Tesla Model H Electric Supercar Rendered – (w/video)


Tesla Model H Render

Cosmin Ispas’ Tesla Model H Render (via YT/House Bear)

Beyond the Tesla Model S, X, 3 and Y, there’s the Tesla Model H, a radical pure electric supercar.

While Tesla’s made no mention of the H, automotive designer Cosmin Ispas of IspyDesigns (see more images/details here) had no problem coming up with a rendering of this electric machine.

In addition to the CGI renderings, Ispas posted a lengthy write-up on the Tesla Model H on his design site. We’ve highlighted a few key points below:

Tesla company is well known for its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and the Model H shows how this purpose is translated in the hypercar segment.


Model H is powered by 6 electric motors, 2 for the front wheels and 4 for the back wheels. The graphene batteries are placed beneath the floor, more to the car’s front for a better weight balance. 


Cosmin Ispa’s Tesla Model H Render (via YT/House Bear)


From an aerodynamic perspective, the concept has a full length floor diffuser that channels the air on the car’s floor as it creates a massive amount of downforce. The front vents contain a set of flaps that are hidden inside, allowing the air to flow in different ways. 


The Model 3 was a great source of inspiration in terms of body design, having flowing lines that define the shoulders and the sides. 

Of course, this is purely a rendering and nothing more. We honestly don’t think Tesla will ever venture down the radical supercar path beyond the next-gen Roadster, which is still “some years away.” But dreamers such as Ispas will always dream and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


Tesla Model H Render (via YT/House Bear)

Cosmin Ispa’s Tesla Model H Render (via YT/House Bear)

In our eyes, the render reminds us a lot of the Porsche Mission E design, which heads into production in 2 years time…but nothing wrong with that, as the Porsche is a fairly handsome car in its own right:

Matthias Müller, Chairman of the board, Porsche AG, presents the Concept Study Mission E

Matthias Müller, Chairman of the board, Porsche AG, presents the Concept Study Mission E

For more images and to read the entire write up by Ispas, follow this link to Behance.

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Much too complicated technology for a car with a boreing retro-design. Looks like a converted ICE car.

“This is a rendering and nothing more” I hope this “NEVER” comes to be. Tesla should concentrate on building “Cars that make sense” I could see them building a “NONSENSE” car as this one , once Tesla gets Established with enough money to throw some away.

Completely disregard the fact that the tesla roadster was the first car that tesla ever made

And their next one will have ‘Plaid’, maybe sub 2.0 second 0-60, and will be a while yet!

But, will this Hyper car drive under water? And…will it Fly? (Two other advanced EV Concepts Elon has already alluded interest in!)

The Roadster was the opening act to get the ball Rolling..It was more of an electric LOTUS Conversion than anything else..They Purchased Lotus Cars Minus The Power Train & fit their own electric power train..People Do conversions like that in their Garages. This Ugly Monster Is Tesla From Scratch .

Perhaps for now, but in 20 years when Tesla is in the top 3 auto producers, providing a wide range of EVs to every market, something like this would be appropriate. Yes now they need to focus on 3 and Y and developing EVs worldwide

How does a 100k$ car makes sense ?

“I might design a sports car. Hey, why is no-one looking at my sports car? I know, I’ll pretend it’s a Tesla! Then everyone will want to look at it!”

> Tesla company is well known for its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and the Model H shows how this purpose is translated in the hypercar segment.


The global hypercar fleet is less relevant than the cars of Baltimore to our sustainable future…

Why would you use six motors for four weels? Can someone give me the benefits of using more then one motor for each wheel?

As MX states below, as in two motors can us different gearing for higher top speed, as one electric motors max torque reaches its ‘knee’, or point where it starts to loose torque, the other on can continue on to a higher speed, before reaching its own knee point, and this also improved efficiency for Tesla.

Gears. Off the shelf standard motors. Pair two. Faster development. No new motor design needed.

@OP Eric Loveday said”…We honestly don’t think Tesla will ever venture down the supercar path…”

Tesla has already ventured down the supercar path…the Model S P100D. As promised by Musk, Tesla will in the future venture down Plaid…A “hypercar” which is a step above supercar.

WIRED July 2015 – Tesla’s New ‘Ludicrous Mode’ Makes the Model S a Supercar:


How about using only two motors ? Less power but longer range at normal speeds ! Who needs zero to 60 mph in less then say 8-10 sec?

The 100d already has a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds

Yes. But the question posed by Dennis is “who needs it?” . . . not “has it already been done?”

Given how so many were completely taken a year or so ago by Tesla 0-to-60 numbers that seemed to get smaller by the day, it’s refreshing to see the overwhelming number of comments here encouraging Tesla to, instead, concentrate on making real world affordable electric cars and lots of them. Thta’s the future, not this.

Given a long range BEV, it likely has at least 60 kWh of battery cells. With a discharge c-rate of about 4C, that would be 240 kW, or 320 hp available at the battery. Putting in a lower power motor and inverter does save a few kg or lbs, but wouldn’t be much more efficient. It might be less efficient depending on the exact components and driving situation. This isn’t like an ICE vehicle where more power means significantly less efficiency.

Why is this even news? It is not from Tesla, no affiliation to Tesla and poorly done at that.

Anyone can render anything for attention and their own advancement. Why is this posted here?

NIO EP9 looks better, is real, and actually works. Once the weather warms up id expect they may set the overall nurburgring record.

Just look up ZOMBIE 222 for a fast ev

Make an S out of Kevlar and you would already have a HyperCar. Just pull the sway bars and give it active suspension instead.

Can someone do a rendering of a Model 3 rally car? The dual motor one. Colourful sponsorship logos, a row of big lights on the front and top, a stripped down interior with a roll cage, rear wing and some mud or snow on it. Am I nuts or would this be cool?

All of you guys are so narrow-minded and intolerant…why all EV cars should look weird and dorky!? Cill out and give the guy some kudos for the creative attempt!

What’s with the bathtub built into the back?