Tesla Model 3 Versus A 37-Pound Boulder


How about a huge rock landing in your passenger seat with no warning?

This Tesla Model 3 owner didn’t expect to have an instant driving companion, but we’re glad he’s okay. Jade Insko was driving his Model 3 on SR 14 near Cape Horn, Washington when a 37-pound boulder fell through his windshield and parked itself in his passenger seat. He told Fox 12:

All of a sudden, my car just seemed to explode as this 37-pound rock flew through the windshield, smashed into the dashboard, and bounced directly into the passenger seat.

Insko had no warning that the large rock was heading toward his brand-new Tesla, and after it happened, he wasn’t really sure what was going on. He came to a sudden stop and tried to assess the situation. Insko continued:

I just pulled forward slowly with my hazards on, I couldn’t see anything, I had glass in my face and eyes and a giant hole in my windshield.

He realized quickly that many rocks must have fallen since there was other damage to the front of his Model 3. The force of the largest boulder pushed the steering wheel toward him, but aside from cuts from the glass, he was not severely injured. If the rock had landed on him, this would be a very different story.

Insko points out that this situation is very unsafe for drivers and it’s not the first time he’s seen rocks hurling down toward the roadway. He shared:

In some areas like Cape Horn, there are rock falls often, there are rocks on the road as you drive through there, and I feel like the department of transportation needs to do more for more public safety in those areas.

According to the Washington Department of Transportation, this mountainous area is closely watched. Drivers are reminded to call emergency services if they witness falling rocks. However, Insko thinks further precautions are immediately necessary. He concludes:

I feel like it’s only a matter of time before there’s a real tragedy.

He’s kept the large boulder as a reminder of what could have been.

Source: KPTV (Fox 12 Oregon)

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It looks like it tried out the driver’s seat first and then tried out the passenger seat and then decided to stay in the passenger’s seat.

Rock realized it didn’t know how to drive.

Rock trusted self driving.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Passenger seat was more comfy and less lumpy than driver side.

That was close.

Major news stories: “Electric vehicle hit by rock, are they really safe?”

Really disappointed in the performance of the windshield wiper. It should have been able to clear that scratch in the window without bending like that.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

OTA will fix that.

It’s just a training issue. If someone trained the mountain how to use the door handles, the rock could have opened the door instead of the using brute force entry method.

Rock says “Choosing a Model 3 is a no brainer'”

I’d dust the rock for finger prints and then check in on execs from Honda, Toyota, …

Why is everyone looking at me?

Was The Boring Company tunneling through the mountains of Cape Horn Washington on that day?

The Tesla Model 3 is proving to be among the safest, EVen when you can’t help but to avoid the unavoidable “Rock On” EVent!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

There’s Rock!
Where’s Paper and Scissors?!?!?!?!?

this just goes to show that rock always wins.

If that had happened to my wife’s old Corolla (that we replaced with a Leaf), the entire windshield would have shattered into her face.

Why? All windshields are required to have laminates that don’t allow the entire windshield to shatter.

Did you personally replace your wife’s old Corolla windshield with some substandard ones from the black market?

Tractor windshields shattter.

Tractors are not highway-capable vehicles, are not subject to NHTSA regulations, as such, they do not require laminated windscreens. In addition, they do not require crumple zones, seatbelts, airbags, ABS, or windscreen wipers(though some tractors do have windscreen wipers.

The same thing would have happened to any vehicle; so, what makes the fact that it was a Tesla or any EV that would make this story relevant for posting to the INSIDEEVs website.

V8 vould scare off the rock.

V8 would have caught fire.

Judging by all the humorous comment here, it looks like a lot of people this to be an entertaining story, even if you didn’t.

All Joking Aside, Thank God For Looking after him …Most People Have Lost Their Lives in Situations As This….

yea, god hated those people! or maybe god just wasn’t paying attention? I’m always confused on how he chooses.

True that! It wasn’t Jade’s time to go.

He is correct, obviously netting and expense must be carried out on that cliffside.

The authorities’ response was a pat answer, No doubt someone will be killed, Its so sad to say, but there is no difference between this situation and when a bicyclist gets struck or a person crossing the street in the middle of an unmarked crosswalk. The authorities will never take action like spending money unless someone dies and that is when suddenly you see action happen.

I guess it’s a story here just because it was a Tesla Model 3 but it could have been any car just because the man was not killed and had a close call no added engineering, no money spent on netting or structures built to prevent this happening in the future….Unless death, news stories of carnage and lawsuits emerge.

I sent a strong letter to WSDOT. An Executive Assistant sent back an incredibly dismissive response, didn’t even suggest there would be a drive-by to assess the situation. Very frustrating. I nearly lost my life and fear somebody will likely lose their life in the future. Sad, preventable. #fallingrockssuck

Agreed. It wasn’t his time to go.

Instead of yucking it up here, I hope some see this and contact authorities to engineer some safety into this cliffside. I’ve seen these boulder falls on Washington State highways too. Probaby pretty common in Colorado also.

Nets and safety structures cost money. The lip service from the authorities quoted here is the norm. It’s not until people die, lawsuits and bad press follow that money is put into actually solving problem stretches of road such as these.

Ya know… a 37-pound rock is…. a rock. I think we can back off the “boulder” bit.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

What? Autopilot didn’t avoid this? Radar didn’t see this coming? /S

Obviously a falling rock smashing into a Tesla car is the fault of Autopilot!

Did it rain on your birthday? Blame Autopilot! Did you get pregnant? Blame Autopilot!


That is lucky. If the 37 lb rock has enough speed with it, it would have gone thru the entire car.

Like an meteorite? I think a person was actually hit by a falling meteorite(she died a few years later, but apparently her death had nothing to do with the meteorite).

This car is currently in my body shop. the center cross beam inside the dash and steering a column got destroyed. The owner was extremely lucky.

Clearly the battery in the model 3 attracted the rock while an ICE would have repelled it. Therefore, ICE vehicles are safer. I read this on the Internet so it must be true. Time to re-tweet it.