Wallpaper Wednesday – Tesla Model 3?


No, it’s not the Tesla Model 3, but rather it’s a unique image of a Tesla Model S + the number 3.

Since we likely won’t see even a glimpse of the Tesla Model 3 until perhaps 2016, this is the closest we can come to presenting you with some nifty Tesla 3 wallpaper.

*The image above can be enlarged to 2,000 by 1,125

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8 responses to "Wallpaper Wednesday – Tesla Model 3?"
  1. kdawg says:

    So no hope that they will show something at the Detroit Auto Show? Their designer said they would, but that was some time ago, and we know how Tesla is about hitting dates.

    1. Josh says:

      Since they havent delivered a Model X yet, it would make sense that they hold off showing a Model 3, even if they have a body design.

    2. IDK says:

      @kdawg +1

  2. Scramjett says:

    My wish list for Detroit:
    1) 2nd Gen Volt (which is all but granted)
    2) Launch Date announced for NA Outlander PHEV
    3) Official Tesla Model 3 vehicle renders

    Didn’t the Model S release renders a couple years before it’s initially planned launch?

    1. kdawg says:

      One of the sketch artists who was employed by Tesla did some “Model C” concept drawings. I don’t think they were related to the Model 3 though.

      1. Scramjett says:

        No, probably not. It’d be nice, though, if Tesla gave us something to whet our appetite with while we wait for 2017/18/19 to roll around!

  3. Tesla Fan says:

    Those are 21 inch rims of the 19’s

  4. Steven says:

    Just sitting here, wearing my thinking cap… Seeing the “family resemblance” between the S and the X, I’d imagine that the 3 will bear a striking resemblance to it’s siblings. Say, a smaller S, seating for four, flush non-moving door handles, smaller wheels, etc.

    But then again, what do I know?