Tesla Model 3 Tire Supplier Chosen – Video


Wheels? Nope...How About Tires Instead.

Wheels? Nope…How About Tires Instead.

We’re all well aware of the fact that Tesla is in the process of locking down suppliers for the Model 3 as quickly as possible. The automaker has set a final target date for Model 3 suppliers too. That date is July 1, 2017.

Well ahead of the cutoff date, the first official supplier has come forward to make an announcement.

Korea’s Hankook Tire has secured a supply deal for the Model 3.  Interestingly, it is Hankook who is also probably the most ready and capable of all future suppliers to meet that July 1st, 2017 deadline to Tesla.

As the video description states:

The U.S. automaker, which specializes in eco-friendly electric cars,… finalized its deal with Hankook Tire in Los Angeles, after comparing samples submitted by multiple global tire companies.

Hankook Tire says it will provide the American company with tires specifically manufactured for the “Model 3” that aim to minimize battery loss.

The value of the contract has not been revealed.

Standard Model 3 tires will likely be of the low-rolling resistance variety. We expect more performance-oriented tires to be offer as an option.

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Probably one of many Korean parts to go into Tesla 3. One thing that is worrisome is the Socialist Paradise (North Koreans as they call themselves) causing trouble.

I don’t really understand how NK can cause trouble in this case. South Korea manufactures and exports tons of stuff, like my KIA Soul EV, and I am not aware of tampering having been a problem before.

I mean if they start volleying artillery to Seoul as they often threaten to do. They sunk a South Korean warship few years ago, no telling how crazy they’ll get if they find out that the best EV in the world will use South Korean tires and parts.

Yep, supplying tires to Tesla will be the thing that pushes NK over the edge…

Naturally! 😉

That’s too funny. ROFL!



Some rumors that Choco-pie the South Korean cookie pushed the North over the edge to sink a South Korean warship. That cookie is addictively good, kind of like Tesla of cookies (or Tesla is Choco-pie of cars).

I buy those every once in a while. They are really good. Way better than Wagon Wheels.

NK attacks now! To get get it hands on Choco Pie!

Man, just did a search on Google, in regards to Choco Pie, and NK. LOL! Quite a history there.

I wasn’t kidding about rumors of NK attack due to Choco-pie. Rumor, but it’s entirely possible given how erratic they are.


Hankook tires for the US are made in Tennessee.

Good stuff. Now get on with the rest!!! Patiently wait for my 2 Model 3’s.

Hmm, yeah, tres are not the critical path for the Model3 release.

That much I agree with even as a skeptic ?

Now about the other 6996 parts missing…

The only missing is your lack of objectivity you troll.

+1. Tires may not be critical, but without tires, the car cannot ship.

Tires mean a lot as both range and handling are greatly effected by them.
Getting both with quiet and ride in one tire is a good trick.
Why is the hard rubber and high pressure make a harsh ride and low traction.

Low rolling resistance tires are vital for achieving the promised range. The better the tire, the smaller the battery, the lower the production cost. And these tires must also provide good grip, and not be expensive.

Really — this is news???? It’s like picking the carpet supplier for the interior….WHO CARES

I’m eagerly awaiting Tesla carpet supplier news. Personally, I’m rooting for Dupont and its Sonora renewably sourced automotive carpet. 😉


Tires are a tad more important to the performance of a car than carpet.

It is, after all, the only part of the car that actually touches the road.

The iFlex tires would be cool. Too bad they are not ready for prime time.

Hopefully we won’t have to suffer with more “news” every time a new supplier is named for the Model 3. Boring.

Well, there is a difference between “first” and “all” so I don’t suspect you will see a story on every single supply deal, (=

But no worries, the amount of Tesla Model 3 coverage in no way affects the rest of our “news” cycle…it isn’t a case of ‘here is a Model 3 piece’ so we won’t talk about the Renault ZOE getting a battery upgrade or anything like that.

I would suggest if detailed/thorough (or even excessive) M3 coverage annoys you though, to just skip over the pieces entirely, because I suspect there will be more…much more

I will click a story on when Tesla picks a nut,bolt and washer supplier.

Keep them coming.

You don’t have to suffer now; don’t like it? Don’t read it. Similar to what I often do when I see your name on a comment 🙂

It would be wise of Tesla to have some extra tyre suppliers, especially for many parts of Europe with mild climate, not too harsh winters with little snow and not too hot summers, where all-season tires such as Goodyear Vector 4seasons or Michelin CrossClimate would fit perfectly.

After Bolt with many Korean parts, Model 3 is next, not enough money for proper quality supplier. Buy a continental and you know what are good tires. Wide tires and energy-efficient does not fit, looks only good for Tesla buyers.

The S. Korean Parts count in the Model 3 is adding up slowly…

It’s probably just me, but I’m quietly day-dreaming about an announcement from Tesla stating production of the 3 has begun before we even say ‘good-bye’ to 2016… or at least a lot earlier than mid-2017… The cars at the unveiling looked almost completely done bar some minor trim issues… What a Christmas present that would make!

“… The cars at the unveiling looked almost completely done”

There is sooooo much more in mass producing cars than showing off somthing that ‘looks’ finished.

How they looked is of no importance. These cars were hand-built and, knowing what is going on at SpaceX, they probably contained quite a number of 3D printed parts. Works wonders for fast prototyping, but is of no use (yet) in mass production.

Before all the details are just right to make the design such that it can be mass-produced at low cost is much, much hard work. So, no, your Christmas Wish will not be granted.