Tesla Model 3 Sighting In Germany

Tesla Model 3


With only a handful of Tesla Model 3 vehicles anywhere at this point and no customer deliveries yet, sightings are rare.

Honestly, for many of us, seeing any Tesla model is rare. The number of Teslas on the road in comparison to other traditional automakers is a drop in the bucket. The further you get away from California and other CARB states, and the further you are from major cities and areas of affluence, the chances of encountering one is minuscule.


Tesla charging inlet and plug in Europe (standard Mennekes Type 2)

We previously reported about a few Model 3s spotted outside of the California area, in locations like Texas, Chicago, and Detroit. Then, in September, the Model 3 graced its presence in the Netherlands. Now, another was seen in Germany. The car isn’t expected to even begin to hit the Euro market for another year or more, so this comes as quite a surprise.

According to Electrek, the car has plates registered in Munich and has been spotted several times in the area near Ingolstadt. Tesla vehicles have been seen in Europe many times before, prior to their launch in the area, but it’s usually because a German automaker got ahold of one for testing or comparison.

Information acquired by the publication via the German Tesla forum said that the car was being driven by Tesla employees from America. It was not a Euro spec vehicle since it had the charging plugs that are only found on North American Teslas. Fortunately, the forum member was allowed to take a picture of the car Supercharging at the Braak Supercharger, using a Mennekes Type 2 to Tesla plug adapter.

Source: Electrek

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“Tesla Model 3 Sighting In Germany…”

The modern Fahrvergnügen!


I saw one on Saturday in then Marina district of San Francisco. Looked nice. Except for the aero wheels which I personally don’t like. Not as unlikely as seeing one in Germany, but I was still surprised.

There was the (only?) Model 3 to make it east of the Mississippi, for visits to NY and Boston.
Went right past me.

And this is what is driving BMW, MB, and VAG to desperately try to catch up.

They know that the Model 3 will devastate the market share of their lucrative mid-range/size performance/luxury sedans just like the Model S is doing to their higher-end offerings.

I saw my first Model 3 yesterday, a dark grey one. On highway 152 in Los Banos, CA of all places. (No, it doesn’t mean “the bathrooms”!) It looks like a Model S, just smaller and with a mushier nose, so it requires a double take. I had to turn my head and check out the rear end as it passed me just to be sure it was really a Model 3. The trunk is also a giveaway.