Canuck Doesn’t Like Tesla Model 3 Winter Optimization Update


Tesla Canuck feels the Tesla Model 3 44.2 update was poorly thought out

Recently, some Model 3 owners have had issues with the car’s frameless windows and locking charger connector. Both were prone to icing over in certain weather conditions. When this occurs, unplugging your charge cord or even just getting into your vehicle becomes a major issue. If this happened, the best solution was likely to pre-condition and wait.

As usual, Tesla was on the case with a fast tracked software update. Just a few weeks later, the new 44.2 update was released to address this problem.ย According to Tesla “Window position and charge connector locking behaviors have been optimized for cold weather.”

Well, Tesla Canuck has received this update but was not particularly impressed. In his video, he demonstrates the new window functionality. As the driver pulls on the door handle, the window quickly rolls down about an inch. Seemingly this is to assist in breaking up any ice on the window. But accumulated snow could cause a problem.

The concern is that accumulated snow is more likely to fall into the vehicle as a result of this behavior. To avoid this, it is probably a good idea to brush off any snow from a car door whether it is frameless or not. Still, he would rather not have this feature enabled.

Of course, he is not suggesting removing the feature for those that want it. Just in having the option to disable it for those that do not.ย “I guess what I’m looking for is in the options here, let’s have the ability to turn it off.”

For a demonstration of the new window behavior and the concerns of one Canadian Model 3 owner, check out the video above! For current Model 3 owners: have you experienced the initial problem with iced over windows? If so, did the newest update improve the situation? Let us know in the comments below!

Video description from Tesla Canuck

Last week during unusual winter weather in the north east of Canada and the United States, some Tesla Model 3 owners complained that their doors froze (the window froze at the top to the rubber door seal). From what I could tell in the forums, it was a small minority of owners. I think Tesla overreacted and rushed out a software update that wasn’t well thought through. Watch this video to see why. Please like and subscribe if you enjoy this video.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Š

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Not needed in a lot of places but you can’t beat a car door with framed windows.

Exactly, I like the Model 3 very much. For me a car is still a “tool”, therefore I only buy proper ones which means –> framed windows. Sounds boring and it is boring. More money left to buy other useless toys.

Another Euro point of view

Totally agree with you but be careful with that approach as in a not too distant future you might be looked at as if you was an alien from another planet.

Your “tool” is another person’s contribution to the environment. Unless you’re a nun or a monk, everyone spends money according to their own principles. However, most don’t pretend that their choices are superior to others, or that their “tool” is the only “proper” one. (Let alone decide whether to purchase a car solely because it has window frames.)

Gnah, first world problems. I always clean the snow from the door before opening. I prefer the wider opening solution over a possible “glass sticks to door / wont open / will bend a lot”-scenario.

This is a problem on all cars (except Delorian and Model X which have their own snow related issues). Look, if it’s snowing and the weather is dry and cold the snow will enter the car due do the movement of the air when opening the door. Frame or no frame. The textile seats in my EV in Norway look like the carpet in scene of an adult movie with too many male participants due to the fact that I’m to lazy to remove all the snow around the door before opening. Especially when you have a frame that for design purposes have a smooth and rounded line towards the roof of the car, perfect for collecting snow.

The solution is either to complain about obvious things on the internet or to remove the damn snow with a brush in the name of physics before opening the door, I choose the latter.

Especially Subaru.

Pretty lame complain!

If you’re getting in your car to go, you have, legally and obviously, got to clean all windows and roof in order to not let it shed on other’s way and clearly see where you’re going.
So what’s the problem, your snow broom is in the car? Get it out when you live it or just use your hand before opening the door.

This is not a problem, it’s an attitude.

There’s a Spanish saying that says: “Nunca llueve a gusto de todos”. (It never rains at everyone’s desire)

Now I’m glad I probably won’t get my Model 3 here in Norway until spring comes. That way they have until next winter to fix this! ๐Ÿ™‚

I can still sympathise with all the canucks though! This is such a shame.

Really? Thumbs down for this? I genuinely wonder why.

Cause its dumb… its a non issue, or as some refer, a first world issue.

And it occurs on virtually every car out there.

Yes, cold and ice get things frozen, jammed, stuck. It’s simple physics.

All cars can have this problem of frozen rubber. A quick spray of silicone on the rubber handles it.

Making a big deal outta nothing! Getta life man. Even if the window didn’t stick then opening the door with snow on it would immediately suck it into the car … just like any other car!

His complaints are amazingly petty. After having had 3 winters of occasionally getting locked out of my Model S or expecting my window and/or trimwork to break, I would love this feature.

To the point about snow falling in, this is the case with all cars, unless you just brush it away before opening the door.

Canuck, Get yourself some “Hi Quality Silicon Spray” & Spray all your door Seals , Trunk , & Frunk Seals once Yearly . This will stop the window from sticking to them and Rejuvenates the Seals to Make them “Seal Better” & Look new for as long as you own your car..

From what I hear, Frunk Seals migrate South to Hawaii during the Winter months. Similar to Frumpback Whales, they prefer the warmer climes for mating and general frolicking. And itโ€™s probably a bad idea to spray silicone on sea life at any time of year. Just sayinโ€ฆ

But seriously, my BMW 3-series (e46} has this same feature (going back at least 10 years) so it’s nothing new and I found it very effective in breaking the ice seal. Kudos for Tesla for reacting quickly to customer issues and having the infrastructure to push out these quality of life changes on-the-fly.

That’s too funny … ๐Ÿ™‚ … Frunk Seals do Dat ?…. Good To Know ! …lol…In That Case , I Guess Canuc Can Skip The Silicon Applications Altogether … ,.,…lmao….. ๐Ÿ™‚ ,, :)… ๐Ÿ™‚ … ๐Ÿ™‚ …. ๐Ÿ™‚

Audi and VW convertibles have done this same window crack down motion upon door opening for an eternity since the window is frameless and the upper door seal wraps slightly over the top of the window. This isn’t new in car technology and certainly not new in snowy laden climates.

Irrespective of frameless/framed door at one point during ebterung the car you need to open the door enough to get in meaning any snow/ice above the opening may enter the cabin. Thia update makes this neither more or less likely to happen!

Explanation: The latest update attempts to mitigate damage to the window and chrome in the case where you open the door and the window does not come down because of ice. If you re-close the door with the window fully up on Model 3, the top part of the window will bump against the chrome and possibly damage both. The update attempts to mitigate the problem by lowering the window slightly by several mm and thus creating a small gap with the chrome trim.

How it works: When you exit your car, the car knows that you are outside and will now leave a slight gap in the window, but not enough of a gap for the rain and snow to get in. When you sit down in the driver’s seat and close the door, the window will still have the gap. It’s only when you put the car in Drive that you hear the window close the gap to seal the door while you drive.

To summarize, when you are driving the window is fully closed (no gap). When you park and leave the car the window has a slight gap.

Another quality control bandaid that didnโ€™t stick correctly, ah reminds me of my days as a Tesla owner ๐Ÿ™„…

Convertible car windows do this. My wife’s 2006 VW Beetle convertible auto rolls the window down a bit as soon as you hit unlock on the key fob.

This issue is not new or unique to the Model 3 as both the Model S and X have frameless windows as well, not to mention countless other car manufacturer models with this same design.

The guy needs Teslas to update when really all he needs is some gloves and snow scraper. But that would mean he fixed his own problem. I mean why would you stare at the door with snow on it and open it and complain snow got in your car. What did you expect.

Is this guy a moron? If your car is covered in snow when you open the door, snow is going to get in the car. That has nothing to do with this update or the fact the door is frameless. This is why semi-intelligent people brush their cars off before opening the door.

You may as well complain that water gets in if you roll the windows down in the rain – it’s equally dumb that you’d expect anything else to happen.

I am stunned that anyone would not think to first brush off snow that had accumulated on a door surface, as well as around the roof area above the door opening (framed door or frameless). This does not seem to be a defect in the Model 3’s design… just a requirement for common sense. IMHO, while there are a number of cold climate Model 3 enhancements that Tesla can/probably will make to improve overall operation in Winter (e.g., redirecting air flow toward doors during preheating, etc.), an over-the-air update to common sense most likely won’t be one of them.

I like how you imply no one got the issue. I had it and I was happy they did something about it. Also it’s common knowledge where people actually get snow in the winter to clear out the snow from the top of the first door you open.

I didn’t have this problem in Burlington, ON yet. Waiting for colder weather to test ๐Ÿ˜Š. But having an option not to roll the window down doesn’t seem to be a viable option. If windows are not rolled down the door cannot open as the top 1 inch is located behind the top frame.

Yes it would be great to have the op9to turn it off but wouldn’t you be clean the snow off beforehand anyway as for it falling in when you open the door to get in so to me the snow issue really isn’t a issue at all.

If rolling down the window an inch will let snow in the car, then so will opening the door, which moves the window completely.

Silicone the rubber…also for extreme weather such as freezing rain you can tarp your car…maybe someone could make a magnet to cover door handles

Audi convertible has the same issue… Audi would tell me to fix it by buying a new car! No good deed goes unpunished…

The cold weather issues with the door handles were predictable.

One advantage of cars designed in Detroit is that the engineers have actually seen snow.

“The concern is that accumulated snow is more likely to fall into the vehicle as a result of this behavior.”

Good grief! Did this guy just move to Canada from some tropical climate where he’s never before experienced snow? ๐Ÿ™„

This complaint is about weather, and not about the Model 3.

With or without the feature, framed or frameless, one would want to brush of the snow before opening the door to prevent snow falling into the car.

At least Tesla immediately addressed it through an OTA update. If it was any other traditional OEM, this would not be addressed until the following model year or even worse next model refresh, and for a premium too!

This is such a 1st world problem!

This is not a new feature. Here is a video of a model 3 doing it in January 2018๏ปฟ

An interesting point. However, even if the window doesn’t go down, when you open the door, snow is going to fall in the car anyway. Also, if the weather in inclement, I will want to close the door quickly when I get into the car and put my foot on the peddle. The window should spend very little time “down”. What am I missing.