Tesla Model 3 Video Round Up


Tesla Model 3 Wallpaper

Tesla Model 3 Wallpaper

There are a myriad of videos popping up out there about the Model 3. Many first drives and some great details and questions answered. This is just the tip of the iceberg here. More to come!

Below you’ll find a brief video description below each embedded video.

Everything about the Tesla Model 3 from Inside Lane.

One of the very first test drives, with AutoblogGreen editor Sebastian Blanco in the rear seat.

A brief test drive of the Tesla Model 3, showcasing the interior of the vehicle.

Green Car Reports first ride in the Model 3, following the reveal.

Slash Drive experiences a ride in the dual-motor, AWD Model 3. The base model advertised for $35,000 will be a single-motor RWD.

Tesla Model 3 features panorama glass.

Model 3 first drive from the passenger seat perspective.

Fast Lane’s recap of the Model 3 unveiling with vehicle details.

Periscope gets a drive in the Model 3. Many great questions answered.

Tesla Model 3 races around a track.

Consumer Reports on the Tesla Model 3.

Video Description per Autogefühl :

Join us for the first exterior shots and the extensive premiere/reveal information of the all-new Tesla Model S.

Most important facts:
– mid-size sedan
– 5 seats
– acceleration 0-60 mph / 0-100 km/h less than 6.0 secs
– faster versions come later
– electric AWD
– over 215 miles / over 350 km range
– higher range possible later
– front and rear trunk
– autopilot as standard feature!
– price approx. 35.000 USD
– deliveries will begin in late 2017

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Its not that big! I wonder if its final or because its a prototype? Because of AWD?

It would be interesting to know how big it actually is. Its hard to make out just from the videos.
It seems to have some decent interior space, which is probably the most important thing…

Anyone got a silhouette comparison between X, S, and 3?

Request seconded. Maybe I can put something together tonight, with an average male silhouette for reference (Nat Geo style)

Chevy has a LOT of work to do on the 2nd gen Bolt if they are to have any hope of competing with this car!

Tesla probably lost a bunch of dog owners with that trunk they displayed yesterday, though. That was almost in ridiculous Cadillac ELR territory. Unless they fix that, the ‘practical’ crowd is probably going to sit this out.

Any picture of that?
I haven’t seen any open trunk picture.

Yes, there is a video. I hit the reserve button as soon as the hatchback shape came up behind Elon…so bummed out after I figured out how the trunk opens. I have a 100 lb dog. I hope they find some way to make it as practical as the S.

Check out at 3:24

The trunk is just plain stupid.

So is your comment! If you have a criticism explain what it is and why – otherwise your comment is as pointless as it is irritating.

Personally, I could not disagree more. The design (as it is) firmly puts the emphasis where it should be with this vehicle; with passenger comfort. If you want more versatility, you will probably have to wait for an estate or SUV version of the 3. Or just rent or borrow a pickup!

I see, so this is like a BMW 3-Series 4-door Sedan Trunk:


The advantage is that you don’t have the wind coming in the cabin each time you open the trunk but indeed the dog will not be happy.
Note that there is also the BMW 3-Series gran turismo 5-door that has a hatch trunk:


Perhaps Tesla will make two versions of the Model 3 as well, the other one having a hatch.

I’ve got a 100 pound lab an he will fit in there. He won’t get to stand up though. He’ll just have to deal with it. And if you have 2 or less rear seat passengers you can put the seat down so he can poke his nose in the rear seat area.

This is what a sedan is supposed to be. There is Model Y for coming for you!

Not a dog owner but I have to agree, that trunk id’s almost useless to me. I need a hatchback. “Seven fit long surfboards” a meaningless to me, but a bunch of medium sized boxes, now that’s my concern.

Another Steven here,
I like the trunk. This keeps the cabin usually clean from debris flocked in the back also much better at keeping cabin noise down.

Hope there will be a towing option small / medium trailers.

But why does is NOT have a big trunk door like the Model S??? :-(( but just a small hood…

I suspect that to keep body flex to a minimum and prevent that single HUGE piece of glass from breaking under normal operational stresses– they have another brace right behind the rear seats at the bottom of the window. This cuts right across where a longer hatchback would open, limiting the size of the trunk opening as a result.

Kind of unfortunate. I like large hatchback doors, as found in the Model S. I do tend to haul rather large / tall things, fairly often. 🙁

The Bolt wins in rear cargo door/ access size…

When is the M3 Crossover going to be announced???

Jalopnik’s take on the Model 3 trunk:

I agree, though others may not.

I wonder if they have seen it in person. If it is the size of an A4 then my stroller would fit.

I used to own wagons for a long time but recently I am liking sedans more because its quieter and I can hide things there.

All your bases now belong to Musk!

Lol. Classic.

Tsk. You mean “All your base are all belong to Musk.” Or maybe that should be “All your dollars…” 😉


Where is the charging port?

If they’re in keeping with their previous two vehicles, it will be a flap on the driver’s side of the rear tail light.

Funny. I have a dog and she enters the rear side door of my model s. She’ll be fine in the model 3. She is 55 pounds. Larger dogs prefer the headroom of the back seat and smaller dogs probably sit in the front seat

I did not know dogs bought cars! Oh, wait…if they can paw the touch screen directions…the autopilot can take them to PetSmart!

I also don’t remember Elon suggesting he would make a box car! (Like my 2010 Kia Soul…not the most efficient shape…only slightly better than my 2008 Dodge Dakota was!)

Interior looks horrible, but perhaps prototype. The trunk from the Bolt ist also better.

I love it And all that head room! I may even be able to drive in the hot Australian sun with my Akubra on so I don’t get sunburned. It’s going to be a mongrel finding reflective blinds to cover the windows while it’s parked in a hot, open car park at the beach or a shopping centre.

Have I read correctly somewhere that there’s going to be a hatchback version?
This post may read a bit narky but I’m genuinely in love with this car and I’m getting one when they come to Australia. (I’m just not convinced the glass roof is a good idea for hot and sunny climates.

In the video Dan posted (where they show the trunk), you can hear a Tesla person explain something about it, but I cannot understand it because of the bad sound. Can somebody follow what he’s saying. I only pick up the words “prototype” and “in the future”.

It sounded like he said “there is some prototype hardware back here. It will be a bit bigger in production.”

Based on the comments here that would be a good decision.

Between the descriptions:

Tesla Model 3 features panorama glass.
Model 3 first drive from the passenger seat perspective actual vid).

at the end of the vid, you are presented with YouTube “More” and center (presently, 160403 0300 CST) is BjØrn’s vid RE the model 3 reveal. Typical long interview style, a Don’t Miss if you are remotely already a fan of Tesla and have questions.

Great collection, Thanks Steven!

They have my $1k and will keep it till I get the car. Love the design overall except:
1. Trunk. Would much prefer the hatchback style.
2. Dash. Sorry, I really don’t like that single 15″ display. I need some feedback on the driving. PLEASE PLEASE put something in front of the driver like in Model S. It looks very plain and less functional to me.

So glad it is coming and so appreciative of Elon’s vision towards saving our plant.

Thank you Tesla!