Tesla Model 3 Spotted Testing At Fremont Track


Tesla Model 3 Testing at Fremont Factory

The windshield wipers appear to be functioning properly.

A few images, plus a windshield-wiper-in-action GIF, capture the Tesla Model 3 out on the test track at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

The Imgur uploader added some notes to describe what was seen.

“They kept removing the driver interior door panel and then putting it back on before driving a few laps. Also kept measuring the windshield wiper range/coverage.”

Model 3 Testing at Fremont Factory

“Side profile view. Had to zoom in quite a bit with my iPhone (sorry for the quality)”

*Note: There are two images embedded above. Click the Next arrow to scroll through.

Kittyburritoeater apparently snapped the shots and posted them along with this to Reddit:

“Decided to take a nice Saturday drive to the Tesla Fremont factory. Found the test track and peeked through the covered chain link fence to see the Model 3! Super exciting since I had never seen one before despite living in the Bay Area. Looks like they were testing the windshield wipers.”

The Model 3 will be unveiled to select individuals on June 2, followed by a full public reveal sometime in July. ┬áInterestingly, we recently saw the Model 3 out testing in Cincinnati, getting some “wiper action” in a heavy rain.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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That is some “Heacy Rain”!
I Can’t wait to test the “Vindow Vipers” out in the wild! Thanks again to Kittyburritoeater!

But, it’s not raining. I guess it never rains in southern California. I’ve often heard that kind of talk before…man it pours.

It doesn’t but thankfully for everyone else Fremont is in Northern California ­čÖé

BTW not really loving those rims.

Rim diameter looks smaller, like 17″. Tires would be cheaper.

The rims are nice looking but the mules are missing a center piece part that covers the lugs, It looks way better close up.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

You seen underloved and underfed. You should go home.

Wow, noone commented on the driver waving their hand before the wipers start? Looks like gesture control to me. That makes sense with the spartan interior, but doesn’t make sense with Elon’s comment about no new tech or better than MS/X.
If it placed to compete with the likes of BMW 3 series it will need something a bit more than just an EV drive train.

What…you think gesture controlled wipers? That would be different and innovative.

Nope; not gesture control.

gesture? should be voice command like everything else. Alexa, wipers on. Alexa, what’s my speed?

–That’s why we won’t care about HUD and other console things.

Is it my imagination, or is the Model 3 profile starting to look like the Gen 2 Volt?

Might be just you. Gen 2 Volt looks more like 2013-2015 Honda Civic.

Uh oh this one is on the prius looking side