Tesla Model 3 Walkaround Video Shows Huge Trunk Opening, Brief Glance At Window Sticker


We catch a brief glimpse of the Tesla Model 3’s 126 MPGe rating via the window sticker in the trunk.

Aside from a rare, blurry look at the window sticker, with a just-visible 126 MPGe combined figure, this video captures a red multi-coat Model 3 in high-res quite well, making us that more impatient for our own Model 3 in the driveway.

What we find especially interesting is the huge size of the Model 3’s trunk opening. It appears larger than the criticized opening in the early prototypes. Additionally, we get a rather detailed look at the frunk. It too seems to offer decent capacity.

Video description:

VIN #177 – Tesla Model 3 walk around (Red Multi-Coat)

Check out these two images below for a comparison between the trunk opening on the production Model 3 (red car) and prototype Model 3 (series of three images below red car).

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Trunk

Tesla Model 3 Trunk Opening

Tesla Model 3

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Looks like they moved where the trunk struts mount from the matte black one to the production one.

Actually it looks like the trunk opening size stayed the same using the lights and window and reference points. It’s OK but pretty sure my power washer still won’t fit in for the hauls back and forth to the boat.

Love the real red. Still going to put off cashing in my April 1 reservation until AWD and air suspension which will allow for towing option even if not offered now.

Can’t tow the boat but I can tow the trailer which adds a lot of utility.

Look at the red car, then the black car. The struts mount to different spots.

Looks to me like the struts mount at the same spot, so I don’t see whatever it is you’re seeing.

Tesla (or Elon) said they would enlarge the trunk opening, and some have claimed that they can see they did. I see no reason to doubt it, but I’d need to get right next to the “before” and “after” with a ruler to be sure. Perhaps it has only been marginally enlarged.

The hatchback design just allows greater access to the interior volume. As small as my BMW i3 is, it can probably carry things that you just can’t get into a Model 3. Things such as a:

40 gallon water heater

Outdoor recycling barrel, without folding down the rear seats.

Home Depot Glacier Bay Toilet Box, without folding down the rear seats.

There are advantages to those suicide doors, LOL. I love them.

And I can carry things even the BOLT can’t such as 375lb man in the drivers seat.

Awesome photos! Thx for sharing!

Warren said:

“The hatchback design just allows greater access to the interior volume. As small as my BMW i3 is, it can probably carry things that you just can’t get into a Model 3.”

I absolutely would have preferred the Model 3 to be a liftback, or “hatchback sedan”, as the Model S is, for the very reasons you state. I’ve driven both sedans and hatchbacks, and I definitely prefer the latter for the added utility.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I think Tesla should have taken the range/energy efficiency hit, and raised the roofline over the TM3 rear seat so they could put a hatch there.

Not sure what I said that caused you to post that reply.

See here

But the trunk in both pictures begins at the same spot, the window line.

On the red car it is mounted between the rear window and trunk. On the black it is beside the rear window

On the red car it is mounted between the rear window and trunk. On the white and on the black it is beside the rear window

Agreed. It’s totally different. I noticed that too.

The configuration on the black car is completely useless. With that configuration the strut would give maximum lift to the trunk when it is most open and least when it is near closed. Since gravity affects the lever arm in the opposite way (most when trunk nearly closed, less when up) this configuration would produce a trunk where you have to lift the weight of the trunk at the start and then it pops itself up stiffly at the top. Closing it would be a nightmare as it would take a high force to get it from its open rest position, then it would slam easily.

In short, that first configuration was either designed by an idiot or just done for show. Or it was designed to be used only with electrical struts (for self opening) instead of gas struts. The red one is surely the final version. It’s very similar to how cars with similar trunks do it.

It’s a slightly bigger opening from the photos. I think a more important point is that the hinges don’t impinge on interior trunk space compared to some other sedans.

Reminds me of the tiny trunk opening I had on my 2004 Mazda3 sedan.

Does anyone know if the back seats fold down?

Yes, there’s a 60/40 split on the seats.
Not sure how flat they lay though.

Too bad you can’t simply remove the shelf behind the back seats so you would have a sort of demi-hatch.

Maybe they will make this possible with very little effort. If the mount any speakers back there then it won’t be.

On the original unveil video, that shelf is important for structural integrity.

They law completely flat. Check out the posts about camping mode. There as setting where you can lay flat in the back with seats down and program the car to maintain a temp through the night so you can sleep in it while camping.


Isn’t technology amazing. Now instead of merely sleeping in your car and calling it camping, you can sleep in your climate-controlled car and call it camping!

Heck, even glamping means going without climate-control.

Not quite sleeping while traveling, under full self driving, but one part of that seems ready!

Thanks for the photo Nix, exactly what I was looking for 🙂

Minimal difference in the opening, if any.

I second that!

I can’t see a difference. But the fanbois will see what they want to, I guess. Confirmation bias strikes again. I still just see a car that so should have been a hatchback, but isn’t. Sure though, decent opening for a sedan. If that’s the low bar that we’re measuring things by now. So close, Tesla, yet so far away…

I feel like I can clearly see the differences in both width and height. Another thing that is hard to see is the step/platform around the latch is now about half as deep. That should open up a nice amount of space when placing items just over and behind this ledge. While I’m still in the “wish it was a hatchback” camp, I’m glad they listened to customer feedback and altered what they could within the confines of their overall design.

Each of the individual changes are small, but they definitely are there. The individual differences aren’t that hard to see with a little bit of effort. It is about at the difficulty level of a “Where’s Waldo”.

Each of the changes add up once you see them, but they don’t add up to a massive difference at the level of hatchback vs. sedan or anything like that.

“Huge” opening? Hyperbole much?

Looks about the same as my old BMW 323i

Looks about the same as my old BMW 323i

We need a measurement comparison between a 3 series BMW and the Model 3. My 328 was a pain because you would have to crawl in to get things in the back. I’m not getting any younger

Have you noticed how there aren’t any videos where employee owners show how UI screens work, or give driving impressions, etc.? I bet Musk has them on an NDA, because a bunch of stuff isn’t finished yet.

“But it is a production vehicle being delivered to customers!”

It is a production model, but you are stuck on old thinking. That UI could change several time during your ownership because of OTA updates.

The UI could change, so we shouldn’t expect videos showing how it works? We shouldn’t expect driving impressions from a “production vehicle”?

It’s an engineering prototype. There are no production units out yet.

I agree. There is no reason for the silence at this point unless the cars aren’t truly ready.

I don’t understand how a mfr can silence the buyer of a *production* vehicle. Seems like a violation of a consumer’s First Amendment right to free speech.

The silence would be understandable for a pre-production vehicle.

How many times does this need to be explained? The First Amendment doesn’t come into play at all. Do you even know what the First Amendment says??? The First Amendment applies to what the GOVERNMENT can do, not companies: “Amendment I Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Read it a few times, learn it, and stop repeating the same nonsense in story after story. _______________________________________ Everything between you and a corporation is purely Contract Law. In this case, these buyers are getting something of value (early delivery slots) in exchange for FREELY CHOOSING to abide by terms in a contract. Their choice is to either agree to the contract terms, or choose not to take a valuable early delivery slot. Nobody is forcing them to take an early delivery. The gov’t isn’t mandating that they take an early delivery slot and mandate that they agree to an NDA. It is amazing at how much whining you nutters get up to about… Read more »

Nix you nailed it on first amendment

So a housing subdivision could have covenants which prevented people from selling to non-white buyers? That’s a private agreement that doesn’t involve the government.

Different area of law, not to say red herring. I imagine a court wouldn’t enforce an NDA that only applied to non-white car buyers, either.

It’s not a red herring. It’s just a nice way of pointing out he’s wrong about state action. Agreements can be purely private, but enforcing covenants through the court system moves the agreement from the private to the public sphere. Thus there is government action to which the constitutional prescriptions and proscriptions apply. This has been the rule since 1948.

Saying it’s a different area of the law adds nothing. Legal principles apply across subject matter areas.

The only red herring here is the defense of the restrictions based on lack of government action. Assuming government action, many restrictions on disclosure can be validly enforced just as many expressions of speech are subject to civil and criminal penalties.

But you bring up an interesting point about sales. I doubt that the “owners” of these cars can sell them.

DonC — Yes, it was indeed legal under the original US Constitution and the First Amendment to segregate housing. In fact, the most common way to segregate housing was to put the black slaves in the barn and the white masters in the plantation home. All lawful under the original constitution. It wasn’t until further legislation, backed by the 14th Amendment was added in the 1850’s and 1860’s that Constitutional protections providing those rights. And there are different types of provisions in the US Constitution. Some provisions enumerate limitations on the Federal Gov’t. Other provisions enumerate limitations on the States. Other provisions enumerate the rights of individuals. The provisions that limit Federal power don’t apply to States. The provisions giving power to a State don’t give those powers to individuals. Etc. ___________________________________ Now, do you actually have anything SPECIFIC that applies DIRECTLY to the first amendment banning NDA’s in a private contract. Because NDA’s certainly exist, and 100% of them are in conjunction with private contracts. In fact, the only way an NDA can exist is as part of a private contractual agreement between two private parties. So if you have something to actually address the topic at hand, please… Read more »

It’s only available to employees and investors. They can offer to sell you a product, with the caveat that you sign NDAs/lose your job if you disclose features that aren’t released yet.

Murraysville EV said:

“I don’t understand how a mfr can silence the buyer of a *production* vehicle. Seems like a violation of a consumer’s First Amendment right to free speech.”

Seems like you don’t know much about contract law. Not even as much as the average layman should.

There’s nothing in the Bill of Rights prohibiting you from voluntarily signing a contract which puts certain restrictions on your Constitutionally protected rights. Many or perhaps most permanent jobs these days require the employee to sign some sort of NDA as a condition of employment.

And while you could certainly insist on protecting your right not to sign such an NDA, Tesla can also insist on its right not to sell you a Model 3 unless you do sign it.

I don’t think this should be that difficult to understand, even for someone who’s not a lawyer. If Nix is right (and he almost always is), you’ve had this explained to you before. If, as they say, your mind is made up and you refuse to be confused by the facts, then that’s your problem — not ours.

“I bet Musk has them on an NDA, because a bunch of stuff isn’t finished yet.” I don’t think it’s necessary to say “I bet”; it seems quite clear that Tesla has required every Tesla and SpaceX employee buying a Model 3 to sign an NDA stating they won’t post any comments or video to social media about the car, until such time as Tesla gives out a general “Okay”. But it’s pretty silly to claim the NDA is because some things aren’t finished. These are actual production cars, despite what the Tesla haters are saying; they are real cars being bought by real people, paid for with real money. We only need to look at the negative comments about early production problems with the Model X to see why Tesla decided to limit early buyers of the car to only those who Tesla (or SpaceX) is in a position to require they sign an NDA before purchase. My question is, how did this video escape into public view? Did Tesla specifically okay this one brief glimpse, or did someone violate their NDA? My guess is that Tesla officially approved this for posting to YouTube. It is, after all, just… Read more »

Yeah it’s contract law and they have right not to sell if they don’t comply, I wouldn’t want to be one of these buyers (tester) and have my rights be limited all because they want this car. Any news on 1000 cars being deliver for this month or Nissan limiting sales on the leaf

The NDA is because some things aren’t finished.

I don’t think it’s silly at all to say that and I’m saying it.

Why hasn’t Tesla offered any for car review outlets to review?

Why hasn’t Tesla offered any for the NACOTY people to review?

There’s one answer that answer all these things and that is they don’t want the car evaluated because it isn’t done.

If answers the most outstanding questions in the most plausible way. It’s by far the most likely answer. It’s not at all silly to say it.

Those rims are a work of art.

I tell my kids that every day when I pick up their art as well 😉

Yep, very pretty.

Another Euro point of view

I don’t get it why they did not make it a hatchback, I mean it has a hatchback shape. Was it a technical limitation ? There are sedan shaped car with a hatchback trunk opening (older Skoda superb sedan had that). No one drives sedan anymore in Europe, I mean they are so unpractical.

Another Euro point of view

…Ok, I read somewhere that this design was made obligatory for rear passenger headroom. So typical of Tesla again. Shape & design was “cool” as it was. Unpractical ? who gives a dam ! Falcon wings syndrome allover again.

Another Euro point of view

…Nissan Leaf will kick butts, way cheaper and being a hatchback (I don’t buy the $35K for a second, ready to bet $100 that base price in Europe before EV incentives will at least be EUR 40K except for Norway due to absence of VAT on EVs there ).

Tesla already has more than enough demand with the Model 3, despite your claim that nobody wants a sedan (3-series and C-class sales prove you wrong, BTW). By the time this demand starts shrinking, they will have the Model Y for people that want a hatch/crossover.

I think the rear glass was a great idea for making a roomy rear seat in a sleek compact car. The Volt, for example, has poor headroom in the rear.

You have the frunk for convenient storage, too. I don’t think it’ll hinder sales much at all.

1) The shape is primarily for aerodynamics, with Tesla having a target of Cd=0.21. In case you don’t know, that is a simply stunning achievement if they hit their target.

2) Sedans still rule in the United States, and hatchbacks are actually suffering sales losses faster than sedans.

3) If drivers really must have a hatch, Tesla’s answer is the Model Y. Not every car can be built to suit the needs of every driver. That is why there are literally thousands of different body/door/engine/drivetrain combinations available in the market for ICE car buyers. Whining because you don’t get your favorite combo is like the folks who complain that they can’t buy V8 AWD station wagons with manual transmissions.

Tesla doesn’t & won’t have all the answers for everyone. The Model Y will be a much more expensive model, so if consumers don’t want to spend more than ~$35k, they will have to look to other companies for hatchbacks. That is fine, if you believe competition is good & other manufacturers can make great EVs — which I do.

Costs money. Adds weight. You have to change the structure of the car because the rear window and bar below it cannot be structural members. You add a lot of weight in a mechanism to lift the heavy glass too. And the hinge over the heads of the rear seat cuts headroom.

They probably saved a lot of money and weight going with a trunk instead of hatch.

Looks like they wanted to keep the single piece of glass? Cost?

Because when the car is driving you around you won’t care if it’s a hatchback or a sedan.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not seeing much of a difference and in all the pics it’s nearly impossible to see how deep it is. It does look like they improved upon the prototypes though making it a bit taller of an entry which is nice.

When I want it to carry my stuff around, I certainly will care if it is a hatchback or not.

I do have a hatchback, a 2010 ICE Kia Soul, and while the hole is tall, it is often not wide enough!

I frequently do something strange, I guess: open the back doors and put stuff in from the side! Amazingly – it works!

The Soul is shorter inside than the 2004 Prius I had, though! I think the Model 3 is longer than both.

It was primarily built for Americans by Americans…

“I make car parts for the American working man, because that’s who I am, and that’s who I car about.”

Hmm, he seems like a nice guy.

He’s going to be out of a job soon

For some reason “sedan hatchbacks” like the Mondeo never seemed to catch on here. They typically make a hatchback version for Europe and a trunk version for the US. Ford used to say that “hatchbacks are on small cars” so it was probably bias on the part of the automakers.

Tesla doesn’t have any problem with making hatchbacks– note the Model S is a hatchback– the problem was that there isn’t room for the C pillar hoop in the car because they wanted the single piece of glass from the trunklid to the B pillar hoop which allows more headroom for the back seat.

Personally I’d have made the car a couple inches taller and put a C pillar hoop in the vehicle and attached the hatchback to it, I’ve never been a fan of trunks– but nobody asked my opinion, unfortunately.

“…but nobody asked my opinion, unfortunately.”

Maybe we should form a club: Those Who Elon Musk Has Never Ever Called For Advice on How Tesla Should Build Its Cars.

Hmmm, the name is a bit long; needs work. 😉

– hatchbacks have really bad aerodynamics
– hatchbacks look boring
– it is aimed at BMW 3-series and Audi A4 buyers (not really hatchbacks)
– everyone except europeans hates hatchbacks
– hatchbacks are perceived as “budget” cars even in Europe
– you are just an annoying troll

(I am european btw)

“Another Euro point of view” said: “I don’t get it why they did not make it a hatchback… No one drives sedan anymore in Europe, I mean they are so unpractical.” There have been a lot of comments from Europeans saying hatchback and 5-door cars are more popular than sedans there, but seriously, you’re trying to tell us “no one” in Europe drives a sedan any more? Reality check: Tesla has compared the Model 3 to the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series, both of which are available as sedans, and both Audi and BMW are German auto makers. Somebody in Europe is driving them, dude! “Falcon wings syndrome allover again.” Here you are, as they say, not even wrong. If there is a “falcon-wing door syndrome”, this is exactly the opposite. If anything, making the car an ordinary sedan rather than a liftback (aka hatchback sedan) shows a lack of boldness on Tesla’s part; a willingness to sacrifice utility for energy efficiency. Making the car a liftback would have required raising the roofline in order to put in the required reinforcement above the rear seat passengers’ heads, and that would have increased the car’s drag, thus reducing the energy… Read more »

In addition to the other reasons given, one of the speculations was that they wanted the wide open roof structure to allow maximum automation — big hole for robots to reach into.

I don’t know if this has been proven, but it seemed plausible at the time.

These Model 3 videos are so freaking annoying. It’s not like its the Loch Ness Monster or something.

You don’t have to watch them, you know…

Is someone putting a gun to your head and forcing you to watch them?

No? Well then, you can stop any time you like.

Oh come on now, are there not any Tesla fans that are annoyed that all you get to see of your future M3 is a 15 second video 2 months after they so called started selling them?

So people now have to pretend to be a forklift in order to load bulky things into the trunk. Lower the item to floor level then step forward.

Come on now, you are just being silly. You can’t load anything bulky into a Model 3.

I though that Autopilot and Superchargers were the answer to every problem. Including bulky items.

Got Muscles? No?
You need Muscle Milk!

(Popeye ate his Spinach, it worked for him, but that is not on the menu at Micky D’s, so that is why so many are lacking in strength, I guess!)

I see that the usual trolls, haters, shills and shorters and mysterious new usernames of existing haters too cowardly to post again are having a anti-Tesla love fest.

Can’t wait to see them all crying in 6 months when there are tens of thousands of Model 3s on the streets with thousand of new orders coming in.

Some losers just hate positive change and progress.

Can’t wait to

Ha ha. As well as the unpopular sedan look Tesla has ruined the car with the non-sensical tablet stuck in the middle with no manual controls.

I predict a Tsunami of cancellations.

More idiotic opinionationg from a Siberian ICE troll

I like the Tesla Model 3. In fact I reserved one when the online reservations were opened.

However, you guys are way too absurd in how you perceive the company and the car. Lighten up.

And, funny enough, with all these ‘Faults’, people are STILL going online and putting their $1,000 down to reserve it for themselves!

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. All cars compromise one thing for another. There is no perfect car. It’s a matter of deciding what your preference is.

Yeah, it’s not like you posted a ridiculous and unprovoked hater comment like “…people now have to pretend to be a forklift in order to load bulky things into the trunk.”

Oh, wait… It’s exactly like that. Have you gone to gasmobile forums to make similar nasty comments about other sedans? I’m guessing “No.” It’s just Tesla’s car.

* * * * *

It’s no coincidence that Tesla is the only auto maker which has so many loose nuts come out of the woodwork to post FUD and make hater comments… and that Tesla’s stock is often the most shorted stock available.

That’s not to say everyone taking the time to write (or at least copy) and post repeated Tesla hater comments is short-selling Tesla stock. I’m sure some of them are motivated more by jealousy over the success and popularity of Elon Musk. But common sense says that most of the serial FUDsters must have a financial motive. People don’t usually spend that much time and energy bashing something over and over unless they have a vested interest in the subject.

The trunk issue is a reality …. It’s far worse than the average sedan.

That trunk configuration is an issue and it will bother me but I like the styling enough to put up with it.

I’m not like the rest of you who will argue that it’s great just because it’s on a Tesla.

The trunk in the Model 3 is actually larger than the trunk in the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4 (the cars that Tesla has targeted the Model 3 to compete against.) Both cars also have worse Cd partially due to how poorly their trunks were designed for aerodynamics. Furthermore, Tesla uses external supports that do not take up space in the trunk, while their competition’s trunk supports intrude into trunk space. All of these can be supported with actual hard numbers and photographs.

What exactly is the problem with Tesla’s trunk? If you think there is a specific problem, please provide evidence with hard numbers.

My issue isn’t the size of the truck, it’s the lack of horizontal opening. That makes it hard to put bulky items in as you have to push it in through the back instead of lowering it down into the trunk. Also it would make it hard to reach items that are deep in the trunk.

Again I understand that it’s to reduce cost as opposed to the having a lift back like the Model S. They tried to retain the style but wanted to have the same look. Unfortunately this resulted in a awkward layout.

It’s not a deal breaker, but will be noticeable whenever someone needs to use the trunk.

“Some losers just hate positive change and progress.”

So true…

Stop being so sensitive. No car is perfect, as much as you want to believe it will be. It’s just a car.

Exactly, if you don’t like it don’t buy it! There is no reason to troll about it all over the comments….

No reason to get so defensive when someone puts it down either….

Complaining about trolls sabotaging and side-tracking the discussion every time there’s a positive InsideEVs article about Tesla or its cars… that’s not being defensive. That’s expressing our displeasure at trolls taking over a forum for EV fans and enthusiasts. This forum was created for us; it was not created as a megaphone for Tesla hating trolls motivated by greed and jealousy.

It shouldn’t be necessary to point out the rather wide gulf between those two things.

Don’t feed the trolls!! If they are ignored, they go away.

Or they become president…

This is the problem. Trolls don’t just go away. Instead, trolls attract more trolls.

“Don’t feed the trolls!! If they are ignored, they go away.”

Generally speaking, that’s true. But unfortunately, most of the anti-Tesla FUD posts are motivated by greed, not merely the normal desire of a troll to get attention thru being obnoxious and disruptive.

Greed, quite obviously, is a much more powerful motive to keep trolling than the mere desire to get attention by being a jerk.

Witness the increase in anti-Tesla and anti-EV posts — and specifically, FUD — on InsideEVs every time Tesla is perceived to have attained a new success… like the Model 3.

Coincidence? I think not!

There are trolls and there are perceived trolls. The problem is when anything negative said about Tesla is automatically dismissed as trolling.

A person who points out the flaws of a vehicle is a troll. Especially so if there is some humor added.

It’s a good car, but not worth defending. It’ll hold up on its own merits if it truly is that great.

All of this defending a brand and product is foolish when you consider that at some point in the future you’ll likely move on to some other car, perhaps a different brand maybe.

“There are trolls and there are perceived trolls. The problem is when anything negative said about Tesla is automatically dismissed as trolling.” There is some truth to that. A large part of the problem is that trolls seldom admit they’re trolls; they pretend they aren’t; they put on human clothing and try to pass as normal humans. They refuse to admit to being trolls when called out. They want to pass themselves off as neutral, or even as real EV owners — like “Four Electrics”, for example — who merely have some complaints about the cars they drive. There are also “concern trolls” (look the term up if you’re not familiar with it). Concern trolls pose on InsideEVs as EV supporters or fans who merely have some “concerns” about them. Speaking only for myself, I try to distinguish between actual serial FUDsters, and those who merely have a negative opinion about Tesla. That is, the difference between those with honest negative opinions about EVs and Tesla, and those who couldn’t care less about Truth, deliberately posting FUD as part of a disinformation strategy to create negative public perception about EVs in general and/or Tesla in specific. For example, Modern Marvel… Read more »

10’s of thousands in the streets next year? Probably?

But how many in the Service Center getting repairs for build issues? Lol

Battery still good?

“But how many in the Service Center getting repairs for build issues?”

Speaking of concern trolls…

Can someone render a model 3 hatchback…you know if you render it, it will be built.

It’s been done. It looks like the Model Y. It is already going to be built.

Tesla Model 3 trunk good, Model Y hatch better.

Wait for Model Y, not so good.
Worth the wait, absolutely!

Better to wait, and get what you really want, especially since it is already known to be planned and will be coming, than to gripe on the car that is hear now!

I wouldn’t call that huge. It’s about the same as before. I had a car with a similar trunk opening before, the thing you really want changed is the liftover. The liftover limits the size of what you can put in. Moving the front of the opening forward a little makes very little difference, it means you can put a little bit bigger box in and still be a able to drop it down flat so you can close the trunk.

The bigger opening mostly just makes it easier to get things of the same size as before in and out by letting you lift up more directly over the liftover.

Lowering the liftover has its own problem, on modern wagons with no liftover you get maximum cargo in but if you park the car nose high on a slope then you are at risk of everything sliding out of the trunk when you open the hatch.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Trunk is big enough for my 12″ sundown subs and Zapco 700W amp.

Troll likes the cars, the cars that go BOOM!

Oye, I honestly didn’t even know people still did that 😀

There is also a sub-trunk storage space too:

Good shot of lots of extra deep storage! Thanks.

Is that deep well almost as big as the Frunk?

Because the spare wheel is missing? Does it have one?

They probably use the same spare in the Model 3 as they use in the Model S.

Do any Teslas have a spare?

According to AAA, 30 million vehicles in the U.S. don’t have a spare tire for their car.

So no.
Do they at least have some sort of self sealing/run flat tech?

bro1999 expressed yet another “concern”:

“Do any Teslas have a spare?”

I haven’t seen a spare tire in any actual car made in the past, I dunno, 15 years or maybe more. Have you?

The only passenger vehicles I see spare tires on these days are SUVs, pickups, jeeps, and full-sized vans which have them mounted externally on the back of the vehicle. Tesla’s cars are no exception.

But, um, “thanks” for yet another concern troll post from you. How many does that make in just this one discussion thread?

You are going to be hard pressed to find a spare tire in modern EV’s. Tesla? Nope. BMW? nope. Leaf? Bolt? Nope.

I was going to make a remark about that ‘huge’ trunk opening, comparing it to my Ioniq, but well… I have to admit, that extra space is Nice 🙂
Still wondering if it would fit my windsurfing gear as easily as the ioniq does, but it just might (with the exception that with that backseat config no-one would be able to sit behind me)
Well… the more EVs the merrier (hoping infrastructure follows off course), curious to see when the first Belgian customer gets a Model 3

The new trunk pic may have been filmed/shot with a wide angle (see vertical lines in the background) distorting the closer objects/opening to the lens to appear larger.

Are you talking about the picture I posted of the sub-trunk space in the blue car? Yes, that is absolutely a fish-eye camera so that it got a good shot into the sub-trunk.

That picture shouldn’t be used to judge the size of the opening for the trunk itself, it is just to show the sub-trunk space. That picture distorts the top and bottom of the trunk opening.

This car looks great in red!

Are you people blind, calling this a huge opening is just ROFL.

I don’t mind it’s small, but it’s still a small opening.

Gasper, if you put on your TSLA kool-aid glasses, that trunk opening is larger than a TSLA fanatic’s love for Elon!

All that trunk space will never be used in my car. Will stay empty

I laugh at people that complain about space and seating

Too much space it has

Thanks Yoda

Compared to my ELR, Model 3 trunk is huge!

I don’t haul bags of manure in my Caddy and won’t in my next car. That’s what pickup trucks are for.

Right tool for the job.

This has to be a record for most comments about a trunk. Especially for a trunk that pretty much looks exactly the same size as the unveil 3’s from 18 months ago.

That trunk could definitely NOT have fit the 200 pound grill I bought from Lowe’s earlier this summer. That juuuuuuust fit in the hatch of my Bolt.

Now you sound like the guys who own trucks posting about pretty much every car.

“You can’t tow a boat with it, it’s useless”
“It won’t even carry a 4X8 sheet of plywood, it’s junk.”

If 4-door sedans not being able to carry a grill were such a problem, they wouldn’t exist in the market. And yet mysteriously they still do……

Imagine if Bro had paid $20/2 hours for the rental truck they have there…his Bolt would have been without purpose.

No hatch, no deal.

Not huge, just standard for sedans having a deeper-and-short rather than shallower-and-long trunk shape. I find the large size of the trunk lid vs. the opening a bit odd — surely it would have been cheaper losing the struts completely, and having a trunk lid the size of the opening, with simple hinges?

It looks the same to me. OKish for a small sedan. Absolutely no match obviously when compared to a proper hatchback … enough said.