Tesla Model 3 Viewing Party Set For June 2

Tesla Model 3


For a select group of top referrers, the Tesla Model 3 will be unveiled for viewing on June 2.

And it’s precisely the same date that we originally predicted for the Model 3 revealing.

Some two months back we wrote:

Based on the fact that the new Project Loveday commercial competition is set to run until May 8, with the winner being chosen after May 22, we may have a guess as to what the assumed grand prize will be.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla website states:

“Grand Prize Winner (1): The Entrant with the top winning Submission will be invited to and introduced at a future Tesla product launch event.”

“On or about May 29, 2017, the Grand Prize Winner will be sent an email notification with instructions on how to claim the prize. The prize must be claimed by June 2, 2017.”

What might Tesla be planning for June 2nd (or thereabouts), and why might the winner have to act so fast?

Likely Model 3, Part 3 right? One would assume that that’s the only substantial launch event that Tesla would be planning for the immediate future. There wouldn’t be a better event to invite and introduce the winner to, and the event would present the perfect opportunity for Tesla to “air” the winning commercial, due to the wide level of press coverage, and the huge audience.

It now seems our guess was accurate, as we’ve now learned (via Teslarati) that invitation emails have been sent out to Tesla referral winners. Those emails, titled “Your Exclusive Invitation: VIP Tesla Factory Tour” providedetails for the exclusive event for existing Model S and Model X owners that made 5 or more qualifying referrals between October 16, 2016 and January 15, 2017.”

The body of the email has additional information. Here it is:

Tesla Invite Model 3 Viewing

It’s assumed that Tesla will show off the final production version of the car and not a prototype as it had already done in the past.

The general public will still have to wait until sometime in July for viewing of the Model 3. That’s when Tesla will presumably host a large-scale event to reveal its latest electric car.

Teslarati added this note to its post:

“We’ve provided a copy of the email sent to Teslarati courtesy of the popular Tesla-focused YouTube Channel DÆrik, and founder of TeslaInventory.com.”

Source: Teslarati

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Its good the show the final product few months before launch.

Please post some pics especially with the hatch door open. Also get the final specs about its interior volume including Frunk (if available).

“And it’s precisely the same date that we originally predicted for the Model 3 revealing.”

Congratulations to InsideEVs contributors Steven and Eric Loveday for a dead-accurate prediction! Take a well-deserved bow.

But what does “a select group of top referrers” mean? I’m guessing that “referrer” means people who have promoted Tesla car sales on their own, with in-person testimonials and their own Internet websites and comments.

Interesting that Tesla is, apparently, going to do a semi-private event to do a reveal of the actual production Model 3 as soon as it reasonably can after actual production starts, but is putting off the public “Tesla product launch event” until, if I recall correctly, early July.

I interpret this as yet more evidence that Tesla wants to put off promoting the Model 3 as long as possible, to reduce any negative impact on current sales of the Model S and Model X.

The burning question is this: Will attendees be allowed to take photos? 🙂

“referrers” refers to referrers who have referred customers via this referral program:


“top referrers” refers to referrers referring 5 or more referrals through that referral program.

refering refers to referrers referalling referralees.


As it looks now, we’ll attend on June 3rd. I’m sure that every participant will try to shoot pictures and videos and try to be the first to publish online, if they let us. Anyway we are already super excited (who wouldn’t?), and it will be a long May with everything always only about that event. 😉

Spend some time with the 3 Series and A4 the next couple days so it’s fresh in your mind and you can share direct comparisons in terms of exterior size, interior size, comfort, interior impressions and (if you’re allowed to drive it) noise levels, etc.

Bring tape for measurements