Tesla Model 3 Test Drive Ends With A Bang: Video


With a bang and a boom, the fun comes to an end in China.

But not for long.

A Tesla Model 3 test drive car in China apparently crashed rather hard. The result? A wrecked Model 3 and no more test drives.

Just for a day or so though.

The aftermath (seen in the image and video below) looks a bit like when that Model 3 collided head-on with a pole. Though the speed in this wreck here is obviously quite a bit slower.

Within what appears to be a day of the crash, a replacement Model 3 arrives for a new round of test drives.

We should point out that test drives in China only just begun awhile back. So, it didn’t take long to wreck one and take it out of service. However, with a car as quick as the Tesla Model 3 Performance, it seems a bump or two is inevitable. Not everyone is accustomed to this sort of insane acceleration.

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A car for everyday driving with the performance of a sports car. 99% of the people that will be driving it won’t be able to handle it. They should deliver them by default in chill mode and only unlock the full potential after an extra car handling course.

Naw. Luckily the car often corrects itself from overly aggressive driving behavior. But, boy, is it fun to have it start to throw the backend out on a curved onramp only to have the car go “nope, let me fix that for you”.

Funny Chill story, though. We bought my parents a Model 3 RWD. Recently went to visit and, while driving, was wondering why the car was so timid. Checked it out and the car was in Chill mode. Fixed that, but the next day my father made a point as to how much faster – and more fun – the car had become.

Melted the ‘Chill?’

If you truly believe what you’re saying, delivering them in chill mode certainly wouldn’t be sufficient — if 99% of the driver’s can’t handle it, they shouldn’t have access to it on public roads. Using roads is after all a matter of necessity, not something you opt into accepting the risks. At a race track, people do opt in to some level of danger (although we do what we can to make it as safe as we can to race), but at race tracks you must progress through classes to obtain access to faster and more powerful cars. You can’t just go get get a superlicense (required to take part in F1 events) right away. Yet, on public roads, we have regulation detailing the size and placement of indicator lights, but not limits whatsoever on top speed, acceleration, or power! In my opinion it is insane. There are no good reasons why road cars should be allowed to have a top speed exceeding 200 mph, and there are very obvious reasons why it should NOT be allowed. Even more so in Germany where parts of the road system still doesn’t have any speed limit. (Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t… Read more »

Great idea… let’s have the government regulate everything because that is so efficient. NO THANKS. I personally am sick of all the “good for me” regulations our representatives create. Granted, not all bad, But a lot of bad, and that would simply make it worse.

“I personally am sick of all the “good for me” regulations our representatives create.”

Like clean water standards, auto safety requirements, gas mileage standards, emissions limits, food inspections? Yeah, I’m sick of these things too.

There’s zero incentive in clean air since air is “free”. Anything “free” should have government regulation to stop it from being free. Free SUCKS!!!

But if anything is sold and not artificially propped up by the government, they get better without regulation, especially if barrier to entry is low.

For example, auto safety was first used without government mandate, and it’d been only matter of time before all companies try to outdo each other in safety to compete. Now that it’s mandated (among hundreds of other regulations), it gets enormously expensive to enter the market (see Tesla’s struggles). In effect, regulations only help the entrenched players.

I assume you’re joking. Otherwise, please come back to reality.
Car manufacturers have been fighting regulations for safety for ages. Seatbelts were said to make people never want to drive again, ABS and ESP was claimed to be far too expensive to be mandatory, etc etc.
You can see this very well in this video where a US car crashes against a Mexican car. Mexico doesn’t have many of the mandatory safety regulations and so “cheap” cars are available on the mexican market.

Not joking.

Instead of hiring a psychologist and texting them for a few minutes each day to make himself feel better he likes to complain because he’s really highly pissed off that free charging is offered by Nissan.

Apparently, you’re so detached from reality that you love “free” even if unavailable due to constantly running out. If anyone should see a psychologist, it’s you.

I charge at home.

Apparently you’re wrong. It’s actually only free for the consumer.

Except the fact manufacturers pay for charging to promote their products.

“so “cheap” cars are available on the mexican market.”

Once again, people who are anti freedom haven’t a clue. No one’s putting a gun to Mexicans’ heads to buy the cheap car. They are FREE TO CHOOSE more expensive cars with more safety features IF THEY WANT. Freedom is a lost word to those who like being nagged and without choice.

If gov’t really cared about safety, they would’ve banned motorcycles and other “dangerous” transportation that are far more dangerous than cars. Reality is, these regulation have nothing to do with safety and more to do with some power-mad dictator who wants to tell people what to do, and companies going along to shut out competition.

If you take a step back for a moment, “good for me” regulations are almost all “good for us”.

Something like a seatbelt law, for example, reduces serious injuries in car accidents, and thus reduces everyone’s insurance rates (both auto and health). Companies can’t predict who is going to avoid wearing one and charge them more.

Now I’m not saying I agree with tupolev141, but I definitely disagree with generalized “nanny state” whining.

You should consider moving to Afghanistan, sounds like you might like it there. Personally, I will pay the cost of civilized society.

Porsche offer something similar. In the UK when you buy your first new Porsche you often get to go to the driving skill centre at Silverstone.

I would think Tesla should consider there auto pilot be engaged when the car is in Demo mode, actually all cars from any manufactor with that feature should be engaged!

Stereotypes happen. 😉

I was wondering how long that would take!


Let me guess. Autocrash demo? Sudden Unintended Acceleration?
AEB failure?

We don’t have to guess that you are a pathetic serial anti-Tesla shorter here to lamely try and capitalize by spreading your weak-ass FUD.

Now that there are some “Real” panel gap issues, on this particular Model 3, have all the FUDsters and T. trolls taken an extended Chinese New Year break?

Are we sure the panel gap wasn’t that huge before the accident?

/s 😉

Possibly there was no accident! The car left the factory like this!

Test driver is paying a hefty bill

Usually there’s insurance yet laws could be different in China…

Ok….I’ll ask…,,was the driver Asian?

Most definitely a Chinese


Those drivers in Shenzhen are ruthless! They don’t give way to passengers.

I don’t give way to passengers either … unless you consider letting them get in and buckle up before taking off 🙂

I travelled to China 10years ago! On the way from airport in a two hour drive I saw crashed Audi and another car alongside the road. In my experience driving in US I never saw so many crashed cars in a two hour drive. I also almost got run over by a car on a street corner in Shenzhen! The driver was elated, having no respect for pedestrians and human life! Communists Chinese as educated by Mao Zedong’s class fighting thoughts were always violent in nature and sweet talking on facade.

Why thumbing down? Many Chinese spies lurking on this website! They are snatching up design and customer ideas!

Have you ever driven Interstate 10 in Houston?

So you saw two cars in an accident? Wow, I’ve never seen that!

I hope the drivers insurance has to pay for it.

Or the driver personally.

Such a waste.

You know how it works in China? The local police chief or party chiefs can get away with killing people in an accident They just pay a small comp money to the victims family and tell them to go away else there will be retribution to victim’s family. That’s why people in power acting like mafias! Having little respect for human life.

You’re pretty ready to jump to conclusions, aren’t you?

For all you know, the driver went off the road and into a pole to avoid an oncoming truck in the wrong lane, thereby saving his life, the Tesla representative’s life, and the truck driver from getting injured and having two lives on his conscience.

Sure, the first thing that comes to mind is the driver messed it up for no good reason, and that may be the case. But it needn’t be; the truth may be anywhere in between 0-100% the driver’s fault.

I would not be terribly surprised if the driver worked for a competing electric car company in China ….

saboteurs kgb

Please don’t let the person that crashed the red one drive the black… Maybe in a football field…

Look at the bright side, we will now learn where the “authorized, Tesla approved” body shop is located, lol

What a bunny guy!

That will buff right out. No worries.

Where is Asians cannot drive comment

I love the wheel covers, China version

Old habits die hard. After driving my wife’s gasmobile my muscle memory kicks in and I keep putting my Model 3 in reverse when trying to turn on the windshield wipers. I put it in park once thinking I was activating the windshield washer. Thankfully, the guy behind me was quick to hit his brakes. Tesla’s gear selector being on the right steering wheel stalk is an accident waiting to happen.