Tesla Model 3 Test Drive – 23-Minute Video


Behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3 for an extended test drive.

Tesla Model 3

This 23-minute video is a must watch for those considering a Model 3.

Videos such as these will become increasingly common very soon as more and more Model 3 are being delivered.

Additionally, at least one current Model 3 owner has taken it upon himself to get the car out there to as many potential buyers as possible. He’s created a Tesla Model 3 Road Trip page on Facebook where you can sign up to check out and drive his Model 3 at various locations throughout the U.S. as he journeys about.

Video description:

Note: After about 1 minute in video will switch to horizontal.

Enjoy my exclusive first drive with the Tesla Model 3 with commentary from a Tesla employee.

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11 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 Test Drive – 23-Minute Video"

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Regarding the Facebook meetup events, how is that working? The event times are much too close together. They show a meeting one hour apart for locations that are 4 hours apart. Is it real?

What? No ugly seat belt warning stickers on the sun visors?

I will never get why people think it is a good idea to have music running when you run a videa explaining things.

Alas. Another victim of Vertical Video Syndrome.


Took a couple of mins for them to clue in.

Ah, I didn’t know they fixed it. I just dropped it at the first video. I REALLY cannot stand keyhole video.

I won’t watch a video that is so amateur as to not know how to hold a camera. But thanks for your note that they actually changed the format. I’ll watch it now.

OMG keyhole video is annoying.

“Just drive this car like you would normally”

First turn, no turn signal. 🙁

Lol crash there goes your 54k car

Is it not a law to move over to the inside lane when you’re not overtaking? PS: I’m a different Will to the guy replying to Kdawg.