Tesla Model 3 Smokes Ford Mustang – Drag Race Video


A Tesla Model 3 shows a Ford Mustang how it’s done at the drag strip. The 2017 Mustang was simply outgunned in this head-to-head race.

Model 3 Versus Mustang

With its 0 to 60 MPH time of just 4.66 seconds, the base, long-range Model 3 is no slouch.

Just imagine how this race would’ve went had the Model 3 AWD performance version been available yet.

Video description:

“When we where at the track with the Teslas a 2017 Mustang EcoBoost raced the new Tesla Model 3. After racing all day in 23 degree weather with the Tesla battery down to 50% the Tesla was still able to come out with the win. Great reaction time.”

The 2017 Mustang Ecoboost features a 310-HP, 2.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It’s clearly no match for the long-range Tesla Model 3, despite only pumping out 271 HP and weighing in at a hefty 3,838 pounds.

In a race such as this, electric makes all the difference. That instant, off-the-line torque is what seals the win.

In this 1/8-mile race, the Model 3 gets it done in 8.7 seconds, whereas the Mustang needs 9.3 seconds to get to the finish line.

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So in a 1/4 mile race the Mustang would have won?


The Tesla had a higher speed than the Mustang crossing the finish line. Mustang may be too far behind to catch it within the 1/4 miles.

Maybe another video will tell 🙂

Model 3 compared to 75D & P100D.
Same channel, Tesla Racing.

Ha! That P100D couldn’t hook up for a good 500 feet! Must have been really slick out there.

Yeah, it was really slick. Just finished raining. They were just doing a demo, not real racing.
Good Spotting.


Yes, now try it again against the Mustang GT and see who will win the race

@Norm Saucier, A family sedan versus a hot rod ?

Why not wait for AWD performance version to see which one is quicker to 1/4 mile.

Now put a family of five and their luggage in the Mustag… oh wait.

Against a P100D. ?

Not that good for a 55K $ car, The gasoline Golf R starting at 40K is faster than that

There is usually more related to a car’s cost than its drag times.

Put that extra money into the mustang and it would have smoked the tesla. Mustang runs about 29000

Warranty voided.

There are supercharger upgrades from Roush that when installed by a Ford dealer does not void warranty, so no.

A 30K Seat Leon R station wagon will beat the m3. The Seat is basically the Golf R cheaper brother … AWD, 300PS, 2ltr Biturbo, DSG automatic shifting. Sold for as low as 30K.

So you still pay a Premium for being electric.

I do like the Tesla but if you are ok with a dirty ICE you have good alternatives

Paying 40k for an old style fossile car? No way.

How about the 5litre Mustang?

Yeah lets race base mustang. Try racing 5l cobra gt.

It does the 1/4 in 13.4 at 103 mph Model 3.

Not enough

Heavier, less powerful and 50% charge? Impressive, especially since it’s geared for efficiency.

2018 Mustang GT with 10 speed auto does the quarter at 11.9.

I don’t think that car is in the same category of performance as a standard Model 3.

Performance category.. obviously not. Price point is still cheaper than the holier than thou electric car though so I’d say fair comparison.

A Mustang GT is a muscle car literally built for it’s straight line performance. The Model 3 is a 4 door passenger sedan. Hardly apples to apples. It’s like bragging a mustang GT is faster than a Maxima.

Actually, with IRS on these new models, they’re actually built for track performance rather than straight line.

What? That really sucks.
The Turbo-boost 4 cylinder is actually faster???

I’d have expected the lag of the turbo to be decisive, even against the V8. But, the V8 weight penalty did the trick?

That’s a 1/4 mile time he posted for the 5.0. In other words, no neither of those cars are any where close to being as fast. Also this test was done on a wet track causing horrible traction for that turbo 4 mustang. That 9.3 1/8th mile time is probably the slowest ever posted for that car. Nice try though.

I was under the impression that both card were on the wet track…What movie are you watching?

Well he’ll that was a 4 banger a small mustang. My mustang beat it 2017 5.0 425 hp

Yeah and have you looked at the sticker price on a tesla I say give me 140k$in any car I’ll embarrass the tesla

The base model 3, 0-60 in 4.6 mentioned, starts at $35k

We don’t know how fast the base Model 3 would be. Only the long range version is available so far.

Sure have come a long way,with both cars.i would like another GREAT mustang but my life would work with a Tesla.im 70 so drive lots of miles.

What will it be like when the Model 3 Dual Motor comes out with a Performance version?

Then the rustang fan bois will have something to cry about lol

You must be retarded lol ? this is clearly a base 4 cyl mustang with a bad driver, the tesla has instant torque you dork..

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


What was the point?

So it beat the base 4 cylinder mustang.. lol so what

Uh oh. Bunch of ICE owners getting their feelings hurt again. Even more so because it’s Mustang owners. They just don’t get it. Stick to Cars and Coffee where you can spin your Mustang into oncoming traffic. Again.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’m not a fan of these either. What’s the purpose?
The Tesla’s aren’t even “Traditional sports cars”.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I could swear I did a reply to someone…….lol

@Trollnonymous”What’s the purpose?”

To show an ordinary EV sedan with good powertrain can beat a performance car and at the same time get good MPGe.

What a bunch of idiots, internal combustion engine,vs a electrical drive. Should not even compare the two.

No, comparison is a good thing. If we want to see BEVs outsell ICEs then they have to be shown as better in all categories. However I think fairer comparisons should be made, like cars having same price, passenger capability etc.

I agree, a good comparison is Model 3 long range versus BMW 330i or 330e.


I love teslas but don’t be a dork please muscle cars are the way to go forever, alas this os just a 4 cyl mustang

@Jimmy, can you buy a 2017 or 2018 Mustang with a V6 or V8 ?


Electric muscle cars are a thing, have been for a couple of decades. John Waylands White Zombie datsun was pulling 11s in 2005 I think. 2 dc motors 2000amps a fat ford rear end and lots of sparks and smoke.

Don’t forget the dirty part of the tesla, lithium ion batteries are dirty to mine, and most electricity comes from coal, I’d imagine it takes at least 100000 miles to make up that difference…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Don’t forget to include all the dirty sloppy oil spills and accidents at those Crude Oil rigs.

Feel free to include all the lithium spills too……..lol

An EV owner can generate their own electricity from their solar panels.

An ICE car still needs to suck and swallow OPEC jizz from the Kings/Prince in the sandlands.

You must like swallowing the Jizz and farting it out.

@Greg p. “most electricity comes from coal”

How long had you been under a rock ? About 30% of all electricity generated in America are from coal, mostly in eastern states such as west Viginia.

There is very little power in western states are from coal.

Those claims have been long dispelled. Go do some real research. For example do a 5 second Google search on “lithium mines”.

Right… because mining a bucket full of minerals that will last several years (in a battery) AND can be recycled, is equivalent to a tank full of hydrocarbons “every week” (or more) that gets burned and pumped into the atmosphere… Why are these ridiculous comparisons still being perpetuated? By volume alone an ICE will use a couple hundred times in fuel what an ICE does in minerals. Then… minerals are already contained and can be dealt with, while the fuel (a couple hundred times worth) is literally up in smoke.

“I’d imagine it takes at least 100000 miles to make up that difference…”
At least you’re honest and admit that you are imagining things. Try looking up facts next time.

Why don’t you try the real Mustang not the water down version called the Ecoboost. Please. .my Honda can beat that thing.

What honda an msx though??

…aaaand Teslas still suck.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

aaaand….. the ICE still swallows OPEC Jizz.

Lol sure the s550 mustangs are 0-60 in 4.4 or less seconds and the electric tesla got instant torque at 0 rpm… traction issues or bad driver on the stang for sure

You can’t build the torque right from the start like a electric motor can its a fact apparently some have not used a 110volt drill before it can break your wrist

Sham Alam-a Ding'Dong

Watch the brake lights…. who really is faster?
The Tesla left the line 1 second before the mustangs brakes were released. The driver was slower not the car.

They beat a non muscle slow Mustang with a weak 4 cylinder. My truck could be that. And the overpriced Model 3 is not worth it. Buy a GT.

I wouldn’t have said smoked mustang, besides the Tesla did jump the light.

Wow. Tesla’s newest electric sedan is making ICE car loyalists furious!

This only proves that Ford’s Mustang is due for electrification.

Why don’t Tesla get a try against mustang in some race track? It will fall way behind that’s why.

You know what, they brought this car to the track to get an idea of how it performs. Not to raise the ire of every petrolhead in the universe. The damn things’s only pumping 217 horsepower! Gas-lovers crying about price, track conditions, or what would happen if it raced their favorite track beast, really aren’t making a good case for themselves or the cars they defend.

Things change and people get defensive. I understand that, but we can’t stop moving because we’re afraid or distrustful of change. Finally, a grocery getter that’s quiet, efficient, decent looking, fast and doesn’t burn a drop of oil. All for half the price of what it used to cost! Besides, the more people that get them, the more gasoline available to those who want to stick to the old paradigm.