Tesla Model 3 VINs Soar, Largest Batch Registration To Date

Tesla Model 3


Tesla is registering new Model 3 VINs with the NHTSA at a breakneck pace.

Each time we report about Tesla Model 3 VIN registrations the news can only get better, right? Of course, since the number can only go up. The news, however, is how quickly it climbs and how much larger the batches are becoming.

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This latest batch of Model 3 VINs amounts to a total of 7,237, which is the largest single lump of registrations thus far. Now, this pushes the highest registered VIN up over the 50K mark, at 51,699. The automaker just recently registered 5,000 VINs – a previous record – and then added another 3,000 within a matter of days.

As always, we will say again that VIN registrations may correlate with production, but do not tell the whole story. This is especially true with Tesla since the automaker has had a reputation for going out of order and not being very transparent with its VIN numbers.

With that being said, looking at what we know at this point, as well as consulting Bloomberg’s Model 3 tracker – now showing over 30,000 copies manufactured (article linked above) – this all seems pretty logical. While early on, it was next to impossible to know exactly what was happening with numbers related to Model 3 production, systems and estimates have evened out due to growing consistency.

May is still not over, yet the month has seemed pretty solid for Tesla Model 3 production and deliveries, especially when compared to the last few months of estimated data, along with reported VIN registrations during those months.

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2. Tesla Model 3
Range: 310 miles; 136/123 mpg-e. Still maintaining a long waiting list as production ramps up slowly, the new compact Tesla Model 3 sedan is a smaller and cheaper, but no less stylish, alternative, to the fledgling automaker’s popular Model S. This estimate is for a Model 3 with the “optional” (at $9,000) long-range battery, which is as of this writing still the only configuration available. The standard battery, which is expected to become available later in 2018, is estimated to run for 220 miles on a charge. Tesla Model 3 charge port (U.S.) Tesla Model 3 front seats Tesla Model 3 at Atascadero, CA Supercharging station (via Mark F!) Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 The Tesla Model 3 is not hiding anymore! Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs) Tesla Model 3 Inside the Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 rear seats Tesla Model 3 Road Trip arrives in Tallahassee Tesla Model 3 charges in Tallahassee, trunk open.

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Great. Looks like we are about where we should have been in October.

If quality is up as well, there’s hope..! 😂

Um, no. There were never a timeline where Tesla would hit this number in October.

So how long before the TM3 surpasses the Bolt EV in cumulative sales?


Thats amazing, 1 whole year to catch up… Tesla originally predicted to build 500K cars in 2018, that was stated at the GF1 opening… Thats gonna be a long shot…

They are 6 months behind. They didn’t say 500k cars in 2018, they said 500k run rate in 2018. They are now at 175,000 run rate and should be close to 250,000 run rate soon. Then onto 300,000 run rate after that in Q3. We’ll see if they still aim for 500k run rate in 2018.

BS…. Are you a typical Tesla fan with a short memory, I knew right where to go look for this, because I was there… Here is Elon’s Quote from GF1 opening ceremony…

“We are on track to achieve volume Model 3 production and deliveries in late 2017. Of course, in order to meet that timeframe, we will be holding both ourselves and our suppliers accountable to be ready for volume production in advance of that timing. Additionally, given the demand for Model 3, we have decided to advance our 500,000 total unit build plan (combined for Model S, Model X, and Model 3) to 2018, two years earlier than previously planned. Increasing production five fold over the next two years will be challenging and will likely require some additional capital, but this is our goal and we will be working hard to achieve it.”

Dave, stop crying…it will only get worse for you.

“500,000 total unit build plan to 2018, two years earlier than previously planned”
“will be challenging”
“this is our goal”
The problem is that he needed to say it in order to get capital, if he had that capital like Porsche, VW, BMW… he could have set a low target and now everyone would be saying how amazing Musk is by producing more than he promised!

100,000 Tesla S&X and 400,000 Model 3, They will get rather close at just below 300,000 total builds in 2018. 170-200% increase in production in 1 year. I’ll take that rather positive 🙂

I’m seeing a lot of Model 3s in Carlsbad, CA. Yesterday, I saw two Model 3s in a row. A Model 3 used to be a rare sight a couple of months ago, but they are pretty common now.

I came to a stoplight in Long Beach the other day and there was a red one, a blue one and a silver one all lined up on the lanes ahead of me! I’ve never seen that even with very popular selling cars that have been around a long time.

Newsworthy is the reaction of the media to Musk’s, well considered, completely justified attack, on said media, with predictable responses from journalists. They haven’t a clue and are just a bunch of talking heads who are miffed saying Musk is like Trump. Hardly, what an inane and completely unfair comparison, as is the argument that the media made Tesla. Which media pray tell? Certainly not FOX, or CNBC, or any other of the major outlets. Sure they have done stories on Tesla, the preponderance of which have been negative and without counterpoint. They are worthless, continually pandering to Tesla shorts, and nay-sayers, who have been proven continually wrong, over and over again. Yet they continue to bring up the same arguments. More accurate would be that more Tesla will succeed despite the legacy media, who are no friend of Tesla. Modern media: You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, Insideevs are quite different, since they are mostly a big help to Tesla. They take umbrage at the fact that their ownership by Big Oil, or Big Auto, (they spend a lot of money there,) could have influence on their reportage or points of view. Of course that would never happen. The legacy media… Read more »

I think the ramp up of VINs is tied to the scheduled production stoppage on the general assembly line at the Fremont, California, plant scheduled for May 26(Saturday)-31(Thursday). Trying to squeeze as much production out before the stoppage to allow for even higher production.


I try to keep count of the Tesla M3’s I see in my daily commute in Silicon Valley. I am up to 3 per direction (home/work). Yesterday I saw around 10 in total, but I was driving a lot.

Is their a cost with VIN registration? Why not just reserve 1 batch with 1/2 million to account for backlog and be done w it for a while.

If they knew in advance what the customer configuration were for each car they would order bigger batches…maybe.