Tesla Model M: Motorcycle (w/video)


Posted on a YouTube channel called simply Tesla Motorcycle with only one video, we found this: The Tesla Model M Commercial

It’s clear it’s not coming from Tesla, since it’s just not Musk’s style to work on something as mind-bending as a motorcycle and release the news with little or no fanfare, and no explanation whatsoever.  Certainly, it wouldn’t be the gas bike shown in the video – did you notice the pipe and muffler? Our noses tell us Ducati.

A decidedly Ducati-ish looking "electric motorcycle".

A decidedly Ducati-ish looking “electric motorcycle”.

More than likely it’s coming from a student project, or simply some guy who’s trying to get Tesla’s attention.  Our guess is he will, though in the form of a take-down demand on a lawyer’s stationary.  In any case, it’s fun to dream, and enjoy it while it’s up.

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My first clue: wrong font.

Won’t click. Thanks. 😉

BS … on the other hand, Audi has bought Ducati, Mercedes has bought (some) MV Agusta, BMW has always been been successful with its motorcycles, both financially and sporty-image-wise. I also know that both Lightning and Mission are talking to Tesla for permission to use the Tesla plug and get supercharger access.

I can easily imagine a high-performance electric motorcycle made by one of those two, Tesla-branded and with a Tesla-designed fairing, that gets sold by Tesla along with their car.

Tesla should consider making a Model B electric bus for public transportation. It seems like demand for BEV buses will be great as cities retire their old ICE buses, and look to replace them with lower operating cost models that also have the added bonus of zero tailpipe emissions. I’d much rather ride on a Tesla rather than a BYD.

The Tesla bus will happen after the Tesla SUV, the Tesla family sedan, the next Tesla sports car, the Tesla military transport, the Tesla killer drone, and the Tesla executive Mars escape capsule. 🙂

Since the motorcycle clips are taken right from Tron Legacy, yes, it’s a Ducati.

I agree! Completely looks like it.

Ok, that was stupid.