Tesla Model S 100D Featured By Fully Charged


We had been waiting for this one!

Fully Charged has finally covered the longest range series produced electric car ever made – the Tesla Model S 100D, which in the US is rated at 335 miles (539 km) of range by EPA – the most realistic of the rating systems worldwide.

Tesla Model S 100D

If you like big numbers, then the NEDC rating is even more ‘spectacular’ at 393 miles (632 km) – 25.9% higher than Tesla Model S 85 kWh.

According to Fully Charged, there is no need for higher capacity batteries than 100 kWh (Tesla CEO Elon Musk agrees) as sitting 5-6 hours in a car is deemed unhealthy, and you should probably take a break anyway.

“Robert drives the Tesla Model S 100D from London to the Orkney Islands off the North Coast of Scotland.

A common question I get asked about electric cars. ‘Can I drive to Scotland in it.’
To which the answer is a very simple ‘Yes.’

Warning: Contains scenes of mild immaturity.”

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Very entertaining, watched the video yesterday. Nothing new for me, just a confirmation the Model S is a very good car.
Still the build quality is in this price-category not at point. But I’m sure if Mercedes or BMW would build this kind of luxury sedan, the price tag is even higher.

Jim stack

It’s not about going fast. It’s the safest car ever made. It’s 4 times more efficient than a gas car. It can run on Renewable electricity or excess Off Peak power. It’s made in the USA. Happy Independence day.


Bigger batteries will be needed if you are towing. Just because 100kWh is good today, doesn’t mean we should stop there. 250kWh will be great for towing and very cold climates, bigger trucks/SUV’s,etc.