Tesla Model S #1 In Social Mentions Among Electric Vehicles In 2014


In one of the Forbes article on electric cars, we found an interesting graph that shows which EVs were the most popular over the first six months of 2014 on the Internet.

Results are different than sales, and as it turns out most attention falls on the Tesla Model S, which outshines other models. This is reasonable because the Tesla Model S is a superb car, which attract readers no matter if they can afford or not.

The world’s best selling electric car (over 125,000 sold units), the Nissan LEAF takes second place, but with just a thin advantage over BMW i3, which seems to grab a lot of attention.

Then we see two General Motors cars, but curious is that neither is the Volt. Chevrolet Spark and Cadillac ELR for now have much less sales than Volt and it’s hard to believe that nobody is asking about Volt – we assume that the source of this graphic just forgot about GM’s best-selling plug-in vehicle?

Tesla Model X seems to follows in the footsteps of Tesla Model S despite it still being months from production. All eyes are focused on what Tesla will do.

Other models have much less attention than the leaders.

Which electric cars are people talking about?

Which electric cars are people talking about?

Source: Forbes

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Maybe nobody thinks of the Volt as an EV (I don’t), because you still have to put gas in it.

BEVs only not PHEV even if you call it EREV.

NO BMW i8 either. Although i3 has a PHEV version there is also a BEV version.

Well, they included PHEV ELR. Maybe Forbes doesn’t know ELR has a gas engine.

I feel sorry for the Fluence Z.E. now.

That Chevy Spark EV popularity is probably not correct since people are probably talking about the gas version.

They should exclude talk of Model S around investing in TSLA. That would dramatically bring the mentions down.

Volt’s time has come and is still coming – the expectation that GM had created yet Another overly-complex-bean-countered-to-death Cutlass Diesel left many who Were interested passing-on-by, much like Politics.
NOW that the car is living up to GM’s-only-good-CEO in decades promises, and not winding up on the side of the road.. Everywhere.. the twice-shy and the naysayers have noticed.
The Volt is a very good car within its limits and sales seem to agree. Much of the generic-bashing it gets is EREV which at the Time was revolutionary. IF you play nice (and can), it’s a BEV.
But its not going to top Social-Media Mention anytime soon, as if that could ever be a measure of Anything regarding trust, value and longevity.

As an iOn owner, this illustrates how I feel about this:


They probably missed the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and its clones. Hell, even some EV enthusiasts don’t know about the i-MiEV.

Interestingly enough, if you follow the “for more information” link at the bottom of their graph, it leads you to a page that requires a username and login. So much for information.

(By the way, the last digit is the letter “O”, not a zero, although the zero link is more interesting.)