Tesla Model 3 Spotted In The Wild – Images + Video


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The first “in the wild” Tesla Model 3 (specs, details)ย has been spotted.

The image uploader states:

“Spotted today in Marina Del Rey, was being shot from the back of a Model S.”

If we had to guess, we’d say this was probably done for some sort of upcoming promo for Tesla Motors.

Aside from the images, there’s a high-quality video of the Model 3 in motion, too!

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Images viaย MichaelAmbrosi

Source: Reddit

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Looks better on the road than I expected. It will be tough waiting for mine! As a potential Bolt buyer, it is the supercharger network that pushed me to Tesla.

On looks alone, the Bolt does not stand a chance. Not a Bolt hater though, it will be here well before the 3, have the utility of the hatchback, and be a solid car for many.

The 3 with AWD, pano roof, winter package, upgraded interior, and SC is my choice.

Here is a decent update from IBD expressing similar sentiments, regarding the Bolt:

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

Virtually all of these “amazing preorder” stories miss the most important point: most of them were made BEFORE THE CAR WAS SHOWN. This was an incredible vote of confidence in Tesla, not just the car.

Yep. I camped out to plunk my money down.

Ah the confidence of being able to cancel your preorder at anytime and get your money back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, the confidence of hundreds of thousands of people gladly giving Tesla an interest free $1000,00 loan for 2 years.

Maybe you should see someone professional for your denial of reality issues?

Given the lousy interest rates today, I’m not too worried about having given Tesla $1000 for two years.

Note, the just kidding/sarcastic smiley present! ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s A ton Of Money….L M A 0…..Especially at these Astronomically out of control HIGH interest Rates .00002% It will make Tesla Rich ….R O T F L M A 0…………….

It is a comfort, but it’s also ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. That is not an amount that any of us trifle with.

And, that’s probably why Tesla made the price so high (as opposed to the $99 for the Leaf, originally). Tesla wants serious buyers – people they can count on to turn those reservations into deliveries.

I guess with a $35,000 car, it’s reasonable the $1000, and you’re right, that amount helps show commitment.

Well, I don’t think we can read *that* much into it. I for one am one person who reserved before it was presented, but it’d be incorrect to say I have huge confidence that Tesla pulls it off. More accurate would be to say I have huge confidence Tesla would *try* to do the right things and their car would be something pretty ambitious, and that I *hope* they pull it off. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t have plunked down the deposit when I did if it wasn’t refundable. But it’s not clear for me whether I’ll buy it. In Norway there are very high taxes on cars, and EVs are exempt until the end of 2017. How much tax will apply after that is not clear yet, but for fossils it is about half the sticker price for ordinary cars and more if it’s got a big engine… Probably the EV incentives will be gradually phased out, which might mean the car will be more expensive the longer it takes to arrive. Exchange rates can also shift quite a bit – either way – and all of this means it’s really difficult to say whether a bird in the hand is… Read more »

I had the same thought. The top photo in the article surprised me. It looks a lot better than my impressions from release night photos or videos so far.

I’ve thought all along that it looks smashing. Model S is pretty, but a little bit conservative and I would say feminine. Model 3 looks more agressive and futuristic, and a bit more masculine. I think it’s spot on!

The interior takes a little getting used to, but I think it’ll grow on us. Moving the screen a few inches closer to the driver and wheel will really improve ergonomy, and the absence of a dash really should improve the view right in front of the car. A HUD would be awesome though, and may be waiting in the wings if we’re lucky!

The more I see it , Look at it , the Better it looks!& The More I Like it! THIS is The “REAL McCOY”!! The “EV” THAT WILL SET THE STANDARDS & Dispel the naysayers like all the rest of the car makers ,That said “IT CAN’T BE DONE , Instead of saying “We Don’t want it to happen”!! Once & for all!

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

“On looks alone, the Bolt does not stand a chance.”

You could be right, I am starting to do serious thinking about if my upcoming bolt lease will be over when the Model 3 comes out.

I think about the same thing. I like the Bolt and the timing of it works out great with when my Volt lease ends later this year. I made a reservation for the Model 3 early, as soon as the link showed up on their site prior to the launch event. I’m impressed with how it turned out and am more serious about keeping my reservation than I’d thought I’d be. My hunch is it would be hard to time a Bolt lease right to move from it to the 3. If I end up holding out for the 3, I’ll probably make due with a cheap used car for the time period in between my Volt lease ending and when my 3 is built.

Yeah, I kinda feel sorry for GM. They stepped up and built an affordable long range EV. They deserve some credit for that.

But the Model 3 has squashed it like a bug. I think the all but inevitable delays and price hikes of the Model 3 will help GM though.

The competition is a good thing, granted – not for GM but for EV consumers it’s great.

Both the Bolt and the Model 3 mean that Nissan (with their LEAF2) and BMW (with their 2nd i3) need to seriously up their game. The range for instance, needs to be 200 miles minimum. If they are going to be patting themselves on the back for 150 miles range they have another thing coming. Alternatively, stick with 100-150 mile range and cut the price dramatically.

For someone with $35k to spend right now they need a good reason not to buy a Tesla. I can’t see one for now.

Except you can’t spend 35k right now to get a Model 3. Maybe in 2-3 years, unless you were one of the first few in line.

I was among the first in my country to reserve it – don’t know the actual number, but from the reports I’ve got I am fairly sure I am in the top 2-300. But I may still have to wait a long time after it’s released here, since all Tesla owners current and future who reserve a Model 3 in the next two years will get ahead of me in the line…

Gm didn’t spend a lot. It’s all LG hardware in it.

That’s about 100 feet from where I live! The pictures might help me push the HOA to move on the EVSE installation plan. It would be a minor miracle if the project gets done before the Model 3 is available ๐Ÿ™‚

Just old fuddy-duddy’s (HOA). Show them some Tesla vids.

I live near there too. In CA, your HOA must allow you to install an evse. It’s the law. I installed one in my condo parking spot.

If you need advice regarding evse installation, shoot me an email. My comment name @ gmail.

? Get the evil attorney on your side. ?

Hi Nathan, good luck with the HOA. I was visiting my MoM with my son and at at the little Hamburger place on Maxella and bought a few records at the Barnes and Noble. It’s ironic,to have the Model 3 glide by there shortly after I put down my deposit for first in the wild pictures, as I normally never even eat anything in LA, except at my Mom’s house.

Ok guys, does anyone have any (informed) idea of range at 130/140 kmh on this or Bolt? Only then will i be able to tell if this is for me or not.

Probably at least 30-40%% less than 200. If I remember correctly it gets better in town MPGe than HWY MPGe. Plus you are asking for a range at 80 MPH which is kind of up there for a compact car like the Bolt EV.

George, do you think 205 miles at 75 mph sounds right? Cheers

No way 5 mph difference could save those 30%/40% so no, you don’t agree. I just answered myself, lol

Not for you, range tanks if you trash EVs.

Don’t worry though, even if you ordered yours today you wouldn’t get your Model 3 until after 2020 considering backlog and factoring in some delays in production start and a ramp up period.

Of course Bolt is still an option, nut not practical if you’re usually in a hurry, especially since it takes a long time to quick charge, if you can even call it that with 80% charge taking at least an hour.

The Model 3 is a “N0 BRAINER” choice.. 0n this planet anyway.Unless you want bigger car like the X 0r the S…

Or unless one wants a smaller, lighter 4-passenger hatchback that’s designed for efficiency rather than performance. I don’t need a car that can travel from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds or have a range of more than 120 miles, and don’t want to drive a car that is heavy because of these performance capabilities (e.g., large, heavy battery pack, tires, brakes, suspension). I also don’t want an EV with a lot of rust-prone steel in its construction. So the Model 3 isn’t for me, but I understand its appeal.

I live in ontario canada where they use salt in the winters …A decent car that’s oiled with enviromentaly friendly oil, will not rust with Proper care & maintainence ..I have an 18yr old Mercedes That’s zero rust, Tight & still in show room Condition when I get it buffed up.. THINK OF SAFETY First …Those plastic car fold up like a cheap tent in a moderate accident…

I am assuming you are in the EU? Hopefully not in Ontario anyways.

Siรฑce it looks about as good in the Aerodynamics department as the Model S, and Elon said he was going to try and reach a Cd of 0.20 on the Model 3, while the Model S is a Cd of 0.24, go online to the Tesla Model S page, scroll down to the bottom, and adjust speed, temp, etc. and see what the 70 gets! This will likely be within 5% or closer, if they actually got their target Cd!

Great tool, but it stops at 120 kmh (74,5 miles) unfortunately. Anyway, result was 331 km (205 miles). Isn’t that a bit too much for a model 3? Well, anyway, if this result is right (even with slower speed), i think i will be driving electric a lot sooner than i thought (not necessarily Tesla). Thanks for all the answers and yes, i’m in europe. What’s wrong with Ontario?

What other CEO talks about the Cd of his products? This is why Tesla does things right. They know what is important and push hard to achieve those goals.

Assume that the EPA range of the Bolt and Model 3 will nearly equal. The EPA is an average of city and highway traffic.

The Bolt is a smaller, lighter car with worse aerodynamics. It achieves its rating on low consumption in the city.

The Model 3 will be a larger, heavier car with better aerodynamics that will use relatively more energy in the city as compared to its highway energy consumption.

So my prediction is that, assuming the same EPA range, the Model 3 will have a much better highway range than the Bolt, and it will be less sensitive to driving speed. All thanks to the superior aerodynamics.

Just my 2c.

Well, rolling resistance is proportional to distance and air resistance to the square of the distance, so the question boils down to the relative importance of the two.

The air resistance will increase by a factir if 1.4*1.4 = 1.96 by going 140 km/h instead of 100 km/h.

Assuming it is just over half the energy at 100 km/h you should expect about a 25% reduction in range, all else being equal.

So my guess is about 150 miles, which is 240 kilometers. On a sunny day without headwind. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wouldn’t ever take a Bolt that fast. Have you seen how top-heavy it looks?

It looks shorter than the Model S parked in front of it. Is the overall height of the 3 less than the S??

Hmm first photo it does look a tad taller than the S. That’s good IMO

Interesting seeing directly next to the S. Much smaller as expected but front is so low and sleek. Makes me wonder if the facelift for the S will do something similar.

Looks far better in real, still dont get it why it does not have hatch door, but just a trunk

I thought Tesla said it would have that option.

That will be the Model Y

Where? I’ve heard the glass roof is an option but I’ve never heard that the metal roof version would be a hatchback.

I think you guys are right. I can’t find it on a google search.

That big glass roof allows you to quickly look up to see the plane landing on top of you, because you drove down an active runway, or they made an emergency landing on the freeway!

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

Its there to allow police hellicopters to see you trying to boff your girlfriend in the back seat.

while driving on autopilot….

With any Luck maybe later they may make that available …Knowing Musk he is “N0T CLOSED MINDED” & Arrogant like the BIG Auto Makers , Musk Listens And Acts on Issues!

I was shocked when I saw it was a trunk. Makes me very sad, hopefully Elon and co. will pay attention to the requests for a hatch instead of a glass roof and we’ll have the option, glass roof plus trunk or hatch!

(The Original) Steven

I couldn’t agree more.

I was under the impression that there was going to be “more than one version” of the Model 3. If so, I would gladly delete the panoramic roof in favor of a proper hatchback.

Too bad no hatch. That would be one thing I like better about the Bolt. My guess is the 3 will have better shoulder width and leg length room for the passengers, while the Bolt will have better behind the seat cargo area, and will be more practical with it being a hatch. There will be some things you can take in the Bolt but not the 3, unless you fold down seats which might not work if you also have passengers.

I am looking forward to better pictures and specs being available.

Dying to see that boot! How much room is in there

Yeah, I’m curious. They left that a mystery.

Can’t be too tall, since the front slopes more radically than the Model S.

Wonder if the read-wheel drive III has a Baby “Microwave” like the S, too? Hmmm…

That’s a damn fine looking car. I don’t normally find beauty in cars, but there’s no denying that Model 3 stands out.

Model 3 has sort of/kind of similar shape to Mazda 3 that has Cd of 0.26. Model 3 should be at least as good. I hope it’s below 0.2, but I have my doubts. I can’t wait till 2030 when I can finally get one!

(The Original) Steven

Have you never seen a Jaguar XKE, or a Mercedes Benz 300SL?

What BMW is going to do besides to reduce the i3 price to $25.000 or less. I think the i3 is dead in the water.

I bought an i3 because of its form factor (short, light, 4-passenger hatchback), because of its use of advanced materials to lower its weight (e.g., carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, thermoplastic, aluminum) and increase its efficiency, and because of its rear-wheel drive and no-compromise rear suspension. Except for the rear-wheel drive and rear suspension, the Model 3 doesn’t meet my needs. I doubt that I am the only EV owner who has similar requirements, so the i3 and future similar cars should be fine.

The WSJ today has a glowing review of the design. I notice they had to bring in a new writer instead of leaving it to one of their normal Tesla hating staff…….

Ahahahaha! Schweeet! ๐Ÿ˜€


*Happy Dance*

scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

So I will ask the dreaded question. What do you think the chances are of an extended range (bigger battery option)?

Definitely yes. Will cost several thousand dollars more though.

I think Musk has said, through one medium or another, that there will be a battery upgrade.

For the S, going from 70 to 90 provides a moderate increase in range and remarkable acceleration improvements, all for $13k.

Since the 3 should be a little bit lighter, all tolled, then it might not take a 20kWh jump to make a similar difference. I would say maybe 55 and 65, where the 65 would be for $8k or $10k more (at that point, you are getting into S70D range and performance, so it should cost $$$).

In one of the videos you can hear a passenger ask the Tesla engineer what capacity battery the car has. All the engineer was willing to tell him was that the car they were in had the higher capacity battery. You can find that video in one of the earlier posts of inside evs.

The chances are 100%. They’ve said there will be a faster version, and normally Tesla introduces bigger battery packs with faster versions.

The Model 3 is exciting. I really appreciate Tesla’s vision and mission. That said, we gotta remember this vehicle will not be actually delivered until late 2017 or 2018. It is very dangerous to project how it will fit into the 2018 EV market. Look how fast things change. Two years ago, the Model 3 was the only 200+ mile every-man EV on the radar. Now GM’s 200+ mile Bolt is rolling of the production line in pre-production mode. By 2018, GM will have over a year of Bolt retail sales and other EV program participation and experience. With GM/LG’s aggressive plan for further battery pack cost reduction, the 2018 Bolt may get a major price reduction. It may have a pre-paid membership to an exploding national CCS FCDC network. How will that affect Model 3 sales? Nissan, BMW, etc will have new EV products out. The CCS and Chademo FCDC network outside of the Superchargers is already exploding, especially in the hot EV market regions. Chargepoint is installing CCS chargers all over the place, even right here in rural Redding CA. Just go to plugshare and look. It is VERY likely within the next year GM will be a… Read more »

The thing about the SC network though is that no one else can use it but Teslas. Meanwhile, Teslas can use adapters to use all the other DCFC’s. That’s a huge advantage.

HVACman said:

“It is very dangerous to project how it will fit into the 2018 EV market. Look how fast things change.”

Yes, and it’s high time! We had essentially no change in the market for compelling plug-in EVs from the end of 2010 (with the intro of both the Leaf and the Volt) to nearly the end of 2015, other than the introduction of the Model S. But it looks like the market will be busting wide open over the next couple of years.

It’s about time we started seeing some real competition! Great that buyers will have more choices in compelling EVs.

This is going to be the biggest tease ever for all of us that preordered. now we get to watch them drive them around in the wild for almost 2 years lol.

Bolt is a great car. An awesome car! This Model 3 looks a thousand times better.

Bolt has to go down at least $10,000 to be competitive.

Sorry Alpha Edge, I didn’t see your other comment (which I totally agree with) before I posted my reply to your first comment above. I see now you get it and are not in any way in denial. My bad.

I’m with the people that like the functionality of a hatch, especially one that has a shelf like the Model S. The rear pano glass roof glass for the 3 has multipurposes though. My first reaction was nooo, don’t add design risk to the Model, but learning the real reason it is being used makes more sense. They had a design issue of making a smaller car and retaining or improving Cd while creating a comfortable back seat for adults. The pano is a nice offshoot of this effort. The real reason was to eliminate the rear frame and it’s intrusion into the cabin. The frameless roof allows the rear seats to be moved back and, along with the slightly higher rear slope than the S, reasonable head room. Looking at the photos, it appears the seating cabin area for the S and the 3 are pretty similar. The frunk and trunk loose the space from reduced vehicle size.

I think the trunk will not be very long but volume wise it’ll beat the competition because like the Model S, it’ll be deeper.

I wonder how people living in hot, sunny or very cold climates would like the glass roof. Glass is a poor thermal insulator, so unless there’s an insulated cover that can be placed between the passengers and the roof, passengers’ heads may be either uncomfortably hot or cold in more extreme weather.

There seem to be a lot of questions about the glass roof when it comes to comfort and supporting roof racks, etc. I am sure it will be fine. This isn’t the first car with a glass roof. There are plenty of high-end cars that have an all-glass roof already. They aren’t inventing something new this time.

The Bolt EV concept also had a full glass roof.

Ok…here is complaint .

So if truck kicks up a rock that puts a big crack in your windshield, do you have to replace your entire roof? How much will that cost? Insurance won’t be cheap.

Its not one piece of glass–pics show at least two sections, although I have seen some folks say its 3 sections.

The Model 3 looks very nice on the road.

Decided to keep my $1,000 in the investment account until the 3 is actually available for sale. By early 2018 Tesla should have ramped up production quite a bit more than S and X, and the wait after ordering won’t be long at all.

By 2018 along with the utilitarian Bolt(which should be $25k to compete with the sexy Model 3), there should be a few more 200+ mile EVs competing. BMW i3 will also take a big hit when Model 3 sales actually begin, unless BMW puts a 200+ mile pack under the car and drops the price/redesigns the awkward our of the design.

But as of today, the Model 3 is at the top of the 200+ mile list.

I humbly offer – there are Many details that Exclaim that you are not looking at the final car.

cd still needs work, I’ll guess .05-ish.
Glass will be 3 panels: behind the driver joint, behind the rear passenger joint, hatch.

Door glass not matching the doors is your first clue – it AIN’T a concept car, thank gawd, where they release the final and you respond WTF? but it is nowhere Near the final car, either. Trust they can keep the amazing lines that they have realized in the ‘reveal’ but aero is an unforgiving beotch..
stay tuned
(and all comments referring to the interior as though it is Anything but a functional place-holder allowing alpha-drives are forgiven).