Tesla Model 3 Sighting At Factory In Fremont – Video

Tesla Model 3


The Tesla Model 3, or really any object of beauty, shown with simple yet satisfying camera work and video editing is generally sure to impress.

As the Tesla Model 3 is now in production, Tesla isn’t doing much to hide it. There is a myriad of videos and pictures of sightings at the factory and elsewhere lately. We’ve even seen some popping up across the United States.  But sometimes we find pictures or videos that are a step above the rest.

Tesla Model 3

A nice shot of the Tesla Model 3 through the windshield.

Although the video is only one minute, you can tell that the person filming had editing has some experience. We may have opted for a different soundtrack, or at least something not so repetitive, but aside from that, kudos to Tava on YouTube for the excellent work. And really, we can listen to anything we want while watching the pretty video.

The video is really only a collection of a handful of exceptional shots, but the filmmaker is able to get a lot of material out of it.

If you have any favorite pics or videos of EVs, which stand out from the standard fare, please share them in the comments section below.

Video Description via Tava on YouTube:

Saw a Tesla Model 3 at the TESLA Factory. Car was an employees, and was sitting right behind the Supercharger.

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I want my model 3 with a nuclear fallout shielding package..not joking.

I had to think about that one. If you believe it, go short on LG and all their battery customers (like GM).

On the positive side, Japan and Taiwan will be able to see in the nighttime due to the soft, pleasant glow on the horizon. Ahhhhhhh….

Are you saying being able to see South Korea getting nuked would be a “soft, pleasant glow”? You are really a disgusting excuse of a human being.

It exists already.
I realize it’s bioweapon but it’s the same principal. There are two basic forms of radiation. Particulate and ‘zoomies’ (various wave energy such as gamma waves). Particulate matter/radiation can be alpha particles (a helium nucleus without electrons…i.e. a charged particle…one that is a common radioactive offspring of a decay) or just the various radioactive nuclides given off such as iodine isotopes that later decay inside your body. Either way ‘fallout’ is generally concerned with this particulate matter which can be easily stopped and filtered by such things as clothing, respirator filters, etc. A car filter such as Tesla’s would remove nearly all particulates and the radiation they cause.

In South America such as Brazil where carjackings and ransom are an essential component of GDP, the after marker bullet proof vehicles also have these modes and even assure ‘positive pressure’ like a real containment facility that makes the pressure inside greater than outside so any leaks are leaking out not in. This defends against hijackers using gas attacks.

So there you go.

I Love the Model 3 , But I wish they would put a molding and fill that Channel around that the front & Rear Glass between the Glass & the body work ,It looks Cheap ,Unfinished and makes a pocket for dirt to get lodged in and start rust,That reminds me of that cheap Ford Fusion , that is not good trim work..cheap cheap said the little bird..

I got a nice view of an M3 driving up the 280 from San Jose to San Fransisco. The Tesla headquarters is in Palo Alto, which is right by there, so they apparently use it as a defacto test track.

Of course I also saw the roadster there when it came out. It was parked by the side of the road and I’ll bet nobody knew what it was walking by (except me). Those were the days.

Why would they hide it? It is officially out there. Ok, just employees but its on public roads.

I wonder when the fold-away Steering Controls will be implemented on Model 3? It might be a S / X thing for a while?

Wonder exactly how Tesla will play that card…

I saw the M3 today, here in Boston, just driving a narrow city block. Evidently, it was here on the tour to raise interest in the bonds sale. I cross the street and see a low brow spoiler, unusual front. “Never saw that before”, to myself. Check what from the side looks like Model S, and simultaneously found myself thinking, “If this is the 3, the tail lights will give it away”. Sure enough, as it passed. Svelte.

M3 have the “checked” door handles – dead giveaway even at a distance.

I thought this was pretty good except they used the big battery version of the Model 3.

I like how they used the large battery for range comparison, but did not include the cost of the extra battery in the price comparison – just the base models. If they had truly just used the base, the Bolt would have “won” that comparison.

DanC — It looks like you didn’t actually watch the video. When they get to the price screen they show the Tesla Model 3 Long Range price to be $44K, and show the huge price gap between it and the Bolt of $7380 USD.

They actually don’t even mention the base price of the Model 3, or the price of the higher trim level of the Bolt.

Goto Chapter 6, 3 minutes into the video.

Leave it to Nux to come to Tesla’s rescue for even the slightest perceived criticism.
Not surprising since the guy waiting for TSLA earnings calls like little kids wait for Christmas. Lol

I feel like a little kid on Christmas waiting for my model 3.

Leave it to bvtthert1999 to whine about the correct information being posted…..