Tesla Model 3 Spotted In The Wild – Video


Just the other day, video of a Tesla Model 3 prototype hit YouTube.

Now, we’re blessed with this higher quality video of the same Model 3 out driving near SpaceX and its Hyperloop test track.

Tesla Model 3

Video description:

Our office neighbors are the best! They were testing a Tesla Model 3 prototype, cruising up and down the street outside our office.

To most, this might have just looked like another car, but we knew how special of a moment it was! Thankfully we were there to capture it for our fellow Tesla fanatics.

In the background you’ll also see the SpaceX Hyperloop test track!

Oh… and here’s a sweet render of a custom Model 3 for your viewing pleasure.

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“…the SpaceX Hyperloop test track!”

Hmmm, I didn’t even realize that SpaceX was directly involved in any Hyperloop project. Seems Elon Musk wasn’t satisfied with just releasing his concept “into the wild” after all!



Yes. When I saw that video the other day it didn’t dawn on me what that tube was.

Hyperloop is dead (or will be dead). There will be bozos shooting at it, and a simple hunting rifle will cause it to deform enough to cause collapse, puncture holes, or at the very least cause it to be constantly repaired and very expensive to maintain. I’m reminded of this as I drive past a country road sign peppered with bullet holes.

Just like people are constantly shooting at trains and city buses, right?

The closest comparison to the Hyperloop is the Alaska pipeline, and people (bozos) shoot at it all the time. Google it.

Yup. I am sure the thought of possibly murdering hundreds of people won’t deter those who really love shooting at pipes.

Sparky loves to tell baseless stories.

Maybe dead in your head sparky.

Simply does not make it true.

Another good result of real world testing, lol. Maybe kevlar over wrapped tubes should be speced.

If Elon pulls it off the hyperloop will travel underground. Elon has started boring tunnels in LA and will make boring technology more modern, efficient, cost effective. GO ELON GO

There is something off with the newest version. It really doesn’t look as good as the one initially revealed but can’t tell why.

I would saw there is something off with your perception. As this is the same car (at least externally) as in reveal evening

Rear passenger headroom looks rather low.

It apparently is. To try to give rear passengers more headroom, the Model 3 can has a glass roof (i.e., no headliner, no insulation). In either a sunny or cold climate, glass isn’t ideal for comfort, but I’m sure the glass roof will be tinted to reduce infrared transmission, but I don’t know what could be done to reduce heat conduction.

Apparently, a metal roof will be an option, but that would reduce rear headroom even more.

As a car becomes shorter, it’s difficult to keep an ideal aerodynamic shape without impinging on rear headroom.

The metal roof is standard and I assume if you want a sunroof it would be required.

but the metal part/sunroof option is only the top center portion of the roof – all 3s will have the large, rear glass window. Musk did say that it will be tinted with the same technology as the Model S pano roof.

There are purportedly (as stated by a VP in test drive videos from the reveal) three options: 1) Metal roof, 2)Fixed glass roof, 3) Openable Glass Roof. Tesla hasn’t said anything (that I have seem) about which is standard, or cheaper.

As noted above, the type of roof does not matter as to rear-seat headroom. The glass rear window goes forward of the rear seat. See the overhead shots here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trkbwcZDoNk

Then get a ugly Bolt.

Hopefully we should start seeing the beta prototypes out testing more soon….but then that might ruin the reveal.

I’m anxious to see what little changes they have made to the body…like the nose!

Maybe this is a beta prototype 🙂

good one. Yes I guess all the alpha cars can be referred to as beta prototypes:)

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“I’m anxious to see what little changes they have made to the body…like the nose!”

What, you don’t like the Lord Voldemort nose???


Did anyone else catch that the license plate said “Model 3”

I guess they are not trying to keep it that much of a secret…..

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Minimal advertising budget…..lol

That’s what the plate said last year.

A PR plant on the cheap, is what this is. It’s all staged, but who cares? It’s still fun to see the 3 drive around randomly.

Ahh, deleting my mild comment. Thought the site was better than that.

Anyhow, this appearance of a prototype model 3, is directly in response to the worries about a production delay and downgrading of stock to a sell.

Note that it is not a production intent model or even a model made on the production line. Does it raise questions about the ability of Tesla to meet its production goals? Sure. It makes these next few months interesting times.

Best of luck to Tesla, but things aren’t looking good.

So Tesla decided to drive a Model 3 prototype around SpaceX and things aren’t looking good?

You overthink things badly.

Tesla is driving the same prototype it revealed last year. You underthink things.

Too much thinking by both if you! Just go build your own EV, and show us what you got! Then go and work out a supply chain for you own car and get to makin’ it!

Yeah that’s the proper response(have you finished your mass-produced EV?) Don’t expect Tesla to meet its self-imposed deadline. Attack anyone who notices that things appear behind schedule. Yup, you’ve found your path, Robert. Too bad it’s the path to koolaidtown.

” who notices that things appear behind schedule.”

What have you noticed? At the reveal, conjecture was that we wouldn’t see a car until end of year 2017. Then Elon said that July was the date for parts to be ready (which he didn’t think would be met). Now, they are placing orders for 4,000 parts in July. Sounds like they are *ahead* of schedule.


“but things aren’t looking good.”

They have just announced that they are ahead of schedule. And nothing else. Not sure what you are looking at.

Of course, the video had an obnoxious sound track overlaid, so no road sounds could be heard. Two thumbs down on this video.

Isn’t there reason to believe that they may test software type performance issues on an Alpha car so as not to reveal anything about the Beta cars until a time of their own choosing.

No, of course not. It’s far more fun to pretend that the sky is falling. S/