not have multiple large dogs.

When I had a dog, anytime we took him somewhere in the car he would ride on the rear seat in a harness attached to the seatbelt (so he’d survive an accident) just like any other passenger. He rode in sedans the majority of his life.

Yes, I can’t understand all the comments about “needing” a SUV just because someone owns a large dog. One dog should fit in the back seat of a sedan just fine.

Maybe the real issue is they don’t want the dog’s claws or dirty feet to mess up the seat fabric, or they don’t want all that dog hair embedded in the fabric?

Of course, they could just throw a rug back there to protect the seat, but hey, any excuse for buying a huge heavy SUV, huh? 😐

I don’t know what kind of great technological advance he’s talking about with Solar Panels, but on my Solar Panels, they are 100% fully utilized in 2 ways: 1). The output of the solar panels is real-time maximized by the 2 Sunny Boy inverters, to extract every bit of electricity possible to be generated by them. 2). The Net-metering scheme in NY State means I have total transparency as to when I generate electricity, and more importantly, to when I use the previously generated electricity, so whatever great TECH ADVANCE he’s talking about cannot possibly improve on what I have. Not sure how old he is, but he seems to constantly make jokes about he having a serious prostate problem. The one thing I was rather surprised about was how much electricity this car draws from the battery…. He stating that 310 wh/mile is super-great. In city driving I regularly get 150 wh/mile, and many younger prospective uber drivers confirm that this is not out of the ordinary in a Bolt ev. On the highway it is much worse, but never as bad as 310 wh/mile unless you exceed speed limits. The Bolt EV is much uglier than an “S”,… Read more »

Robert, I liked the camera man slams but the wet wipe thing went way too far….then u didn’t tell us how it did on the 150kw SC:)