Check Out This Tesla Model 3 Rear Seat Pass-Through For Skis: Video


If you’re an avid skier, this Tesla Model 3 modification has your name on it.

YouTuber Brian Jenkins of i1Tesla has made a name for himself with videos showcasing original concepts. While many YouTubers tend to recreate much of what others have done before, Jenkins makes a concerted effort to be different. Sometimes this leads to quirky shares like that of a box boy tin man for Tesla Autopilot testing. Other times, he dives into some pretty interesting DIY projects that may appeal to certain Tesla owners. This most recent video shows Jenkins doing surgery on his Model 3 to add a ski pass-through.

So, what if you have a car full of passengers and need to transport skis or any other long item in your Model 3? A trunk pass-through between the rear seats is the most obvious answer. Of course, this is not something the Model 3 offers. However, if you’re handy, you can make it happen.

We’ve included Jenkins’ entire press release below the video description. What do you think of this idea? Is it something you’d use? Do you have any concerns that it diminishes the car’s structural integrity? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

Model 3 Ski / Trunk Pass-Thru

This was a fun project brought to me by a subscriber that saw this on Reddit. I was able to complete this in about 6 hours of work total over two days.

The intro took me 5 hours to edit!

i1Tesla shows-off Model 3 Ski Pass-Thru

Another “first” from Brian Jenkins, the DIY Guy on the i1Tesla YouTube channel

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA: Another amazing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project has been revealed on the i1Tesla YouTube channel. You may recall that Brian Jenkins, the DIY Guy over at i1Tesla, was the first to bring us a simple and inexpensive modification to fully open the Model 3 frunk hands-free. The latest creation from Jenkins’ lab is a Tesla Model 3 modification that allows objects as long as 10 feet to be hauled inside the modestly-dimensioned Model 3. 

What is commonly known as a “Ski Pass-Thru” is a small opening between the trunk and the rear passenger seating area permitting long but narrow cargo (like snow skis or 2×4 lumber) to fit completely inside the vehicle. “I wasn’t sure it was even possible, but it was an interesting feature request from an i1Tesla member that I thought should be explored”, Jenkins said.

Jenkins was the first to perform this customization on his own Tesla Model 3. He even put the entire project on video for the world to see how it’s done. While he admits this DIY project isn’t for most people due to the complexity (and the fact that you have to cut through the steel seat back plate), he wanted to demonstrate that it was indeed possible. 

The i1Tesla video shows step-by-step the removal of the rear seat, the customization of the backrest, and the finished installation. The pass-thru feature remains hidden behind the rear seat folding armrest when not in use keeping the interior appearance factory stock. Simply folding down the armrest reveals the pass-thru directly into the trunk space. If you need to pick up some lumber, haul snow skis, or some other long (but narrow) item you no longer need to take the pickup truck. Just jump into your Model 3 and get the job done quickly.

Brian has plans to do more of these unique DIY projects on his channel to demonstrate the possibilities for the Tesla Model 3, and to help owners make practical improvements that save time and money. The i1Tesla channel was also the first to develop a simple and inexpensive option to fully open the front truck (the “Frunk”) without having to lift the hood by hand. This DIY video was so popular that Amazon quickly sold-out of the parts, and it is estimated that thousands of Model 3 owners now have fully-opening frunks with the touch of a button, all thanks to Brian’s innovation and YouTube channel. 

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This should be an optional when ordering the Model 3. Much better than putting your skis on the roof.

It should be standard on all Model 3’s

Even my 19 y.o. SEAT Leon had that. I can’t imagine what reasons do Tesla have for not including it.


Bring it on, Elon!

Would have been nice for this stock. I’d still have put my rack and box on to keep stuff outside the car (plus we carry snowboards sometimes), but would be a very helpful option for many people.

Things like this seem so commonplace that it’s hard to fathom a manufacturer not including them, especially on a high end vehicle.

Nice simple idea.
Should put some form of rust protection on raw area that was cut to prevent rust.
Maybe he did and forgot to show that part

Thing about it is, you have one exact scenario this would work for since the seats do fold down…Go with a total three people (driver and two passengers) and you don’t need this…Go with five total people and again this wouldn’t work…You only need this for four total people…

Unless the modification allows 4 sets of skis then you should just limit the passenger count to 3 and drop the other portion of the rear seat which would allow 3 sets of skis easily.

Ideally, he would have another velcro’d panel on the rear of the seats that covers the hole when not in use for pass through. Otherwise you’ll likely get a nice increase in noise from the trunk area when that armrest is down. Interestingly enough, my gen 1 Volt was open between the seats and GM sold an accessory that filled that void (with a little storage pouch on it).

Doesn’t look like 4 sets of skis would fit in that slot. Am I wrong?