Tesla Model 3 Stealing Views From Toyota, Honda & Others


Tesla Model S Taking

Tesla Model S Taking Eyeballs All Over


Tesla stealing attention from German automakers? Not news. Stealing from Toyota and Honda? That’s news. Edmunds says consumers are starting to weigh Tesla against the likes of Honda and Toyota, as Model 3 lowers the $$$ barrier of entry.

The Prius, as predicted here, may become a Prime loser. Pun intended. What pun? Toyota is about to launch the Prius Prime, with plug-in range of 22ish miles and a big iPad-like display inspired by Tesla. Google it. The price and timing will drop the Prius Prime into the boxing ring with Model 3, not to mention the updated Leaf, updated BMW i3* and Chevy Re-Volt.

It’s good to see the “affordable” EV segment fleshing out, and it’s good to see Tesla will offer the most potent product in that segment. Toyota and Honda have essentially forfeited this ball game while they pursue the Mirage of fuel cells. Will they one day find Clarity there?

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.02.14 AM


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That chart looks like a half a Tesla logo.

I guess it has been said, but is worth re-iterating. The Prius Prime will be out this fall, along with the Bolt-EV. At least a year, maybe 3 before the Model-3 is widely available. I don’t think either one of those vehicles has much to worry about in the short term.

If I were in the market for a 5 seater I would certainly wait for the tesla. Maybe get a good deal on the new volt or bolt but for the life of me I can’t see why anyone would buy a prius anymore. I’ve got an 05 prius that I’ll replace at some point but wouldn’t dream of replacing it with another Prius. Toyota lost sight of the reasons I bought the 05 prius in the first place and have been passed by nearly everyone.

That’s exactly what my wife said about her ’08 Prius.

I have driven some gen 2 and 3 Priii and I have never been impressed. They are great basic transportation, but totally uninspiring. A sub-30 mile PHEV that doesn’t drive like an i8 will be a let down at anything more than 25,000$

If Toyota wants a big seller, build a RAV4 with an awd Prime drivetrain, but a little late for that.

The TM ≡ won’t be able to compete in price till all the fully equipped models are built and delivered. I say 3-4 years (from now) before the lower priced Model ≡’s are made.

Nor does the Model 3 have anything to worry about. The Prius Prime has 22 mile range on electric. GM only plans to produce 30,000 a year of the Bolt in 2017. The Bolt is based on the 2002 GM/Fiat Gamma. It’s drive train is all Korean designed and manufactured by LG. How sad GM showed what Detroit can do when it designed and built the EV-1 electric car and the Hywire 20 years ago and now the best they can do with the Spark and Bolt is have Korea modify out of date designs.

They are smart enough to stay with plug in hybrids, or hydrogen. Because they know they cant compete in any way with Tesla?

You mean besides the fact that they’re never going to sell enough H2 Mirais to make up the money they spent developing them?

I looked at the sales numbers for that boondoggle. The Nissan Leaf sold more in month 3 of production than all of the first 6 of Mirai’s. And that was the month that Japan had an enormous national disaster.

If Hydrogen ever actually gets off the ground, I’ll eat my hat.

Basically they just dont wanna sell them, thats why Toyota makes this car as ugly as possible. A 70k+ prius nobody wants.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

If hydrogen ever gets off the ground….

Sorry that is all kinds of funny.

A used Leaf or i-miev are affordable EVs. I’m looking forward to my model ≡ but at whatever CDN price it comes out at, it won’t be considered affordable.

CDN? Did you mean CAD?

That is an acronym for “Canadian” as in “Canadian dollar”.

Of course Toyota and Honda are in competition with the Model 3. People here act as if popular cars aren’t all jacked way up in price by dealers. V-6 Camrys and Accords are a lot more expensive than the base prices you see online.

It seems that a lot of trolls and hardline Greens are incapable of understanding the difference between classes of automobile, or the concept “comparably equipped”, because they reject the notion that luxury and performance cars exist and operate by different rules.

Rulez are meant to be brok3n.

Toyota has already built a very fine all electric car, the RAV FAUX. Tesla built the guts, and Toyota dropped their cover over it. With 120 milesof range the only thing missing is fast charging capability. No worries, Mr. Musk. I´m not cancelling my order for the #3 TESLA.