Tesla Model 3 Versus Chevrolet Bolt – Comparison Video


Model 3 Graphic

Model 3 Graphic

Though the Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3 are very different cars, both are purely electric, offer 200-plus miles of range and have a price tag of $35,000 and up. Therefore, these two cars will be cross-shopped, so why not do a little comparative video featuring these two electrics that will soon hit the market?

Video description:

“I thought it wasn’t fair to leave out Chevy Bolt when talking about the possible electric car revolution. In this video, I’ll broadly talk about the Chevy Bolt vs the Tesla Model 3 and what it could mean.”

The timing of the launch of each of the vehicles is important though. With the Bolt arriving much sooner than the Model 3, it could get an early jump on the market. We’ll find out in late 2016.

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As I have always said. People will be far more willing to pay these prices for a car that is perceived as a luxury vehicle versus the car that is perceived as an econobox, not matter what the reality of the two vehicles are. The Model 3 will vastly outsell the Bolt. This rivalry reminds of the Gen 1 Leaf vs the Gen 1 Volt. Although, it won’t be nearly as close in sales.

I Totally agree, premium brand and premium car. Don’t blame people for listening to 100s of Billions of dollars of advertising for 30+ years, that “Premium” brand cars are simply worth more. Just because its an EV, changes nothing. Tell someone you bought a small $40K Chevy car and they will look at you like you have 3 Heads. Tell them you bought a small $40K Cadillac, they will ask you how you like the Car? This is my biggest concern for the CHEVY Bolt, it will be Chevy’s 4th (pushing Volt to 5th) highest MSRP vehicle behind Camaro SS, Corvette, Tahoe and Suburban. I don’t think these Top dollar Chevy customers will be cross shopping the Chevy Bolt. In US, the fact that it is a Htachback, which makes it like other $15 to $20K Hatchbacks (in the minds of 99.5% of car market who buy Gas cars), makes the prospect in US even scarrier (if you want people to actually drive EVs). I own a Chevy Volt and Tesla S85, so I am not hating on Chevy. However in Europe where Opel is a more premium brand and Hatchbacks are all the rage (40% to 60% of market,… Read more »

my bad can’t count above

…it will be Chevy’s 5th (pushing Volt to 6th) Highest MSRP…

Both Bolt and Volt have incentives to reduce the price thousands of dollars. If not ten thousand. Where does that leave them in the lineup?

After 200,000 cars, same place as Today. Is GM pricing for a year or 2 of incentives or building and pricing the Bolt for a decades or 2?

Some companies are saying their EV products will be price and feature competitive with similar gas cars even with NO Incentives. I hope GM believes the same.

After GM builds 200,000 electric cars and then enjoys almost 6 additional months of unlimited electric car credits, I think the MSRP of the Volt and Bolt will be a lot lower than they are at today.
It wouldn’t be at all surprising if the real price (MSRP less dealer and GM discounts) doesn’t drop right along with the credit, first by $3750 and then by $1750, as the credit is phased out.

Sigh. So many people don’t understand how the incentives are phased out, and so repeat this lie.

The FULL CREDIT applies to an UNLIMITED NUMBER of vehicles for the quarter in which the 200,000th car is sold, and the following quarter. Then it’s half the credit for six months, and then a quarter of the credit for another six.

Hence if Chevy plays its cards sensibly, the credit is still in play for 18 months after car no 200 000 has been sold.

We may be in 2020 by the time the credit disappears completely. Of course lots of things may happen to the MSRP in the mean time.

And how long? GM has sold the most plug-ins so far and they will probably be even the first ones to loose it.

Unless they lobbied for new incentives. The current ones were already made with the Volt at least in mind.

“You’re going to lose your dog if you don’t fix his loose collar.”

Sorry for the rant, but lose/loose errors drive me crazy and I figured I might as well throw in the your/you’re just because I could.

I almost worked to/too in as well, but I can’t make it sing…

Never tell an illiterate his grammar sucks. You might get your arse kicked…

We are going nowhere with incentives when the car is $15k overpriced in the first place.
it’s like handing our tax money directly to GM.

If you look at someone driving a $40K Chevy (e.g. the Volt?) like they have three heads, I have to wonder what you think of someone who paid over $100K for a Chevy (Corvette), or a Nissan (GTR), or a Dodge (Viper).

I think you’re overestimating the importance of a badge.

“overestimating the importance of a badge.” is my Point, not for people who ignore a badge but for the other 99% who have been brainwashed to believe in the importance of a Badge.

I bought an NEW MRSP $42K 2012 Chevy Volt in Aug 2013 when it was on sale for $29,900 delivered to my house off the Internet. After Fed & State rebates it cost me $19,350. IMO, the Chevy Volt I bought was worth the price I paid. People did think I was crazy, until I gave them my bottom line figure Before Gas savings, then they were impressed.

However the majority of the buying public (based on Chevy’s expected sales projections) did not seem interested in buying a Chevy Volt at full $42K MSRP, even With Incentives. This my fear for the Chevy Bolt. IMO it just doesn’t “feel like” its price right, however the Market is always right and its sales numbers will prove who is right.

Opel is not premium brand. It is econobox brand.

I agree. That’s why I’m very concerned about that torque tube rear suspension I style fully independent suspension on the bolt. A bad ride and bad reviews can kill this car.

That is not necessarily true. People pay big bucks for Corvettes and Suburbans. It is the product that sets the price. People pay more for luxury cars because they are built to higher standards and cost more to build. Simply putting a luxury badge on an inferior product might work in the short term, but longterm it is a recipe for failure.

I always see the Bolt vs. Model III comparison. Yet, I honestly feel like the 2nd Gen Volt is really more of a competitor to the Model III.

GM can’t compete against itself (or can it?). I think closest competitor to Bolt is BMW i3 Rex as they are closest in range. Of course, Bolt costs roughly that of other 100 miles range EV, so one could say Bolt is also competing against all current crop of $35K EV like Leaf SV/SL, SoulEV, and eGolf SEL. However, I doubt those who buy iMiev will be swayed much, maybe even many SparkEV buyers.

This is in contrast to Model 3 which is competing against all cars, gas or EV.

To me, comparing a gas mobile to a pure electric is irrelevant. I don’t care how many miles you can drive it on electricity only. The fact that it will eventually use gasoline disqualify it.

We have a planet to save remember?

“To me, comparing a gas mobile to a pure electric is irrelevant. I don’t care how many miles you can drive it on electricity only. The fact that it will eventually use gasoline disqualify it.

We have a planet to save remember?”

I guess that would disqualify you as a so called BEV purist since you drive a 100% gas car Prius…

Seriously though, this attitude that only 100% BEV is good for the planet is getting really tiring…

Do you really think your electric outlet is powered by pink unicorn dust? If you get a screwdriver and open it, there is secret wire going into it, hidden in a wall by some conspiracy cartel. Follow the wire, and eventually you will find some power plant(s) powered by fracking or coal. I would take gasoline over coal.

I buy wind power. It costs the same as coal.

Invalid argument.

You haven’t seen what fracking does to people.

If you have, and still support fracking, then you are heartless.

You don’t have to worry too much about coal. Many coal companies are going bankrupt lately due to soft demand world-wide (“green” europe has been their only savior lately, what with Germany and others trying to downsize away from Nuclear), but due to EPA regulations companies are also abandoning coal as fast as they can.


..so unscrewed that outlet and followed the wire. It led up to the PV array on my roof.

The reality is here in California where we have 10 times the BEVs of any other state we have Solar producing 10 times as much electricity as in state coal.

Arch Coal, Patriot Coal, James River Coal, Bumi, Evergreen Energy, Enercoal, Cline Mining, US Coal. You can now add Peabody to the growing list of billion dollar coal bankruptcies.

The i3 Rexs 600cc engine and 2 gallon gas tank. Make it irrelevant for a long range drive. Its basically a $45,000 Nissan Leaf.

+1 the i3 we looked at was over $50K. we got a volt instead.

@David Murray,
I agree with that especially considering with the Volt the ICE extender is the supercharger (for extended range driving) while the Bolt has no supercharger network to plug into (unlike the Telsa Model 3 or any other Telsa model).

Sorry Dave, that Volt vs. Model 3 comment is weak. You need to speed some more time driving a 200+ mile EV. There are just too many factors in favor of this type of car. The volt might be ok for those folks in remote locations, but it just doesn’t make sense compared to a good EV.

The Volt “might be OK” for those “in remote locations”? That’s nearly the opposite of the truth. Why would you need to live in a “remote location” to use a 50 mile AER?

Gas, gas, gas – you have gas backup with no dropoff in performance. That’s a geniune concern far from charging networks (away from major routes and population centers).

poison, poison, poison…

“I breathe when I sleep” is not the same statement as “I sleep when I breathe.”

It is one thing to say that the Volt may be the only EV that can work for someone in a remote location. It is quite another to say that only those in remote locations would benefit from owning a Volt.

Well a remote location is unlikely have access to a supercharger or any DC fast-charger so the gas may be needed for long drives.

I’m someone that has spent time with both the Volt and also a 200+ mile EV (currently own Tesla Model S). They are both great cars. Based on my experience with those two cars I’d say David Murray is correct because without access to a supercharger network the Bolt’s utility is realistically limited to a bang-around-town car.

Example: You could with both Volt & Models 3 easily go from Miami FL to Disney World Orlando FL for the weekend with your family but without access to a supercharger network for the Bolt you would not attempt to do that trip with the Bolt. Keep in mind the primary task of a car is to be able transport you from point A to point B and everying after that is secondary including if the car is hybrid vs full EV.

Based on my experience, if I had to choose between a Volt or Bolt as my primary car that would be a very easy decision: Volt.

I don’t know that I would call a 150mile round trip “banging around town.”

There are many destinations you can reach within a 100-mile radius. Ultimately, I think ~400 mile AER is the real target, but 200 is enough to get out of the “city car” demographic.

There are plenty of CCS and Chademo chargers in Central Florida. Obviously Bolt is not on the road yet, so nobody puts these chargers in the middle of nowhere on longer highway routes where nobody needs them. They will appear shortly after enough Bolts will be sold. It will be not perfect the same way as Tesla proprietary network is far from perfect and you will always be able to find some routes that you can’t do without renting another car. Still it will be good enough for many people.

The Super charger network seems pretty good.

What would you improve?

I’m more interested in what the battery pack options will be for the M3.

Anyone know?

No one knows yet. The prices of lithium have shot up (doubled?) since M3 was shown to the public. The reality of needing raw materials for a huge number of BEVs has hit the Wall Street Speculation Gang.

The fallout from the “Lithimum Wars” will likely effect prices and pack sizes.

Fortunate that lithium is not a significant percentage of the cost of lithium ion batteries then.

Fun to look at, but we can’t compare the Bolt and Model 3 yet. We need to see the production version of the $36,200 Model 3. We don’t have final specs for the Bolt, either.

In the video, why does he say we have no specs on the Bolt EV when there’s tons of info on Chevy’s site.

Also, why does he use state tax credits for the Tesla, but not for the Bolt EV. They will both get the same tax credits.

For me, Bolt is better, because it will be available this year. With all the pre-orders, Model 3 will be at least two years after that.

Chevy sales and service is just 5 minutes from my house, but Tesla’s nearest service center is three hours away.

For me, those negatives outweigh the positives of the Tesla.

Ah, hilarious.



Perfectly describing people like RexxSee who only sees Tesla as solution for all.

Don’t you want to save the planet? Then what is wrong with someone liking the Bolt?

Any BEV is better than non BEV. So get over you stupid Tesla fan boy loving attitude.

So I see you call me stupid at each of your answer… You bash me more than you comment in general…You really are like a pitbull on his bone with me aren’t you? So much for an “open minded” commenter lol!

It’s not against the Bolt that I have some recriminations, it’s GM who killed, than delayed the electric car a lot, and now they only comply with laws and respond to Tesla with the Bolt.
They could easily make it by the millions and sell them 20K$

Name another OEM really committed to making really good affordable EVs and I will praise it as much as I do for Tesla.

“It’s not against the Bolt that I have some recriminations, it’s GM who killed, than delayed the electric car a lot, and now they only comply with laws and respond to Tesla with the Bolt.
They could easily make it by the millions and sell them 20K$

Name another OEM really committed to making really good affordable EVs and I will praise it as much as I do for Tesla.”

If you truly think that saving the planet is what matters, then why does it matter who makes the EV? Your complain about what GM doesn’t has no bearing on how Bolt would help us save the planet.

Even if the Bolt is designed to be compliance reason, each compliance car driven is another ICE car removed.

Why I keep chewing on your bone? LOL. Because you are annoying with your constant bashing of alternatives to Tesla and your conspiracy theory.

Ugh. So many people seen both Bolt and Model 3.

Nobody have rough size comparisons?

Nobody have interior space comparisons?

Did Tesla actually avoided journalists with Bolt experience???


Car/EV community is strange.

Chip community would poke even the images of the chip apart, analyze the sh** out of it, and only stop short of X-raying the images 😉

Have not seen even pictures comparison, between Model 3 and Bolt 🙁

Hardly can believe that nobody thought to make pictures from profile, from same distance…

The Bolt will likely be available for YEARS before a $35K Model 3 is in production. YEARS!

This is a comparison between a real product and vaporware. The only thing we can say with a high likelihood is that the Bolt will be far more reliable than the Model 3.

Yeah, and how many years before the Bolt makes it out of the CARB states? Chevy was saying 20k-30k cars a year. I live in the southern US. I’m half expecting the Tesla Model 3 to be available before the Bolt is offered for sale here.

Agreed – unless GM radically increases their planned production capacity, the backlog of Bolt demand could very easily delay deliveries to a majority of potential Bolt customers such that they won’t see their Bolts any earlier that I will see my Model 3.

Considering that nobody outside either company has seen anything other than test mules and prototypes, they are both “vaporware” until deliveries to customers begin.

Another good example how bad the name Bolt is, even someone interested in EVs mistakes it with the Volt.

Now imagine how your average buyer, who doesn’t even get Bolt advertising, because he isn’t in the focus group, should ever be interested in the Bolt…

All those Model 3 vs Bolt comparisons are the best advertising the Bolt has, even though it looses most of the time.

Should make a habit of saving Bolt EV.

Yeah, though sort of like saying T-Rex dinosaur.

Which studies have show was actually the most accident prone of all the dinosaurs.

So, then why not say I drive a Volt EV? It’s just as valid.

NO. The Vold is a F*** hybrid!


Plugin Hybrid.

Ignoring part of the phrase is like calling you an “asset” by ignoring the “et” part…

rofl, MMF

ayep, ignore button

I think the video was simplistic, bias and completely ignores five years of EV sales. The video indicated the the cost of the Model 3 could as low $22,000 in some states due to incentives but gave no supporting values and gave no indication that those incentives were also available for the Bolt. The video also completely ignored the sale of over 400,000 electric vehicles since 2010 and indicated that the Bolt and the model three were the first electric vehicle since the EV1 that were commercially available.

True. What about Nissan? Maybe they were just focusing on 200 mile range mass market ev’s.

I was never a car Guy, before EVs. Are all of the other Gas Car sites like this, where one “Car” guy says his car is the best and all other “Cars” are crap?

I am just wondering is this how it was and is when it comes to discussions about Cars or is their some Oil and Gas loving, short selling, trolling, vast right wing conspiracy going on?

Can’t we EV believers just all get along?

When established ICE car makers stop making overpriced, lame ranged BEVs to save their profits, from stinkin’ ICEs, and start being seriously committed to mass produce long range BEVs, Yes sure…

You learn in Just One article, Eric W, who to scroll past, as you can be quite sure that they will Never vary.
Once you get the rhythm of completely ignoring any comment from a known list of preachers, the comment section is very friendly and informative. Over time, most of the repeat forever posters tire of being ignored and go away.

scroll, scroll, scroll the site..

BTW I looked at one of the new EVgo dual chargers being installed in Texas, they are rated at 500V, 125A, 60kW input and 50kW output. If EVgo is going with 100+ kW chargers in the near future they are going to have to replace these new charges. The 50kW CCS upgrade makes sense because these upgrades are being paid for by BMW and the I3 is only capable of charging at 50kW.

Funny thing is that EVgo also pulled out the pole with the 110V plug and the security camera. I guess that EVgo decided that pole was an unnecessary maintenance cost.

The original CHAdeMO tower was a sculpted round column designed and painted to match the L2 tower. The new dual charger gives no pretense of art and is just a basic industrial all weather cabinet. Originally I think that EVgo wanted public acceptance of their charging stations and now I think financial reality has set in and EVgo is doing everything they can to avoid bankruptcy, I hope it works.

First they need to see cars that can use these 100 kW. There are no such cars on the road. Bolt may or may not be able to use 100 kW in practice. If you look at charging power graph for Tesla S 60 that has similar size battery, 100 kW is little use for it, 60 kW or 70 kW would be more than enough. Tesla Chademo adapter is limited to 50 kW. Only Kia Soul EV can go to something like 70 kW for most of the charging time, but there are very few Soul EVs in the US.

Compare either the Bolt or Model 3 to the Toyota Mirai….then laugh profusely at Toyota. #foolcells

Why does it have to be a contest between the Chevy Bolt and the M3?

Why not BOTH!??

That’s what I plan to do: a Bolt for my commute and all of the local errands (since it has a more accessible “trunk”), and a M3 for the wife’s commute, and the occasional long distance holiday trip.

Agreed. I plan on getting one of each, and support any and all EVs on the road today.

The auto manufacturers have a history of keeping car prices high while the government incentives are available but dropping the prices dramatically when the incentives run out. The Ford Fusion hybrid sold for about $40,000 originally but the price dropped to about $32,000 once the incentives ran out. I fully expect the price of the Bolt to drop to around $30,000 once the current incentives run out.

Will Tesla be able to drop the price of the Model 3 once the incentives run out?

Tesla does NOT want to drop the price, just like BMW does NOT want to drop the price of a 3 Series Sedan below $35K.

Could BMW drop the price of a 3 Series Sedan below $35K, Yes? Is it OK for BMW to charge $35K+ for a 3 Series, I don’t know? I believe Tesla will drop the price the day after BMW does with its 3 series, based on true capitalistic need to match its competitors. Maybe Tesla will want to under cut its competitors and do it first. These are standard business practices, not Government temporary Incentive practices.

Since all the other Premium brands were here first and charged the higher prices the longest, lets make them cut prices first. When we work our way down the list to Tesla, they will have to cut prices like everybody else did before them. Or we can let true competition and capitalism do what it does best, produce the best product at the best possible price.

hmmm…it would be nice if that was actually how markets function in practice…

Cartels are the new capitalism, and it is very bad.

Tesla is still ramping up production to meet Model S & Model X demand. If you’re not one of the ~400,000 people who already put $1K down on a Model 3 you’re probably looking at late 2020 to take delivery.
I’m guessing a few Chevy dealerships will get creative and offer to lease you a Volt or Bolt until you take delivery of your Model 3.

I think you are overly optimistic for a good half of the people who ponied up 1K for their reservation. It will take them a while, unless they make a huge leap in manufacturing and quality control very soon.

Not at all – if the first deliveries do in fact take place by the end of 2017, then it will easily take until mid-2020 to actually deliver 400k Model 3s.

If deliveries don’t start until Q3 of 2018, which was my prediction (and other regulars on this site for the last two years), then they might not fill 400k reservations by the end of 2020.

I’m sure that the dealerships that actually agree to sell the Volt and Bolt will attempt to use the Model 3 delay to their benefit, hoping to gain converts to the brand, and probably also hoping that they won’t have a lot full of used cars after the leases are up.

I think the EV-1 looks better than the Bolt.
Of course the Model III wins hands down against the Bolt in almost category, but I am with Elon bring it on. The more the merrier.

The names being confused has been a reoccurring theme with the Bolt/Volt.
Sort of just a misstep with naming.

If I were rate them head to head on a scale of 50-100 I would give the Model III a 95 and the Bolt an 82. Of course for individuals those numbers may vary depending on emphasis. (both get auto 50 pts for being bev’s).

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

I don’t think the Bolt and M3 compete in any way shape or form. I’ll be leasing the ZBolt and I have $1000 down on a Tesla. Being a run around the city hatchback makes the Bolt ideal for my wife, and I’m getting the Tesla.

If and when the Bolt gets reasonable fast charging (> 100kW), I’ll be buying one, not leasing it.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

PS I don’t know what you all did to this web site, but its been ugly ever since. Its slow, it keeps on saying “shockwave crashed”, and it keeps wanting me to enter my name and email.

Since I use three different types of computers (Windows, Chromebook and Mac), and it is the same on all, I am going to assume its not me.

It might be a bit of both, on your end and their end. So I know they have been getting a lot hacking stuff, and spam etc…

So perhaps that has something to do with it.

I saw a comment last week where Jay answered someone’s questions about that – apparently, they have been receiving massive increases in volume since pre-Model 3 reveal. They are upgrading to bigger/better servers, but until that is complete, they drastically reduced the cache, so we have to re-type our name and e-mail almost every time.

I have had shockwave issues, as well, on this site, and it’s probably for similar reasons.

The weird thing for me is, if I make a comment, my name/e-mail are there, but if I reply to a comment, they disappear and I have to add them every time.

Q. Excuse me sir, is this your e-mail address?
A. Why no, it isn’t. That is certainly not my e-mail address.

Just as we thought.

Yes, the site has been severely over-run the past month or so…we had hoped to have the new (and massive) dedicated servers online today, but it doesn’t look like it is going to get done – so next week is the new ETA.

We are running some caching programs, which is why you are loosing some (normally stored) data when you are commenting. This will return to normal with the new servers.

/sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime

9+ out of 10 new cars are financed, so the “price” matters little. The consumer is buying a payment or miles.

Arrg. The narrator guy keeps saying “Chevro-LET” even though people in his own video (which presumably he edited) pronounce it correctly, as “Chevro-LAY”.

He is in Australia. They don’t have Chevrolet there.

And you should hear South Africans talk about their Su-BAR-roos.

Well, maybe. But I would feel pretty silly if I made a video trying to appear knowledgable about Renault cars, for example, but kept calling them “Re-NOLT” cars.

are you saying that it’s Not pronounced ree-NAWLT?

Going out on a limb here but hardly anyone’s going to buy a car just because it’s electric, only if it’s better. I’d rather have an Audi 4 / BMW 3 / Volvo S60 gasser than a Bolt. But I’d rather have a Tesla Model 3 than any one of those. I’m in no rush to swap out my S60 turbo – I like it, until my Model 3 shows up!