Tesla Model 3 With White Interior Spotted


Tesla says the Model 3 won’t be available with a white interior until sometime this fall, but here we get our first look at that interior on a white Model 3.

White Interior On Tesla Model 3 – Image Via Imgur

We’ve seen this interior before, but that was way back at the March 2016 unveiling of the prototype Model 3. We’ve yet to see the white interior on any of the more recent release candidate cars. However, now this premium seating material has been spotted on what appears to be a new-ish Model 3.

The sighting took place at theย  Mountain View Supercharger station.

According to Tesla’s Model 3 reservation FAQ page, the white interior option won’t be available until “Fall 2017.”

All Model 3 orders placed today comes with the standard black synthetic leather interior. If you’re yearning for this white, you’ll have to wait a couple of months for it to become officially available.

Source: Imgur via Teslarati

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Hope they have another color or colors in the future. Would also like to see a dash color other than black available.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

I’ll take whatever comes on the basic/standard model…..lol

White seats are just akin to get stained!

There’s only one thing worse than a dirty black car (hi Jay). It’s dirty white seats.

Like Tesla reviewed the stain resistance of the Ultra White seats. They look to be incredibly easy to clean and stain-proof.

Like Trump sez, “If it’s not White, it’s not Right.”


I like cloth and think it tends to hold up better than fake flesh proxies, over time. Personally would like tan interior with Red exterior.

I do want the white seats, but I’m not willing to pay $5000 for them, or whatever crazy TM3 price it could be.

When can you get it with cloth interior? I just hate leather, it is so uncomfy.

I can’t understand people who get it. Even worse those who have leather couches.

Not sure if you are being sarcastic

Not the slightest bit sarcastic. I would pay extra if I had to to avoid leather.

But for some reason some people seem to prefer leather. Different tastes…

I prefer cool, breathing materials that don’t stick to your body.

Tesla doesn’t do leather anymore. It’s all textile or synthetic (vegan) now.

I’m with you, Mikael!

Leather doesn’t breathe, it’s hot and sticky in the summer, cold and stiff in the winter.

Like you, it puzzles me that people would actually pay more for something as uncomfortable as leather when we can have cloth for less!

But okay, leather does last longer, so I guess that’s why some are willing to pay more for that.

P.S. — Cloth seats on the TM3 are standard, you have to pay more for leather… fake or otherwise.

That’s because the crap they call leather now is so over tanned that it might as well be plastic. The last good leather seats I had were in a MY2000 Audi. Those lasted 200K miles and still looked and felt great, butter soft and cool. Alcantara is wonderful now though.

I completely agree.

(โŒโ– _โ– ) Trollnonymous

I don’t like getting with shorts when it’s 115deg F inside.

I had a white interior car once. Biggest car mistake I every made. I spent huge amounts of time cleaning the car.

Never again.

Is it the 31st copy of Model 3.
Hope they are accelerating the production.

Thoughts of black exterior and white interior? Test drove the S with the ultra white — nice.

How in the world is this story news? In what way is it useful? I don’t see the Internet exploding every time a new car is released with a new interior color option. Typically, OEMs prepare this information months before the reveal and make it available to media and public all at once. Instead of this carrot-and-stick trick show Tesla is putting on for everyone.
In other news, the water is WET!