Tesla Model 3 Video Extravaganza – Owner Interview, Shipments, Autopilot

Tesla Model 3


And … the floodgates seem to be open in regards to Tesla Model 3 videos.

As we explained awhile back, it wouldn’t be long until we’d begin seeing a barrage of Tesla Model 3 videos. Then, the production bottleneck took hold, retail customer deliveries were pushed back a few times, and it seemed every time a new video made its way onto the web, it swiftly disappeared. This was likely because these early vehicles weren’t completely updated, meaning that key features may have been missing or only working in a limited or beta capacity, so NDAs have apparently been out in place by the company for early closed employee sales. As these cars were going to employees, Tesla can get early feedback, and deal with any issues before too many Model 3s were on the road.

Tesla Model 3

Car hauler transporting eight Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Now we just need about 600 of these!

Now, enough videos are going public at once that perhaps they’ll stick around a bit longer, or at the very least the cars are somehow finding their way to anonymous 3rd parties – who aren’t affected by previous agreements.

UPDATE (November 13th):  And nope … another video bites the dust.  Check out some other review videos that have survived Tesla’s apparently long reach while we try to run down another copy of the pulled video.

The first retail customer deliveries may still yet be a delayed for some time, but now that there are more reviews out there, Model 3 Owners Club got a hold of a Tesla Model 3 to drive and show off, and it seems that most key features are in place now, so we’ll probably be seeing many of these videos more regularly.

The first video (above) is a brief interview with an owner that’s had his Model 3 for about a month. He’s quite happy with the car, its size, acceleration, and features. However, he does mention that he had to take it in for minor issues and the locking system appears to be a bit buggy.

Have a look at a few more videos below. The first shows about two minutes of footage of the Model 3 on the freeway with Autopilot engaged. The next is footage from a security camera, which catches a car hauler transporting a truckload of Model 3s. Too bad it’s not a Tesla Semi hauling them. There are eight cars in total and the YouTuber is able to walk up and get a closer look when the truck parks. Finally, the last video is a quick shot of the first Tesla Model 3 delivery in Portland, Oregon.

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Floodgates are open in the trunk of the 3 too!

FYI, the owner that let Doug Demuro review their 3 got FIRED. #NDAHell


Is there any actual proof for this?

They offer no proof and call it a rumor, but I would not be surprised. It would be child’s play for Tesla to identify the owner, knowing where their cars are at all times, and what they are doing.
Also the small number of actual vehicles otr.
In addition Tesla has not really been shown to pull any punches when it comes to such things as retribution for violation of agreements.
But still it’s just a rumor.

Well, consider the source. Almost nothing he posts about Tesla or its cars is true.

Not that it would bother me if it was. The violations of Tesla’s NDA seem to be growing more frequent, so perhaps the company should make an example out of someone. That is, if they’re actually serious about the gag order. I do wonder if all this tempest-in-a-teapot with repeatedly posting videos and taking them down is just a media campaign by Tesla to get everyone to pay attention to the Model 3.

That was a pretty good video. Those guys know of which they speak. For Tesla the Model 3 is like a game released with a lot of bugs.
It’s being beta tested atm.

Oil for too long has been wrecking our environment, leading us to war and controlling our politicians.

Can’t do without oil.

How else ya gonna have sex?

Try foreplay.

Almost the first words in the video are “There’s a rumour”.

@bro1999 said: “FYI, the owner that let Doug Demuro review their 3 got FIRED…”

@bro1999, … lol …

The unbiased Doug Demuro Model 3 review is favorable to Model 3 … certainly that must pain you greatly. Tesla very likely green-lighted the Demuro review knowing that Demuro has a huge audience following.

Here’s Why the Tesla Model 3 Is the Coolest Car of 2017 – Review by Doug Demuro:


Hey Bro you have to be getting pretty nervous that when a car that hasn’t been released to the public and is under an NDA because they are still working out all the bugs is being praised and called the “coolest car of 2017” by someone who also drove the bolt.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

You sign a “Contract” and violate it then you get what you get and you don’t throw a FIT!

What’s wrong with that?

There is a privacy concern. How could Tesla know who’s car it was. Based on video that does not show any of the cars identification such as the VIN.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Hmmmm……I could swear I hit Reply to bro……lol

The highest number I’ve heard is that 440 Model 3 have been built to date has anyone heard of a higher number.

The 440 number (making the rounds) was based on an educated guess (see original story).

VIN number in second vid is 1088.

>How could Tesla know who’s car it was?

They probably figured it out by location with the onboard GPS.

The owner of the Model 3 in the above article may be feeling a bit nervous now.

I thought they had done a sufficient job masking the owner of the car. Even had Doug’s name displayed instead of the rear owner’s name in the center display.

Tesla is acting like the circle

say that again into the camera…

And that’s how they found him.

username changes in the car are stored in the cars software. Which of course is backed up in the cloud.

All they had to do was search for m3 user handle “doug demuro” and bingo.

So if you buy a model 3 the company and goverenmemt would know every move you make, seems unconstitutional to me

Well, there is the old saying:
“Don’t Mess with Tesla’s.”

“This video is unavailable”

The Tesla NDA Iron Fist strikes again!

Don’t forget the velvet glove, that’s the whole point.

Hey bro you still mad that no one want to talk about your bolt but they have to put an NDA on the 3? Maybe your just mad that the same person that reviewed your bolt didn’t say anything even close to it being the coolest car of the year and even went so far to call it ugly.

I also bet no one in the history of GM ever signed an NDA. Oh and BTW an NDA for Tesla to take the time to work out any bugs before it releases it to non employees to keep from feeding trolls like you is a lot better than willfully withholding and lying about a defective ignition that killed over 120 people and were fined over 900 million.

How many people has Tesla NDA killed again?

Seems the floodgates closed again.

“video offline”

Don’t really know why Tesla so concerned to block all this information, we are getting it anyway, and so far it seems very positive. Car drives, looks and seems everything we expected. Software not quite there yet.

So far none have blown up, none killed anyone, all seems good, yet Tesla working hard to block any information. Seems kind of dumb to me.

It does seem to be ironic since they rely on word-of-mouth, youtube sycophants and Elon tweets.

Yup, dumb move on Tesla’s part.
There has been many glowing, positive Tesla Model 3 videos taken down.

Know what’s dumber than that?
Allowing the Bernstein stock analyst Toni access to the car and spreading false news about “widespread shortcomings in fit and finish”.

Sure, the media blackout is actually reasonable given that these are (despite Tesla denials) Beta candidates (high tech talk for production pilot or pre-HVM). Beta units are for early access customers and are typically provided under NDA.

So Tesla has all the NDA and media take-down mafia in place and in one fell swoop screwed up by allowing a non-automotive idiot to tank the stock and the Model 3. Any positive press that could dampen that impression was suppressed by Tesla themselves.

They need to fire their Marketing Director (or Elon needs to know when to step back).

“…screwed up by allowing a non-automotive idiot to tank the stock…”

Exaggerate much?

There was a temporary ~10% drop in the price of this highly volatile stock following the bad news in the last quarterly report, but the stock price has already recovered about half of that. I don’t think the “analyst” report you refer to had much impact, and what little it had appears to be quite fleeting.

I don’t know what the word “tanked” means to you, but to me it indicates a pretty significant drop, and that hasn’t happened to TSLA lately.

Wow tunnel vision much, PP?
Totally missed the point or are you just trolling?. The % drop is not in debate here.

Informational/logical content of your post = null

If you have an actual argument, then make it.

They probably can’t selectively enforce the NDA. If they want negative reviews taken down then they need to do the same with positive ones. So it’s a pick your poison situation and they’ve apparently decided to err on restricting reviews.

The only thing that really bothers me about the situation is that the Model 3 is falsely presented as being in production. If you view the situation as being preproduction testing then the way Tesla is acting makes complete sense. They haven’t really gone into complete production and consumer sales yet, so they shouldn’t claim they are.

Real Tesla Model 3’s are being driven by real drivers who paid real money for those cars. All the negative spin and FUD in the world isn’t going to change that fact.

It’s amazing how often EV haters try to spin EV sales as if they “don’t count” for one reason or another. It’s gotten pretty tiresome over the years.

Pretty good look at the Bolt vs. Model 3:

That truckload of Model 3s was a whole day’s production.