First Tesla Model 3 Spotted In Europe


This is the first sighting of a Tesla Model 3 in Europe, but it certainly won’t be the last.

Spotted near Tesla’s assembly plant in the Netherlands, this black 3 is the first to be seen on public roads on the other side of the Atlantic. Actually, aside from a couple of Model 3s seen in New Zealand for winter testing, this sighting is the first of a 3 outside of the U.S.

Teslarati explains:

“Robert di Gento took the photo, and later tweeted that the license plate registration was August 31. He also gathered that this Model 3 was a “fully loaded” model with a price of €86,000.”

There’s no indication that European deliveries of the 3 will commence anytime soon, so we suspect this car is there more or less for display purposes, possibly to drum up demand and even more likely for some testing and evaluation.

If you’re in Europe, be on the lookout for this and possibly other Model 3s. They’ve arrived! Or at least this lone black one has made the journey. More are sure to follow.

via Teslarati

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I’d wager some of Model 3’s will make a short trip to Germany, for testing purposes. So, Germans prepare your cameras and smartphones for shooting sessions… Possible that France is also in the cards.

I suspect Norway might be one if the Hottest European Model 3 markets – as they move beyong 50% PEV (Plugin Electric Vehicles, including BEV + PHEV) sales!


Saw my first Model X last week in a parking lot here in MI. Meh. It’s spoiler was obscenely stuck in a fully erect position. If they can’t get that right then those Falcon Wing Doors will almost certainly require frequent service.

Model S and 3 are so much sexier.

Spoiler alert: The spoiler is fixed (not retractable and non-motorized) in the non-performance versions of the Model X.

So, you likely saw a perfectly normal Model X with the standard spoiler. I bet the Falcon doors worked just fine too.

No, this was stuck in the erect position. There was a space for it to retract into.

Tesla body hardware is extremely unreliable. Door handle fail like clockwork. That stuff is hard to engineer for reliability.

Falcon Doors? Pointless gimmick that will earn Tesla millions in service profits.

The non performance version also has that space. It’s still fixed.

He clearly has his mind made up. No point in confusing him with the facts! 😉

No need to be a db. He said one version had it fixed and one had it retractable.

So if you see a spoiler with a ungainly space under it that appears to be for retraction, why would you conclude it’s fixed?

If it’s fixed then why is there a space for it to retract into?

Are Tesla really that stupid at design? I don’t think so.

Millions! Internet man said so! Sorry, no. All currently made Model Xs have the spoiler fixed in place. All Model Xs of any year have fixed door handles. Giving clues for free, no charge!


Thanks for the free ride on the clue train. 😀

If you think those falcon doors will be reliable then drop me a PM because I have a great deal on some lithium futures just for you, internet man.

As all of the early Model 3 production is said to go to domestic buyers, I’m guessing this is one of Tesla’s test cars, either a pre-production test car or one of the early production units diverted to test car usage.

They go to employees.

VIN will be around 200 end of this month. Employee confirmed their order is supposed to be delivered then.

Maybe non-employees start next month?

In holland drive by the left like in england?

No on the right. This seems like the middle of three lanes, of which the right one is close to an exit.

Good news for Tesla China is committed to EV will force crying and screaming aotumakers to produce EVs or not sell in China. CHINA plans to phase out all EVs and meet there 2030 CO2 emissions.

I wish there was a way to edit comments. I hope anyone that read my previous post realized I met China is phasing out ICE.

And…this is why BWM, MB, Audi are pissing their pants and trying to catch up.

Ha, ha, to drum up demand! Elon already stated they don’t need to drum up demand, I believe he compared it to a pizza place with a 1hr wait advertising to sell more pizza’s, no need because you can’t satisfy the current demand.
Maybe once they get through the 100’s of thousand reservations then they might need to drum up demand. No doubt by then they will be revealing the Model Y and have 1mil reservations on their hands!