Can You Drive a Tesla Model 3 WITHOUT A Screen?!


And if you can, should you?

The Tesla Model 3 has a pretty awesome 15-inch touch screen. It dominates the dash and is used to display all the information a driver will need. It’s also where any and all settings are changed. If you (like us) think it’s hard to imagine driving the mid-size sedan without this key component, then the video above could come as a surprise. A shock, even.

In the footage, found on the DÆrik YouTube channel, the hosts demonstrate with their own Tesla Model 3 Performance that you can, in fact, drive without the screen being attached. Of course, they also warn others not to try this at home and for good reason. For one thing, having no screen means there’s no way of telling how fast you are going. It also removes the ability to adjust the HVAC controls, open the dash, or any other number of important functions.

As you can see, they get around some of this by pulling up the car in the Tesla app. There, they can see the speed at which the car is supposedly driving. Interestingly, the Autopilot function is still useable, since it is activated by a couple pulls on a stalk on the steering column. Also, as we can see in the clip, the automatic braking function still works.

We have to say, losing the screen really opens up the front of the car’s interior, allowing for even better visibility. We kind of like the look. Our hosts seem to as well, and they spend some time discussing alternate screens they could install in place of the stock rectangle. Whether they’ll be able to track down an adaptor to make it work remains to be seen, but if they do, we’ll let you know. Enjoy!

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Can you disable PIN to drive via the phone?

If you remotely start the car, it bypasses PIN to Drive. Of course you need the password to do this, and the password is also what you need to disable PIN to Drive in the car.

Oh, … I thought it said “scream”.,… and we were going to talk about the new supercharger rates.

Why would that be a big deal? The only gauges I really look at are the speedometer & state of charge. Not exactly a big deal.

Do you not need to use the heat in winter or AC in the summer? What about when you need to open the glove box? Also the only way to open the frunk and trunk is through your phone now

I set the HVAC when I bought the car. It can figure out whether to heat or cool on its own. I literally never have to touch it.

I open the trunk the way I do on any car. I grab the handle and lift the lid. I don’t need the frunk unless the trunk is literally full, which is rare.

But the point isn’t that you shouldn’t have a screen. It’s that you don’t need one for everyday driving. It’s there. You should use it if you have to, but in real life it’s rare that you have to.

I do want to see the speed though, and it would be nice to see the state of charge, but with nightly charging I would not come close to needing a battery gauge. For long trips, the app shows me the state of charge.

I might actually buy one if you can get rid of that stupid screen.

No you won’t

Lol I would buy a gas guzzler if they removed the stupid tailpipes lol on a serious note we are hitting 412 ppm of co2 in atmosphere not good

WAKE UP EARTHLINGS…. oh, wait. 😉

Looks much better without that monstrosity. Now add a HUD and a smaller screen a bit lower down and bob’s your uncle.

I don’t know a single owner who complains that the screen is too big. A traditional HUD is almost worthless because the only practical information is the speed. A modern HUD with holographic route projections and turn arrows that overlay actual lanes would be nice. But as NOA improves and when FSD becomes available, it will be a moot point.

Yeah, i really like how clean it looks. Simplistic. It would be cool if you could hide the screen, maybe leave just the top visible for vital information? Pop the screen up when needed.. Kind of like the new LG rollable TV that was revealed at CES.

Another myth down. Apparently you actually can (if needed) drive the car without the screen…shocking…the trolls thought the car will explode without it.

“…the trolls thought the car will explode without it.”

I think you’re making this up and have a very vivid imagination.

When it comes to imagination, i look at trolls with envy.

Do you have any links to support your imaginary myth? Can you show us at least one instance where a troll or anyone else said the Model 3 would explode when driving without the screen? I don’t think you can.

I think his point was obvious, taking humor literally is just silly, even re-enforces the point being made in this case.

Poll time!
Should i tell him what a hyperbole is?
a) YES – put him out of his misery
b) NO – he knows, he’s been using it in his anti Tesla comments
c) football refs suck

Why not make a variant of the Model 3 without a screen? Sell that for $35k.

Because at volume, that is probably a $150-$250 assembly.

Because it’s required by law to have certain information displayed.

Would that be some state law or a federal law? Does the FBI show up if your car doesn’t have “certain information displayed”? Or are you just guessing about all this? Serious question. Guessing or know?

Love the Tesla. Hate the screen. Give me some ergonomically designed controls that don’t require me to take my eyes off the road.

Love the gas guzzler. Hate the tailpipes. Lol CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

The screen is the most ergonomically designed interface there is. People who claim that they can merely reach over and put the HVAC on recirc without looking are lying, and if they really can, they’d be able to do it with a screen.

Incorrect. I can find a knob without looking because I can feel it. I can’t feel on a flat screen where the “on” button is, I have to look.

I disagree, I can’t look at a cluster of random knobs in a car without thinking “tacky” and “outdated” these days. Would never buy an ICE car now, and would much prefer a tablet interface that doesn’t get outdated thanks to over the air upgrade cycles.

You’ve clearly never driven a 3. Invalid opinion.

Well, credit where credit is due… Good job Tesla with engineering enough redundancy into the vehicle to be able to drive home even after a total failure of the screen. I know that didn’t happen by accident.

Screen? @home?

Of course in Australia at least the driver would be booked for driving with a phone in his hand, let alone looking at it.

This makes me want to find a smaller screen to install. I find I rarely need the large screen and a small one would be very nice to make the cabin feel even bigger and cleaner.

You can always use your smartphone.

> Can You Drive a Tesla Model 3 WITHOUT A Screen?!

Clearly you can.

Can you do so legally? That’s another question entirely. Not sure what the rules are in the US, but I’m pretty certain that where I live, if you remove a car’s dashboard, it is no longer considered road-legal, even if it does in fact still drive.

At least the exercise provides peace of mind for those who need a quick 20 second restart for any reason. But good point nonetheless.

Can you drive a Model 3 without a brain? Apparently.

Well their are certainly plenty of trolls without brains who try and spread FUD about the Model 3 and Tesla..

Did u try? Just go for a test drive…

The whole point of a good HVAC system is that you set it once and never have to touch it. Even the seat heaters can be activated using the app, but if you warm the car up a few minutes before you get to it, it’s not a concern.

Music can be selected with a voice command and so can navigation, so if you don’t mind following spoken directions, you can navigate without a screen.

More importantly, in real life, the screen is there. But you don’t need to touch it to drive. You need to look at it, you can touch it, but the “everything is controlled by the screen” line is a phony. Almost everything is controlled by a steering wheel with buttons and stalks on its column, as well as by pedals.

Maybe they could develop a retractable touchscreen. There are a lot of head units now that have that ability. When the screen is retracted, it could still display essential info, like speed. Just a thought.