Tesla Model E (3rd Gen) Gets Rendered


It’s a baby version of the Tesla Model S.

Upon first glance, this 3rd generation (or Model E) rendering by RM. Design Blog appears to be a shrunken Model S, but look closer and you’ll notice a fair amount of changes.

Tesla Model S Shown For Design Comparison Purposes

Tesla Model S Shown For Design Comparison Purposes

For starters, the lower section of the front bumper covering is more aggressively styled than the Model S with the addition of what’s referred to as a chin spoiler.

Out back, the rendered Model E appears more squat and is noticeably more blocky in the rear.

All in all, we think this rendering does justice to the Model E and stays true to Tesla’s design philosophy.

Model E Rendering via

Model E Rendering via RM. Design Blog

As of right now, the Model E is expected to launch in 2017 with a price tag of approximately $35,000.  It’s still believed that range of the Model E will be in the neighborhood of 200 miles and it’s been confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the Model E will get free Supercharger access.

Model S Shown For Design Comparison Purposes

Model S Shown For Design Comparison Purposes

As for the renderer, his name is Remco Meulendijk from the Netherlands.  He’s been honing his Photoshop skills since 2006 and is now looking to make this his profession.

Source: RM. Design Blog

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I like the looks, but it’s too similar to the Model S. Elon said that Model E would not be just a smaller Model S, but it would have its own yet recognisable Tesla styling…

Agreed. You can’t keep selling the Model S for $100k if they look that similar.

Even though the Model S has some derivative features, it still looks unique on the road, and that can’t change.

How cute! A baby Tesla. While the back looks like a ford focus (and many other cars), the front of the car I actually think is more stylish than the current S. Well done.

Yeah, the wheels look a little too big on it.. the way a puppy’s paws look oversized until it grows into them.

I like the more raked tail and agressive slope, but not as much as all desks these images will hit.

How much will a 4 year old Model S be when the Model E comes out?

49.000$ no matter which batterpack is installed or what condition the car is in. 😉

Then I will buy a used Model S

It looks great, but I would like to see this redone with a rethink on the nosecone. Either smaller or gone all together. It seems like the one spot he didn’t hit in the render.

The nosecone is probably the coolest thing about the Tesla. That one should stay on all Teslas.

The nosecone is what the Tesla owners hate the most, every car review address the poor cheap design of the nosecone.

The nosecone looks fucking amazing. All these owners are morons. How the hell does it not look good? its looks great

screw what all these guys say im tired of hearing about their crappy opinions

I could design that nosecone and I am the guy who designed the nose on the ACuras of the early 2000’s

I am surprised he did not choose the cone of the x.
It is similar to that of the s, but looks much better. (IMHO)

The slope of the roof at the door-head area makes it look like it might be hard to get in and out if you’re taller than average.

I agree. For a shorter car, a true hatchback body-style would be more practical.

Otherwise, my rear-passengers will have to duck their heads like in my Volt, because I will definitely buy it either way. 😉

On a talk in norway i beleve that elon mentioned that it would not be very much shorter than the S (15-20 cm if i recall corectly)
That is still a big car, Why so bigg?
that brings out a interesting question, Will the mosel S battery pack fitt in the model E? It would simplify production and batteryswap stations..

I used to think that as well, but the Model S platform doesn’t leave much room to shrink the wheelbase:

A 20cm shorter car will need to have wheels way out in the corners to use the same battery pack, but it’s doable. It certainly wouldn’t look like the image above.

I seem to remember someone from Tesla suggesting that the pack will be different. Maybe Dave Duff?

That would be really stable, though…kinda puts one in mind of the Mini…

I’d assume they would cut 20% out of the center of the battery and shorten the wheelbase. So yes, a different battery pack, same style and cells, but 20% shorter.

I don’t recall that he said that. All I heard that Model E will be 20% smaller. In case you have a link, please let me/us know…

now i can not seem to find it again, i might have mixt it up. he does talk about the dimentions of the x here http://youtu.be/OJUA_dVVMjo?t=29m10s
it might have been that together with the e 20% smaller that got me mixt up..

Also here a 20% smaller battery pack is derived into 48kWh: http://insideevs.com/videos-elon-musk-discusses-model-e-apple-battery-cell-costs-energy-density-and-more/. So a shorter wheel base would be expected too.

Great observation on battery pack compatability Kalle.

I am dreaming of a Model E, loaded with AWD, performance power motors (maybe 600+ total hp?), and all the thinkable tech options, maybe as much as $30,000 in “upgrades”, but still under $70,000 plus taxes and license. AMG63, M3 and M5 beware!


You’re the person Elon dreams of. The base car doesn’t have that much margin, but the options sure do!

600hp? absolutely worthless

I totally. Anything over 599 HP is wasted.

I totally agree. Anything over 599 HP is wasted.

Those dreams include going wheel to wheel with the Nissan GTR. Godzilla is a hungry beast and 599hp will just be snack time .

Not useless to tire manufacturers.

$35,000 cars usually don’t offer double the base cost in upgrades. I would expect one battery upsizing for $10K (like Model S/X), then maybe another $10K in accessories, so $55K or $60K max. Buyers in this price segment would be turned off by excessive upgrade costs and Tesla just won’t offer all the extra wizbangs available only in their luxury models…

Actually, following the BMW model, I just configured a 3-series, which starts with a base model at $32,750, and by adding performance upgrades and tech details and luxury options, I ended up with a pre-tax total of: $$60,805.

This was not using the delta from a standard 3 series BMW to one of the M-models which typically has added another $15,000 or so.

In my understanding, and as others have noted, the major profit in car building comes from those who add/include major options and upgrades. I firmly believe that Tesla will offer a “base Model E” at around $35,000, but give buyers MANY, MANY upgrade temptations to pack that out-the-door price (much) higher.

I like the design, but yeah, it’s too similar for someone with audacity and flair like Musk.

Still, it would make sense, particularly when you look at the Germans – the differences between a 7-series and and 5-series BMW are not much more pronounced than what this guy did.

7 series owners hate the similarity with the 5 series.

I keep thinking that the nose will be much shorter on the GEN III, because that seems to be the least used part of the car. Push the windshield and cabin forward, and nose in. It wouldn’t be the most aesthetic look, but it would keep all of the interior and trunk space.

I agree, better balanced crumple zones front and back, then more potential for storage capacity in back if a hatchback design is applied. I hope that the Model E comes in both sedan and hatchback variants as I wouldn’t hesitate to get the more useful hatchback.

Well BMW 5 series and the new 3 series look so similar that turn down 5 series owners because their cars are mistaken. This car is just a shrunk MS.I don’t think I’ll put $30.000 more is they look like the little brother.

This car will be an awesome Model S face lift than a model E, just please work the nosecone a little.

you have bad taste

With the Model X coming in at about $75k, and the current Model S starting at $65k, Model E will be more like $45K at minimum. It’s the battery pack and ultra-low vehicle volume that keeps the price high. There is no way Tesla can engineer, design, manufacturer and distribute a low volume sedan for less than the massive economies of scale capable from VW with the e-Golf or Ford with the Focus Electric, or even Nissan with the Leaf SL. But by 2017 as a 2018 model, 160-200 miles should be the baseline for an EV, and the platform based battery pack which is required will be the norm. By that time we should also see high volume 200 mile midsize EVs from Ford (already registered Model E), along with a Malibu EV at around $35k. Which would hold the compact EVs like the Focus Electric and Leaf to about $30k at 160 miles. The major automakers are not standing still, and will take their larger piece of the EV pie when it’s viable. Except for Toyota, who may still be trying to push fuel cells, and $5/gal equivalent hydrogen with the oil companies,

I don’t think you can state what they can and can’t do on price, especially since it’s going to be quite a few years down the line.

Giga. Factory.

What Ford would call “There is no way Tesla can engineer, design, manufacturer and distribute …” is exactly what Tesla is capable of doing.

Elon Musk hasn’t let us down yet. I’m still banking on the $35K 200 mile range Model E with free supercharging, plus add sedan and hatchback variants. This combination is needed to hit 500K annual sales, and Ford Focus’ variants is what makes it the best selling vehicle in the world.

Rear three quarter view is Model S best angle but for this rendering…not so much. Works great from the front three quarter angle though. Don’t think a design like this would do better than Model S in the rear headroom department. Quite the opposite in fact.

Generally it’s probably not an bad idea to make Model S and E as similar as Audi A7 and A5 or BMW 5 series and 3 series.

I don’t like this model for a gen 3 Tesla. Small cars shouldn’t look the same as a full size version.

I like it. The more it looks like the Model S, the better in my opinion. Well done.

I agree.
I like it.

Me Too George

Schmaltz wins, car looks good. I’m one of the people who buys small premiums, and prefers things like BMW 1 series. Gimme gimme, make it even smaller and hotter.

Nope. Franz von Holzhausen will do a much better job than that. It is fun seeing the rendering stage appear. This point in anticipating a new car really gets the juices flowing for how it will truly look. I remember the weird renderings floating around the web when gen 3 Prius was due. It ended up looking nothing like them.

I don’t believe people want a mini Model S,
and the nose, sans the nonsensical chin spoiler is identical – way too identical. Model E will keep the basic scheme but have it’s own complete identity, as it should. That spoiler would be toast after the first

Nice try though.

The C pillar is a big no no. Too vertical and
not flowing.

The nose cone should retain some of Model S’s contours, but be smaller and perhaps wider?… The headlights for Model E have to be a different shape altogether than the S.

Has any other automaker announced specs (200 mile range) and pricing ($35,000) for a new car model that they say will enter production in 2017? Is it a wise thing to tell your competition about your future products 3 (or 5 or 7) years in advance? How would Apple feel about telling its competitors and consumers about a new products several years in advance?

YES, GM has made such a claim.

Tesla tells everyone about their plans precisely to spur the competition. This is Tesla’s (possibly primary) mission – to get EVs replacing ICEs. They are always two steps ahead of everyone anyway, consider: Model S, then supercharging, then battery swapping, then Giga factory, then partnering with Phinergy (speculation), then Model E, then…

I like the rendering but do not believe that it will hit the street that way. Model X and Model S share the same wheelbase and battery pack. This will change for Model E which has a shorter wheelbase and a smaller footprint. It will be shorter than Model S and defintely not so wide as well. I believe that we see a new battery pack coming which will replace the one-battery-pack-concept of the Model S/X. The new concept will have batteries sized as long as the actual Model S/X pack is wide which allow for two of them being mounted underneath the Model S/X – both short side of the packs oriented in driving direction – one under the front seat, the other one under the back seat. Tesla will give up the big sized battery to the favor of smaller ones which allows for further scaling – lets say a 4WD Truck or Bus for Public Transportation with longer wheelbase and three or even four packs under the floor. The actual size of the battery pack (Model S/X) does not allow for this degree of flexibility. It is too large in size. One of the new designed battery… Read more »

I agree that they will incorporate a 2 pack design, but for a different reason (Gen II already supports flexibility between Model S and X). Tesla has a patent on a hybrid battery solution, eg lithium-ion for short range and fast acceleration, and a second battery chemistry for long range (higher density but lower power). This is why someone like Phinergy is a very possible 2nd partner in the Giga factory (after Panasonic).

Kudos to the artist. Has a nice feel to it, and retains a lot of Teslas styling DNA. Well done. 🙂

That said, I was hoping Model E would not be a baby Model S sedan, but more like a Leaf or Ford Focus EV. And if the X vets the Falcon Wing Doors for reliability in all weather conditions, I’d really dig seeing them married with the practicality of a cargo carrying and affordable hatchback. *shrugs*

I’ll be throwing cash down if its anything relative to the rendered image above. If not…I’ll get a Used S.

Get out of my dreams and into my garage.

Actually those wheels are ludicrously large. I do not like that current fashion. I like to turn my car inside of 8 lanes, thank you very much.

There is no way THAT car is gonna hit the market looking like that and having a 200 mile range and costing $35K. They would sell everyone they could build but I don’t think it can be done.

I agree, it will be a very pleasant surprise if the retracting handles remain for example. The 3rd Gen line won’t offer all Model S/X does, because Tesla won’t want to cannibalize their own luxury product line (plus won’t be able to hit the $35K price)…

They need to just go ahead and build it and not wait so many years to do it. I’m surprised Model X is taking so long. Also the limited/constrained production of the Model S. Unacceptable and likely to be incompetence somewhere along the line. Someone, somewhere; holding up progress. Maybe intentional.

🙂 How about you go ahead and do it yourself, if you know better. Tesla is targeting perfection, because they can’t afford to get it wrong until they are well established, and perfection takes a lot of careful time and effort.

I sincerely hope that it does not look like that rendering the former Tesla employee had leaked and was reported on this site a couple weeks ago. It kinda had the proportions and rough look of a rebadged i3, which I consider to be an insult (I really, really don’t like the i3 appearance).

I agree with some others here – if it doesn’t look like a sporty sedan or hatch (along the lines of the Ford Fusion or Focus, just in Model S guise), then I’ll get a used S.

J’en veux une…Super!!!

How about this render:

Bang on!! 🙂

Or this one:

When I see that triple sized Grille, I think this car must have one hell of an air conditioner in it.

My lease on my Leaf expires Dec ’16 — I hope this new model is out by then!!!