Watch What Happens When A Tesla Model 3 Battery Hits 0%

Red Tesla Model 3 Supercharging


Irritating comedy or a bit refreshing? That’s your call, but, nonetheless, these guys provide us with some more Tesla Model 3 education.

Yes, one could say that the folks in these videos are just a wee bit overzealous. But, they got a Model 3, and for the average ICE driver who’s just getting into the new Tesla for the first time – likely after a very long waiting period – we can’t blame them for being excited.

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The Tesla Model 3 screen shows zero miles.

The Tesla Model 3 screen shows zero miles.

Many of the reviews that we publish are from experts like Alex on Autos, Edmunds, MotorTrend or other reputable publications. Others are from YouTubers that are generally EV owners and specifically, Tesla owners with some concept of the vehicles’ history and capabilities.

This gives our readers a mix of “traditional” automotive reviewers’ perspectives, along with opinions from “those in the know” about EVs, as well as amateur vloggers.

MilesPerHr is a YouTube channel run by Miles Branman, who calls himself a “freelance automotive journalist, photographer, and videographer.” He says that his job entitles him to vehicles ahead of their availability at dealerships.

We’re well aware that this is not really the case with the Model, although many reservation holders still haven’t driven the car, and some haven’t even seen it in person.

If you have a look at Branman’s previous videos, you can see that there’s an emphasis on luxury sports cars, with a few exceptions, but the Model 3 stands in a league of its own in terms of his “usual” focus. So, what does he think? What happens when he runs the Model 3 down to zero battery? Check it out and learn for yourself.

Video Description via MilesPerHr on YouTube:

The conclusion of our 2-part Cariosity feature in the Tesla Model 3. (Check out part one below)

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated vehicles of all time, but what does all this technology mean for owners? Miles Branman and Julien Melnick run a Tesla Model 3 down to 0 miles of range and find out whether they can make it to a supercharger, or are out of luck.

Video Description:

Find out if we make it to a Supercharger in Monday’s conclusion!

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated vehicles of all time, but what does all this technology mean for owners? Miles Branman and Julien Melnick see what life is like with Autopilot and its Rainbow Road feature.

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Not really an informative video it seems. No rough estimates given on how many miles it’s possible to go after such and such warning and until the next warning etc… That’s the kind of info that would be valuable for an EV driver of a particular model, IMO.

The video has been moved to:

… to those who want to be subjected to some worthless juvenile humor. (It could actually be worth something if the warnings were shown, or the actual miles were shown before running out, or SOME information was provided.

Bevis and butthead drive a Tesla.


Dumb and dumber? The two stooges?


This car doesn’t suck.

This just makes EV drivers look stupid. Not helpful.

I’d much rather see a video about how anyone with half a brain and just a few minutes’ planning can easily drive an EV many hundreds of miles with relatively short fast charge breaks along the way.

Noisy video, but it is interesting that it can go beyond ‘0’. My Bolt ev gives up trying to Guesstimate around 10 miles, My GM PHEV’s will go about a mile on battery if out of gas and at ‘0’ miles.

My Roadster had 2 incantations: The first would just suddenly kill the drive motor while still running the electric heater and accessories without warning and with the guess-o-meter still saying there was battery available.

Other people must have complained since a later software release gave the message ‘Battery EXTREMELY low, charge now!” about 1 mile from the bitter end.

Both the Bolt and the Leaf enter “random” mode when they get below about 10 miles range. Past that, you are rolling the dice.

I didn’t think we’d see a video as annoyingly-juvenile as January’s Logan Paul vlogging Model 3 crash video, but unfortunately, we just did.

I feel sorry for that guy’s wife. We had to endure this idiocy for 5 minutes. She, on the other hand…

Thanks for the warning! The puerile LP video is why I tend to look at the comments section before I decide to invest the time to watch the video.

Wireless phone charger installation, so you can call someone when you run out of charge.

So we didn’t really see what happens when a M3 runs out of battery since they were able to drive right up to the supercharger with charge remaining. Probably should fix the article title.

From article: “Irritating comedy or a bit refreshing? “


Ugh. It is like a horse buggy owner wondering what would happen if one of those new-fangled horseless carriages shows empty on the gas gauge. Pointless.