Tesla Model M Electric Motorcycle Rendered


Tesla Model M Rendering

Tesla Model M Rendering

It’s just a rendering and there’s no indication from Tesla that the automaker has any interest at all in doing an electric motorcycle, so consider this to be just one man’s vision of what a Tesla Model M electric motorcycle could look like.

Rendering by Jans Slapins via Behance

According to Slapins, he sees this motorcycle being powered by a 204 PS (150 kW) electric motor with four computer-controlled driving modes – Race, Cruise, Standard, and Eco.

Tesla Model M Rendering

Tesla Model M Rendering

Tesla Model M Rendering

Tesla Model M Rendering

Tesla Model M Rendering

Tesla Model M Rendering

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No thanks. Not sleek enough. Too bus-like in the chassis.

Yeah, if Tesla ever bothered with a motorcycle, it’d probably have more in common, stylistically, with a Ducati or MV Agusta than a laptop.

I’d love to see Tesla introduce a motorcycle. This isn’t it.

This is a copycat of the already existing and successful luxury Lito Sora. Built in Longueuil (on the south shore of Montreal).
They have even sold some to the Longueuil police dept.

A Tesla motorcycle would be very interesting but not this hideous thing!

I had these stupid renders by people that should not be rendering a toaster.

The spy photos of the Model X pulling a class III trailer, would make a more interesting article… But ok.

Looks like someone who designs tablets saw a Voxan Wattman, and decided that it just wasn’t square and bland enough, then slapped a Tesla logo onto it.

Yeah.. doesn’t not look like Tesla’s style at all.

Largely inspire by an electric motorcycle already in production:


Tesla who owns copyright to the name should issue a cease and desist letter.

Not sure what good it would do. Anyone is free to draw anything they want and put anyone’s name on it. Freedom of speech.

not a copyrighted logo. That’s plagiarism.

(a) The issue is Tesla’s trademark of their “T” logo, not any copyright issue.

(b) Trademark protection prevents someone from using the logo to sell or promote a product. This ain’t “promoting” anything, least of all the render artist’s lack of any sense of style.

Why is it that probably 90% of the time someone comes up with a Tesla concept image (or any other manufacturer for that matter), they come up with something bizarre that realistically Tesla would never build?

Probably because there’s almost certainly an inverse relationship between having a talent for creating good motor vehicle styling, and the desire to give away the results of that talent for free.

In other words, most of those who are actually good at motor vehicle styling are probably selling their talents to actual motor vehicle manufacturers, not posting them to the Internet.

As a long time rider, imho, that is not the bike I would want. First off, it needs seating for two, as I often carry a passenger. Second, and perhaps more importantly, to me it’s not a stylish bike. I admit, someone put some time into it, but they didn’t ask any riders I know what they wanted in a bike.

It’s all about the attention that the designers of those (silly) renderings are getting, because the press will write about everything Tesla.

It is a typical case of (not very talented) people trying to surf on the wave of interest for Tesla.

Toaster on wheels

Hehe, I dunno, it does have a bit of the Catfish Grille, as well as a big enough battery compartment for 400 miles.

When do they Colaborate with Ford Motor Co. and come out with a Model “T”?

I would rather see a car that I can afford?