Tesla Model 3 Versus Snow Drift On Two-Lane Highway: Video


Not a drag race this time.

Here we feature a different type of versus.

It’s the Tesla Model 3 versus a…snow drift on an otherwise pretty clear two-lane highway.

This is one of the scariest of driving situations. If you’ve never encountered this, then consider yourself lucky.

The scare comes from the fact that you’re traveling at speed on a relatively clear road. Then, out of nowhere, this big snow drift appears. You’re mostly relying on the car’s systems and tires to keep you going straight in such a situation. However, it’s obvious in the video that some driver input and correction was required.

Winter driving is never fun, but this is the most unexpected and startling of scenarios. Luckily, the car pulls through and everyone remains safe.

Click play in the video above to take a look.

Video description:

I was out filming a video (on a different topic) when I unexpectedly hit a giant snow drift on a two-lane highway. The Tesla Model 3 RWD handled it like a champ.

Intro 0:01 and footage 0:59.

I was not using Autopilot at the time.

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7 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 Versus Snow Drift On Two-Lane Highway: Video"

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Why do we need so many videos about Model 3 on ice and snow? Is that because we are doubting its capabilities? I mean it is no different than any other AWD/RWD vehicles on those kind of conditions.

Geez, it is actually showing that too many people are worrying about something that shouldn’t be worried.

More importantly, why does a 2 minute video require the first minute to be the person talking and talking and talking about the next 15 seconds of the video? And then we get the 40 second “wrap up”.

After it snows, you’d be amazed how many people ask me how my Tesla handles the winter. Inquiring minds I guess. It’s not like it isn’t using wheels just like every other car, but I guess they think it’s alien technology.

All this ice and packed snow is nothing, try driving through 10 inch deep snow and see what happens, will be stuck like any other car!

If you do not lift BEFORE you meet the snow drift you deserve whatever happens.
Greetings from 🇦🇹.

Going through a large snow drift is basically dependent on whether the snow is fresh dry or wet – and the weight and momentum of the car going through it. I’ve ‘busted’ many drifts with my old Dodge Intrepid, which would be about the same as an ME and much lighter than an MS. After going through one must gather momentum for the next big drift. If it’s tough conditions and 2wd I’ll take fwd, thank you!

It looks like the vehicle wound up following the tracks of other (previous) vehicles that also started to veer right after hitting the area of drifting snow. I’m not sure this single experience (test) reveals anything regarding the ability of the car to behave “very predictably”.