Tesla Model 3 Spotted In Norway – Video


The Tesla Model 3 keeps popping up abroad now, like this white one that was just spotted in Norway.

Tesla Model 3 In Norway

Just the other day one was spotted in Germany. Prior to that, we’d seen a couple in New Zealand conducting winter tests.

It’s becoming quite clear that Tesla is shipping more and more Model 3s abroad, but for what purpose or purposes? We’ve got a few guesses, one of which (or more) may be right, then again maybe we’re entirely wrong.

  • Charging validation tests on various networks
  • Showing the new car to foreign investors
  • Showing the 3 to Tesla store employees
  • Displaying the car abroad to drum up interest (probably not)

Why do you think the Model 3 is overseas way before it will ever be available there?

Video description:

“White Tesla Model 3 observed in Norway. Filmed by Jan Ove Furesund.”

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I certainly hope it is for testing purposes. Although it is a bit late to test a car months after it supposedly entered production, late is a lot better than never.

Model X, as Bjørn Nyland has been showing lately, deals less than perfectly with winter. And Bjørn lives in Oslo and doesn’t have very difficult conditions most of the time. Even so, doors and mirrors freeze and become inoperable…

I sure hope Model 3 fares better in this respect.

Can’t really believe this is unique to Tesla vehicles, it would be better to list all the vehicles where the mirror folding fails and those where it works. Same with door seals sticking, especially frameless doors.
And I’m sure if you live in this climate and know your mirrors won’t unfold in the extreme cooks then you probably smart enough to not fold them in the first place.

Multiple Winter Testing, also one spotted in B.C., Canada, at Squamish Supercharger (Via Miss Titled Electrek Story!)

Aditional Autopilot Development, testing and Verification, early!

Durability Testing on Real Road Conditions, not Found in California, etc!

They are showing up everywhere except in my garage…

Good 1!

Chance spotting of a rare species.