Driving A Tesla Model 3 In The Snow – Video

Tesla Model 3


Here’s a closer look at how the Tesla Model 3 fares in the snow, complete with some donut attempts!

Zac and Jesse are out for a ride in an ice and snow storm. The Model 3 is fitted with its standard Continental ProContact all-season tires. Keep in mind, this first batch of Model 3s are all single-motor, rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The pair received special clearance to take the Model 3 to an empty parking lot for some testing and some fun. The snow is coming down pretty hard and the roads on the way to the site are in rough shape, but the car stays under control, manages well uphill, and even handles a brief stint with Autopilot engaged.

Once they get to the abandoned lot, Jesse floors it and works the steering wheel, though the car still remains in control and responsive. The traction control does a solid job of keeping the car doing what it’s supposed to do.

They try hard to get the Model 3 to spin out by turning on “slip start,” which allows the wheels to spin. While it does give the car a little more freedom, it’s still difficult to get it to lose control.

Video Description via Now You Know on YouTube:

Welcome back for another episode of Now You Know! On today’s episode, Zac & Jesse take the Model 3 out for a spin in the middle of a snow storm and we see how it holds up! And we may do a couple of donuts in the process!!

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Thanks guys, your video substantiates my belief in RWD for EVs, but I’ll still be ordering the AWD Model 3 when I get my invitation … hopefully soon 🙂

I had the chance the test drive a Model 3 and was amazed how well it handled on the road… super responsive and like being on rails when going around a corner… better handling than my Model S (which handles great but not as tight as Model 3).

The Tesla Model 3 may be the best current Road-Handling production car.

Yes this understeering looks bad, is there any option to turn off ESC?

Looks like it charges faster rate than Model S/X, probably due to the advanced battery.
Maybe 25% faster, but that’s a guess.

Where did you look in this video? What’s the base of your claim?

How are you supposed to have fun? Must be a way to turn it all off. 😉

Honestly, I want a way to shut off all traction and stability control. There are times when that would be useful. Hopefully Tesla will allow this in the coming OTA updates.

Tesla practically invites you to shop for other EVs, in this regard. They are less about full driver control, than nannyed autonomy. Their choice. Less important with AWD, in my opinion anyway.

I’m not sure that it’s ever really very “useful”, but I agree that there’s probably a way to turn traction control off. My RWD Model S is the ultimate donut machine in a frozen parking lot, but is downright dangerous when trying to maneuver on an icy road with the TC turned off.

Well, it’s how 100% of people used to drive all winter long before. It’s more dangerous than with TC for sure, but “downright dangerous” is relative. It’s dangerous to drive. It’s dangerous to be alive, one might even say.

I want to be able to turn off TC, ASC and the lot. Even Nissan allows me to do so. I’m shocked Tesla, with it’s supposed driver’s car appeal (even if that isn’t their main thing), does not.

Tesla does not want extra bad publicity,there are enough rich people who have bought their cars and gotten themselves in trouble and than denying their stupidness,thankfully Tesla has logs ,maybe Tesla can OTA update a waiver so you can turn off all electronic nannies but there is documentation that you signed off, absolving Tesla of all resposibilities if anything bad happens, similar to the “ridiculous”app.”do you want your mommy”,should definitely be there when Roadster 2 gets here with “Maximum Plaid”.There are enough people around who think they are better than Lewis Hamilton or Michael Shumacher.

True, that is what all cars used to be; however, they didn’t have the crazy, silent torque and acceleration that Tesla’s do. Although it has incredible throttle response, it can still sneak up on you with the lack of engine noise feedback.

I’d give something for the flat ground, low speed, falling snow conditions as the best environment for maintaining control but, folks, Tesla cannot repeal the laws of physics! I could not go back to RWD in my area which is NOT flat, has plenty of curves and dangerous in winter terrain (like, you don’t just go off the road – you fall into a ravine, large ditch or rock wall) ESPECIALLY with just all terrains! If I went back to RWD I’d also have to go back to chains to get up my drive! Seriously, DO NOT oversell this in case a novice or the unaware get overconfident get into trouble! Plus, there are all kinds of snow and road conditions. One parking lot doesn’t a good evaluation make, as good as traction control and stability control has become.

Very impressive. I assume this is the long-range version, so the heavier battery probably also helps a bit. I had always planned to wait for AWD, and I might still do that, for improved safety at higher speeds, but the low-speed handling seen with this RWD model is quite respectable.