Tesla Model 3 Is Now Ranked Among Top 100 Selling Cars In U.S.

Tesla Model 3


The Tesla Model 3 logged its first sales back in July 2017, but production was very low up until the end of 2017.

Now it’s 2018 and it’s a whole new ballgame for the Model 3.

In the first 5 months of 2018, Model 3 sales progressively shot upwards, starting with 1,875 sold in January and closing out May with an impressive 6,250 sold. The results for June will be posted on July 3rd here.

Tallied up for the year, Model 3 sales through the end of May total 18,305 units, which isn’t a whole heck of a lot compared to say sales of the Ford F-150 (#1 on the list at 371,934 sold YTD through the end of May), but it is enough to put the Model 3 in the lead among plug-in electric cars by a margin of more than 6,000 units.

More surprisingly though, the Model 3 is now the only plug-in electric car on the Top 100 sales list for the first 5 months of 2018.

Yes, it checks in with the last slot on the list, but we all know Model 3 sales are trending upwards quickly, while most of the vehicles slightly ahead of it on this Top 100 list are actually on the decline.

Surely in a few more months the Model 3 will be further up the list and it should remain in the Top 100 for the foreseeable future, since some hundreds of thousands of orders still have to be fulfilled.

Interestingly, there are several German vehicles just above the Model 3 for sales. Those will surely fall victim to Tesla’s rising sales in the coming months.

Lest we forget about the upcoming Tesla Model Y. Musk predicts it will be a higher volume car than the Model 3, so soon there should be at least two Teslas among the Top 100 ranks.

For a look at the entire Top 100 sales list, follow the source link below.

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Wow, I’m actually more surprised that a vehicle such as the outgoing BMW X5 is outselling the model 3. 100 models, hmm. How many different models of cars are currently for sale??

It’s no secret that SUVs/CUVs are dominating the market. Look how many US-based manufacturers are killing off their sedan lines.

Kind of misleading. Model 3 is currently outselling hte X5 by a good margin, but this chart is showing cumulative sales for the calendar year, which includes the Model 3’s slow ramp-up. If you look at the May sales column, you can see the difference. Model 3 will certainly pass all these cars once the June sales are announced (unless they’ve decided to deliver all their June sales to Canada to extend the tax credit lol).

I strongly suspect Ford is ignoring Elon’s tweets yesterday about the Tesla pick-up truck, yet I strongly suggest they should pay attention. If they sustain sales of 20,000 a month, then numerically, I could see the Model III in the top 25 for at least one year. Sure wish other BEVs would start picking up the pace here.

Speculatively, if Tesla were to sell a pick-up truck, it wouldn’t be at the $27,000 base price of an F-150. It would be in the larger truck categories to settle in around $50,000 for a base price, or the F150 Raptor, which comes in at $70k+. However, the argument of annual fuel costs makes a $50,000 Tesla pick-up cheaper to own in 5-7 years than a $27,000 ICE pick-up; sadly, most of the American market will miss this detail.

Shssssssh. Don’t wake Ford up.

True, most of America can’t do simple 2ed grade math, and figure out a Prius is literally a FREE CAR from the fuel savings, also the Nissan Leaf.

Funny that you pick on Americans for not being able to do “2ed grade math” and then fail to see the problem with stating that a lower cost option is “literally a FREE CAR”. You do know what “literally” means, right? The fuel costs aren’t negative – no one pays you to fuel your Prius.

Hey, he gave that comment 110% effort. 😉

That’s stretching a little. For those figures someone would have to be driving 30,000 miles a year, which .

But you are right that for some high mileage (fleets?) it may certainly be a significant cost saving if Ford/GM/Ram don’t move forward as well. However they aren’t sitting still. This years Ram has a mild hybrid system and Ford are releasing a hybrid truck in 2020, which will undoubtedly have better fuel economy than the current engines.

The $50,000 Tesla pickup is realistically 5 years away at minimum too. Even if Elons “pickup” is a competitor to the 1500-3500 line it’s not going to be selling at $50,000 to begin with (as much as I hope I’m wrong), so Ford/GE/Ram have plenty of time to develop their own.

What make you think Ford only has to worry about Tesla? Both WorkHorse and Bollinger are working on pickup trucks, and I have no idea how many Chinese companies are planning to enter the market.

Let’s hope that Tesla will delay a number of June deliveries for July (in the US).

I think he is differentiating between sales and production and could be stock piling the model 3 for the US rebates. So while he is hitting the production numbers he might not be delivering/selling on purpose to hold the rabate off till Q3 for max benefit for his customers.

Which is a good ideal

Tesla Model 3 is on track to be #3 on this list! Their 10k/wk end run rate lines up with their ~500k/yr target for it. That comes out to just over 200k in sales after five months at that rate (assuming linear sales throughout year). Those numbers would be #3 just behind F Series & Silverado.

Hell no

This is why the “short” position is a form of insanity.
But, it’s no shock the shorts can’t do math, when your in a propaganda information bubble, most people don’t realize that, and inside the bubble seems to turn off higher-brain function.

I suspect many of the shorts do not actually believe Tesla is going to fail; they were more likely just hoping for a temporary dip in the stock price… And trying to make it happen by spreading FUD.

Right. The vast majority of TSLA “short” investors are short-term investors or even “day” traders.

The long-term “short” investors in TSLA are either stupid or insane, or both. And they are mostly the ones wasting their time and energy by posting endless amounts of “fake news” FUD all over the Internet!

This list is just US sales, so even if/when Tesla produce 10,000 Model 3’s a week they won’t all be sold in the US. I have no doubt however that when they ramp up production it will be one of the better selling sedans in the US market.

Currently the established manufacturers (Toyota/Honda etc) sell around 30,000 of each model of their sedans a month in the US. In the premium market it’s closer to 5,000 a month.

Worldwide however BMW produce around 400,000 3 Series a year, not far off the 10,000 a week Musk is aiming for with the Model 3.

To really challenge the establish manufacturers Tesla need to broaden their range significantly and produce a whole lot more than 10,000 vehicles a week, which is realistically a decade away (a new factory every year or two producing new model for a new segment in each).

That assumes a linear scaling of sales relative to number of models. However, as Tesla expands towards higher-volume market segments, sales of these models should actually have a much better shot at reaching Camry or F-150 levels.

(Elon seems to be going back and forth on whether Tesla will actually enter the compact segment; but the latest statement was “in about five years” at the recent shareholders meeting…)

If Tesla can get to 10,000 Model 3’s a week by the end of next year then they will probably be close to Camry sales figures (about 30,000 a month in the US, assuming around two thirds of Model 3’s produced are sold in the US).

To really impact the market however, Tesla need to be producing a few million cars over different segments, which is where the potential compact car, the pickup(s), the Model Y and other vehicles are going to have to come in. That’s what will probably take 10 years or more (and require a LOT more factories and a LOT more money).

They need a broad range of models, which they don’t have right now, to become anything more than a small player in the market, especially as other manufacturers are starting to release BEV’s in more popular segments creating competition (even if a lot are currently low volume productions).

(The way I wrote the last paragraph in my previous post may have confused things a bit).

yeah, but camary and accords sell 300k models in the us alone not including other world markets

Yes, it’s on the optimistic side. You need to assume Teslas target of 10,000 a week by the end of 2019 will happen (500,000 a year) and then assume just over half of those Model 3’s are sold in the US, and that after fulfilling all the preorders the market isn’t saturated so they can actually sell all those 10,000 cars a week.

If that’s the case then there’s no reason they couldn’t sell a similar number of M3’s to Camrys and Accords (both at around 30,000 a month/300,000 a year) in the US.

A bit of a tall ask realistically though I agree!

Right. There is no way Tesla can challenge, for total volume, the bigger legacy auto makers with only one auto assembly plant. It’s good that Tesla is planning new assembly plants in China and Europe, but that would still be only three. As you say, Tesla needs to be building a new assembly plant every year or so, if they are actually going to ramp up rapidly to the size of one of the larger auto makers.

By comparison, Ford has 8 auto assembly plants in the U.S. alone.

Tesla may no longer be a “small” auto maker, but they are still quite far from a large one!

Go Tesla!

There are a couple of flaws in your math, but that’s not really important. The point being that we have the first EV truly competing head-to-head with ICE cars is what is really important! What a victory for EV’s.

A lot of folks talk about the rush of “Tesla Killers” are coming. But the reality is that they will all have to thank Tesla for truly open the mass market door for them so that they could follow Tesla through.

Anyone wants to guess what will Tesla’s rank be by end of 2018?

My optimist guess is Tesla will make around 160k Model 3 in 2018, it should bring Model 3 to top 30 on the rank.

There is the link to the top 100 list.


That actually sound about right. I guess about 152k model 3’s.

I optimistically think they’ll make 140k Model 3s this year and sell 115k in the US.

Impossible to know where they will be on the US sales chart until we know how many they will export to other markets.

They say no overseas this year, so just US and Canada.

Would be interesting to see the average car price for those models so you can see which market is effected more, specially by the cheaper model 3 pricing released.

Tesla’s current effect is on premium brands, but, in 3 years, as used Model 3’s flood the market, expect Toyota and Honda sales to also take a nose dive. As new car purchases can, for most people, be delayed, maybe Ford is seeing the effects today.

Best in class, today, will still be a very good used car in 3 years.

People often talk about waiting until the Model 3 hits the used market in ~3 years, but this is no ordinary car. I know people like to chase the shiny and new, but this is already a really good car with low maintenance, and when you throw in OTA updates, I suspect people will tend to (operative term here: tend to) hold onto Model 3s longer. (I clarified “tend to” because there will always be people trading in or returning a lease; I just think that on average people will keep their Model 3s longer.)

Much as I’m a fan of Tesla, I think pronouncing a car “low maintenance” less than a year after first sold, is rather premature.

The assumption is EVs are inherently lower maintenance, due to fewer parts simpler systems etc. etc. I think eventually this will be true (if it isn’t then Tesla won’t last as an automaker); but not necessarily right away.

I’m guessing there’ll be newer Tesla models/updates three years from now, and that will be the motivation for early Model 3 owners to trade in. What there won’t be is M3s coming off lease. And if history is any guide, then the used M3s coming up for sale won’t be all that cheap.

good point on lease returns. Leases aren’t planned to start until late this year, so lease cars won’t start flooding the market for a while.

The biggest threat to Model 3 resale prices is future Model 3 features and pricing. Tesla will likely make more optional content into standard content, increase battery size/range, increase charging rate, make incremental improvements, unbundle options, and/or lower prices in the next 3 years. There might not even be a RWD version by then.

We’ve already seen some of this already happening.

The BMW i3 is a much better, premium ride, compared to the X3 and X2.
It’s amazing this isn’t eating into and replacing those sales.
Don’t people test drive before purchase?

Because it only seats four, is much smaller than the X3 or X2, or even X1 and is pricier too. Lot of other negatives.

If BMW made an electric X3, that would be excellent.

They will… In 2020, in China. It’s called iX3.

(Not sure whether it will actually be a China exclusive — the statements I have seen were rather unclear.)

Lol. Come back to me when it’s in the top ten. F-150 #1 I bet

Tesla detractors sure do get a lot of workout moving those goal posts!

Only a year or two ago, y’all were belittling Tesla by saying it didn’t have any car that sold as much as the average model of gasmobile. Now that you can’t truthfully say that any more, you’re trying to belittle Tesla by saying the Model 3 isn’t in the Top 10.

When the Model 3 is in the Top 10, you’ll be trying to belittle that by saying it’s not #1.

Go Tesla!

no not treally, top 10 is top 10

“WHEN it’s in the top ten”

It really is just a question of “WHEN” EV’s move into the top ten, not “if”. I’m glad you understand that.

its irrelevant, ANY carmarker can get top 100 is what meant

Ranked by May sales it’s in 71st place. Sales of 10k would in May have put it another twenty places higher (I haven’t checked if June is usually faster or slower than May in the US market).

Even so, I think it’s fair to say June will – probably! – be the first month in which production can be characterized as anything other than slow. Given the planned production volume the 1500 cars per week Tesla managed (on average) in May isn’t that impressive – but given the months before it was definitely a good step in the right direction.

In Norway however the Model 3 would easily have been in the “top one best-selling cars” for at least a year, if only they let us buy the thing…

I think it likely it will be #1 in Norway in 2019.

To get into the top 20 i think you need at.least 20000 units a month

Nice, but comparing M3 to plugin cars is like comparing butter to battery acid.

Ok, so this is your guys way of celebrating the fact that M3 made the top 100 list overall. That’s a comparison I can wrap my head around, especially since it can only climb up the list. Having a BEV make traction in the top 100 list going to make waves in the car industry.

“Nice, but comparing M3 to plugin cars is like comparing butter to battery acid.”

Let us break this to you gently, Scott: The Tesla Model 3 is a “plugin car.”

Hopefully by a year from now it will be in the top 20, if not the top 10.

Go Tesla!


LOL!! self-parody at its best.

The position at the end of the year will be much more interesting.

Thank you for making article based on my tip and also for mentioning me. I send greetings from Czech Republic :-).

I LOVE this story!!!

I hope we get more like this as more and more EV’s break into the top 100!!!!!


Model 3 in top ten for sales in 2019. Do the math….production finally up to 20k+ a month by December this year so over 300k model 3s built next year should be a cinch.

But half the 2019s will be exports……

Where did Model 3 rank in Canada for June on there top model sales list?

Guessing a little higher up the list! 😉