Tesla Model S #1 On Strategic Vision’s Total Quality Index


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

In perceived quality, the Tesla Model S is #1.

Strategic Vision has declared the Tesla Model S the highest overall scorer among all vehicles in its latest Total Quality Index.

Christopher Chaney, Strategic Vision senior vice president, stated:

“Tesla built a vehicle that generated love in attributes that were most important to segment buyers. Tesla isn’t an electric vehicle that just has good features, but instead it’s a luxurious sports sedan that has true innovation, rocket-like speed and drive feeling, that happens to be an electric vehicle.”

According to USA Today:

“Strategic Vision says its study involves 38,361 owners who rank what they perceive as the best vehicles in every category.”

Best vehicles in perceived quality, that is.

Here are the results, as laid out by USA Today:

  • Best small car (tie), Dodge Dart/Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Small multi-function Car (tie), Kia Soul/Volkswagen Golf
  • Small alternative powertrain car, Ford C-MAX Energi
  • Midsize car (tie), Subaru Impreza Sedan/Kia Optima
  • Midsize multifunction car, Honda Accord Crosstour
  • Midsize alternative powertrain car, Chevrolet Volt
  • Full-size car, Dodge Charger
  • Near-luxury car, Lexus IS
  • Near-luxury alternative powertrain car, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
  • Luxury car, BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe
  • Luxury multifunction car, Volvo XC70
  • Specialty coupe, Mini Cooper Countryman
  • Premium coupe, (tie) Chevrolet Corvette Coupe/Audi A5 Coupe
  • Standard convertible, Mini Cooper Roadster
  • Premium convertible/roadster, Mercedes SL-Class
  • Standard pickup, Honda Ridgeline
  • Full-size pickup (tie), Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, GMC Sierra 1500
  • Heavy duty pickup (tie), Ford F-250/350, Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500, Ram 2500/3500
  • Entry-level SUV, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • Entry-level CUV, Hyundai Tucson
  • Midsize SUV, Dodge Durango
  • Midsize CUV, Ford Flex
  • Full-size utility, Ford Expedition
  • Near-luxury utility, Audi Q5
  • Luxury SUV, Lexus GX 460
  • Luxury CUV, Audi Q7
  • Minivan, Nissan Quest
  • Best model, Tesla Model S
  • Best mass-market brand, Kia
  • Best luxury brand, Audi/Jaguar

Tesla posted this to its Facebook page:

“Model S named top vehicle in perceived quality by Strategic Vision’s Total Quality Index.”

And shortly thereafter Elon Musk Tweeted this:

Elon Musk Took To Twitter To Spread The Good Word

Elon Musk Took To Twitter To Spread The Good Word

Source: USA Today

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The highest quality battery fires when sliced in half, when crashed at over 100 mph.

Sorry, too soon? 😉

As crazy s it appears the driver of that stolen Tesla actually survived and is now in the hospital along with about 5 others from the cars he hit. Try to find any other such horrific misuse of a motor vehicle where the driver similarly survived.

Telsa needs to create a “Hall Of Shame” for those that receive a Darwin Award while driving their vehicles…

dodge dart nor lancer are “small” cars rofl

Nissan Quest over Honda Odyssey? LOL

Congrats to Tesla.

Volt and C-Max Energi also did well…

Good for plugin cars..

Where is LEAF?