Watch Tesla Model 3 Track Mode Tested In The Snow


Slip sliding in the best way

The Performance version of the Tesla Model 3 isn’t a one-horse open sleigh by any means, but it appears to be just as good at dashing through the snow. At least, that’s our takeaway after watching this video of “Mad Hungarian” Ian Pavelko demonstrate the sure-footedness of the electric mid-size sedan in a Canadian industrial park decorated with a healthy layer of the white stuff.

Not only does the car, equipped with winter tires (Winguard Sport 235/45R18), perform well under both acceleration and braking while in the standard settings that every Model 3 operates in, it does a fantastic, more entertaining job of it while in the Track Mode available only in the Performance editions.

Pavelko, who claims 20 years of experience with the Audi Quattro “both on the street and in rallies,” does a great job describing how the special mode affects the car’s operation. He points out, among other things, that lifting off the accelerator brings on the regen, which helps the front tires gain grip and turn in when asked. Perhaps as powerful as his words is the footage of the car throwing out its rear end, but being easily brought back into line with a bit of steering input. We have to say we also enjoyed the bits where he just does donuts for the pure joy of it.

Overall, Pavelko seems quite impressed by how the software manages the output from the car’s dual motors, saying of the Silicon Valley engineers, “they hit this out of the park.” The judgments he intones are made more believable by the laughs and giggles he can hardly suppress while relaying the experience.

Although spirited driving in the snow can admittedly be a lot of fun, we hope owners will (please) heed the warnings on the screen that Track Mode is intended for non-public roads only. Despite the Model 3 supposedly being the safest car NHTSA has ever tested, the driver still has a responsibility to those they share the roads with.

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+1 For the Paul Simon reference.

+1 for catching it.

Wheeeee! 🙂

I had to drive my RWD LR model 3 home in about 5″ of snow last week. Roads completely unplowed as the storm caught everyone by surprise. It was like a tractor even with all seasons. I live a the top of a large hill. When I made the turn onto my street there were 5-6 cars stuck on the hill. Managed to weave my way through. I even had to stop a few times for the other cars to get out of the way and restarting on the hill was no issue. Even my driveway which I normally cannot get in less it is shoveled to bare pavement was no issue.

Yeah, but…but… the door handles freeze and the window doesn’t go down when it is frozen by ice rain.

Nice 🙂 I wonder whether it made the other drivers you passed start to ponder a Tesla purchase?… 😉

That’s more like it! My preferred kind of driving 😀
I’ve never wanted a TM3 as much as I do now!

If the Model 3 wins a rally race will it be disqualified for not using an approved fuel?

More free advertising from a satisfied Tesla customer. Meanwhile, big auto pays $millions on ads where actors pretend to love their outdated cars.