Tesla Model 3 Accident: TeslaCam Shows Why You Need A Dashcam


This Model 3 was totaled by another driver who should not have been behind the wheel

This month, Tesla has been rolling out the newest software update for the Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X. Version 9 includes the hotly anticipated built-in Dashcam feature often called TeslaCam. Already, videos have been making their way around the web showcasing the feature.

Brad King in Charlotte, NC caught footage of an accident after a Honda Accord pulled in front of his Model 3 in traffic. He attempted to stop and avoid the car but was unable to in time.

The driver of the Accord had a suspended drivers license and no insurance. The Accord was already visibly damaged and the headlights were off despite the dark, rainy conditions. Based on the footage, he is very clearly at fault.

But when authorities arrived, the Honda driver gave an account that contradicted that of King. The situation could have gotten messy, but the Tesla dashcam footage set the record straight. It looks like TeslaCam is going to absolutely be worth the time to enable.

Thankfully there were no major injuries as a result of the accident. But clearly the owner of the Honda should not have been driving. Hopefully autonomous vehicles will soon become the norm so fewer dangerous drivers are behind the wheel. Until then, install a dashcam.

Video Description via Brad King on YouTube:

Model 3 TOTALED Tesla dash cam video. Other driver had no license (suspended) and no insurance.

Source: Teslarati

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You don’t need a dash camera to check who was at fault. You need to check signs, traffic lights, … And the final position of the cars it’s pretty obvious.

I wonder why the Tesla driver went left and hit the other car right in the middle, instead of trying to avoid the car going right! (Not blaming him/her).

First of all it will be your word against the other party without cams and witnesses….good luck with that. In one instance, in my case, the other driver took responsibility on the spot but flipped later when dealing with insurance companies. I have a cam now.
On the lane next to it it was the other car that was in front of Tesla at the left turn. Why avoid that sucker and take the blame on yourself?

Side impact is one of the most dangerous impacts as there’s very little room to crumple. If you went right, then you’re putting yourself at risk to be side impacted by the person at fault. Going left, would put them at risk and not yourself. If you only had those two choices to avoid impact, and given they were at fault, of course you’d go left.

Obviously Tesla driver tried to let the Honda pass. But it stopped right in front of him.

I saw a video the other day that really disturbed me. An Audi was stopped at a red light. He put the car in reverse and rammed the car with the dash cam. He then got out of the car with the plan of telling the cops that he was rear ended. As I look into this it appears to be getting more common unfortunately.

yeah that type of thing is what dash cam is really needed for. The old crash for cash routine

Yelp. No defensive driving anymore. Plus that car was all busted up

The other guy didnt have insurance so his fault
He didnt have lights in so his fault
He crossed into on coming traffic when he should have waited, so his fault
He inexplicably stopped so his fault.
Even without a dashcam it should be clear to police who caused it and as the Accord driver clearly was intending to cause an accident as it shows he has previously, he needs to do some jail time

Basic boating rules. Steer to the rear of the crossing vehicle in hopes it keeps moving forward and isn’t there when you reach where the vehicle was.

The surroundings in the video seemed familiar, then reading the story, I realized it was my hometown… People in Charlotte are one of the worst I’ve seen in the world. Made me sell my motorcycles.

used to go to Charlotte on business alot. I totally agree about the drivers there.

They’re terrible, true,, but I plead extenuating circumstances.
The street design is criminal, with roads changing names back and forth, the mess of streets like plates of spaghetti, set up to keep people from using them to commute, difficult to pass through. Free reign to developers to lay out streets however they want in residential areas. It’s ridiculous.
It couldn’t be cleaned up (fixed) by 70 maids with 70 mops in 70 years.
I hate driving there, and that’s what I did as a profession, so I can put up with quite a bit.

Oh, and it’s totally the guy in the banged up cars fault.

I live here now and I totally agree. I’m terrified I’m going to get hit every day I’m on the road. It’s home to the NASCAR speedway so everyone thinks they’re Dale Earnhart.

The Tesla guy had plenty of time to stop. Why is it that he didn’t?

It did look like he wasn’t going that fast and might have had time to stop. At the same time if he just didn’t see him immediately then there wouldn’t have been time. There’s only about a fraction of a second to react.

Even he turns the car to the left against the other car. At that speed and distance, why the autonomous brake doesn’t work?. It’s weird.

Tesla’s aren’t autonomous. And when Autopilot is not engaged, the car is simply being driven by a human. However, it does chirp if your closing speed is too fast, even without Autopilot being engaged.

Thanks. I can’t remember if this systems can be disabled in european cars, I think not all of them. I know you can disconnect the lane assist or blind spot asistant, but not the AEB.

It’s obvious that technology has limits, but I think those limits are far away from this driver ones.

Automatic braking is still subject to the laws of physics. On wet roads, stopping distances are much longer.

If you go and look at the Youtube comments for the video he answers a lot of question retarding the accident there.

it was dark and the other car didnt have any lights on so he probably didnt see him

Web cams give a distorted view of the scene. Look at a near miss from my dash cam:


I was traveling around 35 MPH. A stop from that speed when I figured out the woman wasn’t going to stop for the stop sign was fast enough — on dry pavement and GOOD Michelin tires — that my anti-lock brakes activates on all tires. From my perspective, I could not see the bottom of her tires from the low hood on my LEAF.

I unfortunately live in a area plagued by “crash for cash” and I have dashcams front & rear, plus there are just too many devil may care drivers out there nowadays.

And then people say “I’m better than autonomous cars, I don’t trust them” …

If an autonomous car gets its license suspended, will it brake the law and go for a night drive anyway?

Why did the driver or autonomous driver turn left onto the Honda and not turn right to avoid the obstacle?

Left-handed drivers sometimes do this as a reflex to protect their left side, I have heard. This is also true of left-handed autonomous driving algorithms. The steering wheel nag sensors pick up on which hand is dominant and operate accordingly. Fun fact: nations who drive on the left built their rules according to the hand dominance of who was in power at the time of the laws, which is why right hand drive is uncommon.

It’s instinctive to go behind a car that’s already in front of you and still moving. Unfortunately the Honda stopped.

Both comments are corrrect, plus the driver may have been aware of a vehicle in his right lane which, since he was slowing down, might have been coming up on him. Luckily he slowed down enough to prevent what could have been a horrific accident.,

It’s scary how so many of the commenters here have very little to no knowledge of exactly what safe driving entails. Why did he pull left so many of you say? Well, hmm, in a potential accident, what you want do so, is say, minimize the extent and severity of the damage. You don’t pull anywhere there might be other vehicles around. You don’t sway into the car potentially on your right, thereby maximizing the scope and extent of the accident, or try to pull as many cars into the already stupid situation thus endangering THEIR lives or well-being. You slam on the brakes in that situation and pull a little left if you want to as a supplemental option. The person behind you should already be maintaining a safe distance or cushion of at least one and a half car lengths but who knows, he/she could be an absolute moron as well. There are more morons than not as evidenced by the substantial number of dumb comments and responses on this issue. Lastly, you’re supposed to do a 360 sweep of the views around your car with the aid of your mirrors so you have a good idea of… Read more »

How fast was Tesla driving? It was considered a total, so what is that a safe expensive crackerjack box?

The more energy the car absorbs the less your body has to absorb. It’s easier to replace the car.

That said, this seems awfully minor to total a car.

It’s true that the car is designed primarily to prevent damage to the occupants, thus damage to the car is secondary.
Even low speed collisions can total cars, besides I don’t see the damaged Tesla in the video. At least the left headlight assembly still works.

Also totaled is a bit of a misnomer as most people think it means the car is worthless. in this accident, the battery pack, the most expensive component of the car, is probably still intact, along with many other things.
So a car crashes, catches on fire, and is totaled, not quite the same thing, but the same word.
It’s all a matter of degrees.

Insurance companies now total cars when the estimated cost of paying to repair the car is more than selling the wrecked car at auction aand paying the claim.

This means more cars are declaired total losses when the value of tthe totaled cars are high

Wow that’s the worst defensive driving ever. You know you go right when there’s a head on collision

If the right lane was clear. This was not obvious on the shooting.

In the comments of the video he stated that he was going about 45 mph and the road was wet when he slammed the breaks. He thinks he might have turned the wheel slightly in the panic, but because of wet road conditions it swerved left even more.

But that is his take after the fact. Not enough info from the video to determine that but authorities have their own ways of finding out.

This wasn’t a head on collision.

People asking why the Tesla driver went left before the crash should realize he was in the inner lane of a two lane road, and that Lexus RX was probably still to his right. So either he crash into the RX AND the Accord, or just the Accord. I think he chose wisely to swerve to the left a bit.

Yes. A great choice. Albeit, I was not in his/her head so I’m not sure he chose it for safety reasons or just reflexes. Perhaps the Tesla’s steering wheel can tell us – or is the mind reading on Version 10?

I’m surprised that there isn’t some kind of law yet preventing built-in dash cams in the US. Someone missed the boat in that one.

Right?? Seems like the kind of stupid thing we might do… must be a strong dash cam lobbying group. 🙂

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Appropriately cynical.

The opposite, mandating dashcams would be a bit of a challenge in the USA, but with the increased amount of driver assistance coming, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more manufacturers offering this.

Any car with a 12V outlet can power a dashcam. There are many good dash cams available.

Yes I think I might pick one up just in case. Not even that expensive!

I did have a dashcam but it was totaled, miraculously the car wasn’t even damaged..

The title is very misleading, there’s no way that the Model 3 was totaled. Did you not see how well they hold up to crashes?

There is nothing in the title saying totaled?

I think he meant the subhead, not the title.

But the owner of the car says it was totaled in his video title.

The owner of the car that uploaded the video said in his video title that it was totaled.

We don’t see the car afterwards but I imagine he would know?

Since you’ve obviously seen this Tesla after the crash and are a licensed insurance adjuster who knows intimately the cost of repairs to a Tesla Model 3, we should all just take your word for it. /sarcasm/

I interpreted this headline to mean something closer to the opposite of what it does. “TeslaCam Shows Why You Need A Dashcam” made me think the point was that TeslaCam simply isn’t doing the job nearly as well as a dashcam, and here was a story that illustrated why you still need a dashcam even if you’ve got TeslaCam…

Since I haven’t had a good look at TeslaCam videos yet I figured this was worth having a look at. And it was, but not at all what I expected. My interpretation certainly isn’t the only one possible, but I do think you may want to change the headline to something less ambivalent. What the story illustrates is why having a dashcam is useful, and that TeslaCam seems to do a decent job of it.

Didn’t know it isn’t enabled by default. Odd choice by Tesla, IMO. Maybe, when it’s on, all data is sent to Tesla, and they need explicit user consent..?? :p

I rewrote the headline several times before posting lol. We have a max and min character limit so getting a complex idea like this across in a headline is really tough.

So far people seem to understand my intent but if its a recurring misunderstanding with others as well, I can attempt to change. 🙂

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s not enabled by default because that would be pointless. It writes to a specifically-named folder on a USB stick provided by the customer.

If you want examples of TeslaCam compared to a regular dashcam, see my thread in the IE forum: https://insideevsforum.com/community/index.php?threads/dashcam-tests.3520/

The Honda’s headlights appear to have been off, which may have been due to a prior accident, making the vehicle a lot harder to see at night.

“Hopefully autonomous vehicles will soon become the norm so fewer dangerous drivers are behind the wheel”. oh no, the what would be much safer with sensors and cameras capable of feeling if so much as the wrong amount of light hits it are so much safer than human drivers. You may have bad apples out there, but I personally feel a lot safer being in control of my vehicle, they’re relying on a computer software program to do so. All you need is one malfunction for that system to slam it to the center divider of a freeway (like in the model X), or put you in the back of a semi-trailer (like in the Model S), and that thing can end your life real quick. I’ll pass on the autonomy…

I still don’t understand why the Tesla did not auto stop. Driver assisted stopping is not autonomous driving and should be enabled like other cars that have it already included as a standard.

Hopefully autonomous vehicles are NOT the norm- danger drivers won’t all be paying for them, and you’re dreaming if you think any government can spend a responsible amount of money to get infrastructure to withstand the needs- never Gona happen, thank god. We need to take responsibility and once again make driving an earned privilege, not a right!

If you have a dashcam, there is no reason to argue or explain the events. Just take the USB and tell the cops to look at the footage. A picture (video) says more than a thousand words.

If you ever have an accident caught on your dashcam, post it on vidilante.com and geo-tag the location. The other drivers involved may be able to use the footage in court or for insurance. Everyone can post one incident per year for free.