Tesla Model 3 Spotted Near SpaceX – Video


Our office neighbors are the best! Model 3 driving outside our office alongside the SpaceX Hyperloop test track.

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A Tesla Model 3 has been spotted on a road near SpaceX.

The folks over at Unplugged Performance, a company known for its tuned Teslas, captured some video (see embed above) of this Model 3 out on the road driving.

Unplugged Performance’s co-founder, Avi Fischer, told Teslarati that the Model 3 seemed to be conducting some test runs up and down the same road where rides where given in the Model 3 during the reveal in 2016. Quoting Fischer:

“We sometimes test our tuned cars outside of our office, today we were surprised to see our neighbors at Tesla doing the same. This Model 3 was driving back and forth for quite some time, presumably testing.”

This silver Model 3 appears to be the same one we’ve seen multiple times in the past. It’s still not the production-intent version of the 3. That version is expected to be revealed on June 2 or so.

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Beautiful car, i hope to see it on the road at July 🙂

Looks like that BIG SUV is tailgating the model 3. Self driving cars have only been in accidents from others running into them.

The model 3 is not remotely close to being a self driving car.

…or is the BIG SUV running interference for the Model 3 (i.e., a chase vehicle)?

It’s SpaceX’s SUV..

what about the deceased MS driver that slammed into a big rig

xman — The truck driver broke the law making an unsafe left turn across traffic.

Though the truck driver was cited, this accident still negates Jim Stack’s claim.

The investigators found that the Tesla had seven seconds to take action to avoid slamming into the truck. A minimally competent system would have easily avoided this accident.

That is not true. The Google car pulled out and hit a bus.

Thanks, Mr. Loveday for noting “This silver Model 3 appears to be the same one we’ve seen multiple times in the past.” The dumpy door window weather seal arrangements are a very strong indicator that this is the mule config (if not the same one then pretty much identical). Not a criticism: this is the way mules are configured, not wasting time/money on secondary details in order to get key aspects of body and propulsion on the road.

I really hope they change the front end for the production version. Not a fan of the squashed-nosed-shark look.

I was thinking the same !

The sides of the front fender look too square when you compare it to the model S and I’m not sure about the unfinished look where you would normally have a grille ?

The ride looks like you are almost sat on the floor so I guess sports car fans will love it.

I’m sure I’m in the minority.

Looking forward to seeing the model Y though.

Agreed Alan,

The Model S is bad enough but I’ll bet you are even more”sitting on the floor” in the Model 3. The low drag requirement keeps the height down and results in the car being lower than the S. This in turn results in a smaller battery and helps reduce costs.

Being closer to the ground will make the air suspension a required add on for myself and others also I would imagine.

Having said that I’ll bet there are some cool new goodies yet to be revealed that make this a very desirable car and that will tempt people to order more options than they might otherwise…..which of course is the plan.

The Motortrend article from last year indicated that the Model 3 is roughly the same height as the Model S.

Once you put the LEGALLY REQUIRED front license plate on there, it won’t seem so bad…

depends on the state. Not required in AZ.

The video is from California. You can see that the SUV following has a front plate.

What georgeS said… there are LOTS of states that don’t require front tags. CA requires front but not back. Many states require back but not front. MD requires both.

Not back? CA requires both. The back plate must carry the current registration sticker.

Not legally required in a lot of jurisdictions. In any regard, I disagree… I think it will look a lot worse with a plate there.

Wimp. I’ve been driving for over a year without a front plate on my Volt.

Front plates are ugly and unnecessary

I like the look but your wish to change it will come true to some degree. Standards for pedestrian impact / injury will surely cause the sharp edge to greatly dininish unless it’s just super-squishy (unlikely). Plus the current profile of the mule doesn’t look to have the sufficient slope to help push a falling / fallen pedestrian up-and-over, but that’s a pure guess.

Anyhow I like the distinctive shape a lot.

I think the only change will be the slits trademark/symbol etc like they now use on the S and X.

Woohoo! They’ve updated the Dodge Neon look! Maybe it’s time to trade-up(?)

The shape of the nose will be driven by wind-tunnel results. As it should be in a car where form should follow function.

Rear headroom and overall visibility look pretty good from this video. Hopefully all of that stays in the final revision for production.

Almost to 4 billion miles:


Nowhere a near production intent vehicle, which they should be testing now if they want to product ready by July.

Seems more of a PR stunt. When questions about where the Model 3 is begin to well up, Tesla brings these hand-built models out for friends to photograph.

Hopefully, we’ll see some actual line-produced Model 3’s testing soon.

Yes, so far we see a mirror of the horrific Model X launch: and that was built on the existing S platform.

Four Electrics posted his usual FUD:

“Yes, so far we see a mirror of the horrific Model X launch…”

You mean, the Tesla Model X, which earned an 88% customer satisfaction rating from Consumer Reports?

Most auto makers would love to have had a launch that “horrific” for even their most popular car!

But of course, facts won’t stop you from posting FUD. Tesla haters gonna hate.


It’s safe to say the SUV is a chase vehicle judging by the SpaceX sticker on the back window.

Fine time for my T1 line to choke on an IEV page. Bet its a pretty sight.

It looks the same as it did in the Model 3 reveal about a year ago. It hasn’t changed.

Since this is at SpaceX, the most logical thing I can think of is that SpaceX employees/executives with Model 3 reservations might be doing test drives. SpaceX employees were allowed to get early reservations at the front of the list, just like Tesla employees. So they will be having to make a decision soon about their buying choices.

If Tesla has decided to wait as long as possible for a public reveal for purely marketing reasons, they would still need to let some of the 10,000-13,000 SpaceX and Tesla employees get their hands on something before the official reveal.