Tesla Model S: 100 Million Electric Miles and Counting


“#WattsUp: There have been over 100 Million miles driven in Model S!”

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Says Tesla Motors.

Those miles, all of which are emissions-free, were racked up by the 20,000-plus Model S vehicles on the roads today.  That works out to an average of 5,000 or so miles per Model S, though some of the vehicle included in the calculation are so new that they probably have less than 100 miles on the odo, while others surely have tens of thousands of miles already.

This 100 million mile figure will climb rapidly as more Model S sedans hit the roads, so while it took the Model S well over 1 year to knock out the first 100 million, the next 100 million will come soon.


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That has saved 3,333,333 gallons of gas at 30 miles a gallon for a car. That is almost like a small oil tanker of fuel. Not to mention the hundreds of tons of fumes that where saved from being put into the air.

Awesome. 🙂

I think it may be more, a $100K ICE is V8 and gas consumption average is 14 to 18 mpg. Saying that I think you got a full Oil tanker. 🙂

I think Tesla could easily get to 300 million or 500 million miles by the end of next year do to the speed at which these cars are entering the road in large numbers and how they have very large electric ranges so people are more willing to drive them more aggressively compared to a leaf.

Count up all the different make EV miles for which dollars have not gone to the oil companies and it is a huge number. I personally have saved about $5,000 in fuel. If the oil companies aren’t worried–they should be.