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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

We have shared Ben Sullins’ videos before. He runs a website called Teslanomics, and as you can see from the name, he attempts to make sense of the “numbers” surrounding everything Tesla.

In this recent video edition, Ben uses data from Model3Tracker.info to put together an interactive map showing upgrade preferences for the Tesla Model 3 from country to country. On the U.S. map, you can check out the data for each individual state.

Of course, using Model3Tracker as a basis, is not very scientific. But, it’s still interesting to see what’s out there. If more people joined the database, the sample would be larger, and we’d have a more accurate picture. At last check, there were over 4,000 Tesla Model 3 reservation holders participating. Over ten percent isn’t half bad.

Check out the Teslanomics link below to use Sullins’ interactive map.

Video Description and Pertinent Information via Teslanomics by Ben Sullins on YouTube:

The Tesla Model 3 is possibly the most analyzed and hyped car in a decade or more. With many details still undisclosed, several sites have been created to help future owners estimate everything from price to delivery date. In this video, I look at some data sourced from Model3Tracker.info that shows which upgrades are the most popular across the globe.

First, we start by looking at data for the United States, where the largest number of Model 3 reservations are held. Then for each state, we look at the top feature, and I even have a dashboard you can use to see which cities have the most reservations as well as which upgraded features are the most attractive for that state.

I also built a similar map for Canada. This dashboard shows the most popular upgrade for Model 3 reservation holders in each province. From there you can click on the province and see the breakdown of most popular upgrades as well as where the reservations are held inside that province.

For the EU it was a bit more challenging to create the map by each state or province since the name field in the data source is free-form text. So for the EU I built the same dashboard but by country. The same functionality exists in this dashboard as does in the other two.

Source: TeslaratiTeslanomics

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RE: At last check, there were over 4,000 Tesla Model 3 reservation holders participating. Over ten percent isn’t half bad.

FYI: Its around ~7,500 with ~ 2%.

400,000 reservations…Can’t anyone build a normal “simple” Hi efficiency EV That needs Not be launched with the power of a rocket ship ????

Thing is that with an EV, rocket ship power does not mean that it’s not efficient, contrary to a gas powered car.

Baffles me how in 2017 people want a car that can drive itself.

“I can’t drive without my car beeping and letting me know there’s a car in my blind spot.”

“I earned my drivers license but I don’t want to use my natural abilities to drive anymore, I just want to lose them and want my car to take me from point A to B without doing anything. Driving is boring. Which is why I want a ***Tesla*** to drive me. I don’t want to drive the Tesla. I just want it to be able to drive itself. And be in it. Sitting there be useless doing nothing. But pretending like im driving. But not really. Whenever my body becomes mentally tired I’m too much of a wimp to just suck it up and drive home so I just want my car to be able to drive itself so I don’t have to worry about falling asleep.”

Humanity continues to go down a spiraling downfall

No kidding. Can you believe some people use MACHINES to wash their clothes. What a bunch of wimps. Get out the washboard and do it the RIGHT way.

And use machines to wash dishes and vehicles, wimps all of them lol no wonder obesity is a problem.

And escalators and elevators… we’re all gonna lose our natural ability to climb stairs.

I think it’s the people who are afraid of technological advancements that slow down the advancement of the human species. To them I say go ahead and stay behind the times – you’ll lose your natural ability to use your brain.

Some people like driving.

I don’t. I think it’s a chore. Like vacuuming, laundry or washing the dishes.

I’d have a driver or a housekeeper, but they’re extremely expensive so I use machines to help me do a lot of the boring work so I can do something else more interesting.

It’s the fascination du jour. Musk insists he’s developing Autopilot to be safer than a human driver. A video I watched on YouTube last night of a guy in Sweden demonstrating how “great” the latest over the air update was – basically made me laugh as to how dorky it was. Sweden means snow, right? So the roads he was driving near Stockholm were naturally covered in road sand that had been brushed aside, basically covering all the fog lines alongside the highway and much of the center lines. I watched as his hands hovered inches from the steering wheel, and every few seconds, Autopilot’s blue guidelines on the dash disappeared with a beep beep! He was hovering over it – nannying it… But in the end, he said he wanted to demonstrate how great the new upgrade worked! Every so often, he’d comment how Sweden has these random raised islands on the center line, as his Model S would nearly hit each one. Nervously, he’d be prepared to grab the wheel – saying, “Whoa, that one was close!”… Ha! If that’s the future, I’m not sure I want to pay for that feature. I always contend that you and… Read more »
Michael Willdiousdeuxx

I paid for his feature and I would never want to give it up. Long distance trips are a lot easier because of it and there is less anxiety in stop and go traffic. It really makes driving much easier: I don’t use it in all conditions and not if I want to have fun, but all the annoying or tedious moments are covered: I am certain it reduces the chance of accidents because it is more natural to leave more space when the car does it for you and it can more quickly react too. My wife said it was avoiding an accident when traffic suddenly stopped on the freeway where she felt she would not have been able to avoid it in the Honda Odyssey we replaced with the Model X.

So my recommendation to you is, rent one on Turo.com and go on a road trip and you will change your mind.

That’s like examining the state of automobile tech circa 1899, and asserting the horse is in no danger of ever being replaced.

Sure, there are many cases you can point to where the current state of the art of semi-autonomous driving isn’t as good as a human driver. But that is changing, and it’s changing rapidly. Autonomous driving is continually improving… and the average level of human driving skill, in general, can’t and won’t.

Furthermore, the frequency of automobile accidents has actually been increasing in the past few years, due to increased use of cell phones and other distracted driving. That’s not going to happen with autonomous cars; they don’t get distracted. Ever.

One serious accident- and your perspective will change.
BTW – I assume you can read. Why not read a book or get other work done while your car gets you to your destination?
Driving a car is not an essential survival skill.

Autopilot is the main reason I ordered the Tesla Mode III.

I currently drive 54 miles per day which mostly involves sitting in traffic for 2+ hours per day.

Driving is no longer fun. It is a ‘chore’. And an easy chore to be automated. If I can use full autopilot and work billable hours during my commute then either I can make a lot more money or spend less hours at work or both.

That would be a huge personal win and is part of the reason so many people are excited about autopilot.

Are you serious?!? When hundreds of thousands of people are killed every year by idiot/distracted drivers, it’s morally wrong to NOT accept self-driving cars as soon as possible!

Give me AWD, with a 250 mile range, leather interior and a sunroof. I’ll be happy with that.

I want a proper dashboard. Unless Elon surprises us with a proper dashboard in the production intent version, there is currently not a proper dashboard.

How do you define a “proper dashboard”? What needs to be in/on it to be “proper”?

I wonder what all these sites and channels do, when the Model 3 is out and no longer a novelty 🙂

Talk about the Model Y

Or the ‘Space Bus’, or ‘Semi’, or ‘Roadster’, or other ‘Unexpected Tesla Announcements’ from their ever expanding Conglomerate.

The Tesla Model S has been out for several years now, and is no longer a “novelty”. You may notice that there are still a lot of articles about the model here. 🙂

Go out and enjoy driving their Tesla’s? Most of these sites seem to be driven by reservation holders.

What the heck is the “Drive” Option? I see that is popular in Oregon, Washington, most of the New England states and quite a number of Midwestern states.

Updating to AWD from RWD, which is standard.

Btw they are going to deliver RWD cars first, so choosing this option will put you further back on the list.

All of the sudden, it makes more sense why they would be the top option in those states. Not sure why they could’t just use “AWD.”

I’m actually holding off on a Tesla for the time being. I want to see how the cars evolve over the next few years. The rather high cost is a bit of an issue as well. 🙂

Ok – that makes no sense. You want to deliver the mostly highly optioned car first. AWD is not the main issue but performance is and performance presumably with be AWD.

The performance issue with AWD for the Model S is so much better, they haven’t offered a performance model without it since day 1. I see little reason the Model 3 will be different.

I have a 70D and D is really really fun. And not for snow. The extra traction when driving in a spirited manner is awesome. I suspect the performance model of the 3 will be faster than my lowly 70D and AWD will be nearly mandatory. I live in NC (not the mountains), have a reservation, and will not live with the D.

Obviously … not live WITHOUT the D

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’m just hoping you can get a Dual motor without having to include other crap to get it.

My wish list is simple.
Dual motor and able to SC without taper, even if it gets only 200mi max range. I’ll pay extra if they can bump the pack to 63-65KWh to be able to SC to full without taper.

“If more people joined the database, the sample would be larger, and we’d have a more accurate picture.”

Only a more accurate picture of what people want, in absence of prices.

What they’ll be willing to actually pay for, may be quite different.

I want 215 miles per charge, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, $60k or less, autopilot, leather seats, and silver paint. Central Florida resident.

AWD, Winter Package, Max Battery.

You know– pragmatic stuff for my location in Redneckia.

I took my fiance to test drive a model S about a week ago, it was her first time to actually drive a Model S. She loved it! Price of a new Model S is too high for us, and the CPO cars were out of our budget for the features she wants. But the Tesla rep steered her to the Model 3.

The Bolt will be my next car, but she has decided that a Model 3 will likely be replacing her Volt next year. 🙂