Tesla Model 3 Sighting In New Zealand – Video


It’s winter over there, so why not conduct some winter testing?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Model 3 in New Zealand and likely won’t be the last.

Imagine being in New Zealand and spotting a Model 3 prior to anyone outside of the U.S. That’s brag-worthy for sure.

Tesla hasn’t openly stated why it’s in New Zealand with the Model 3, but judging by the snow on the ground, the fact that this Model 3 is a release candidate or earlier car and the various test equipment spotted in the previous encounter, we can safely say that Tesla is conducting winter tests on the 3.

Soon enough Tesla will be able to conduct these snowy weather tests back here in the U.S. where cold weather will move back in just a few months from now.

Video description:

“Spotted this Model 3 just outside Queenstown, New Zealand.”

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This is purely a guess: That’s a dual-motor prototype and they’re dialing in the AWD in winter conditions.


Looks like they use Sand on their Roads, based on the effects of driving there!

I was hoping for snow donuts

Testing at http://www.shpg.co.nz they have two there a sliver and white model 3 been there for over a month.

Winter tuning of traction control for AWD/Dual motor version makes a lot of sense.

Once winter rolls around, we might see a bunch of them testing in the Sierra Nevada or Reno area as well.

+1 Especially since the anti-selling of the Model 3 will be over by then, and they won’t have any reason to keep doing things in secret.

Just saw a blue Tesla Model 3 in Novi, MI (Detroit Metro Area) yesterday. It had a personalized plate and was driven by a middle-aged Indian woman. Looked very nice. Very surprised to see one in MI already. The driver must be somebody pretty important. I will say that the car looked great and stood out (in a good way).