Tesla Model 3 Serial # 003 Spotted – Videos


Two videos capture Tesla Model 3 serial #3 outside the Fremont factory. In one video we get to see the power operation of the front driver’s seat.

And yes, that’s Doug Field, Tesla’s senior vice president of engineering.

The video above shows Fields demonstrating the power front seat on the Model 3. The video below is ore a walkaround of sorts, with some unique (though very low resolution) shots of the dark silver Model 3.

Though both videos were from Tudor Melville, the one posted below is of very poor quality.

Melville seems to have a knack for capturing some rather odd video. Check out this vid of a stationary Model 3 at a umm…unique angle:

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Fantastic looking car and I can’t wait .
I do wish the interior had some contrasting colors.
Light gray door panel inserts or some of the trim on the dash besides the wood.

Anything to break up the mono color theme.
Again the aero wheel covers are great but I’ll take mine in silver. Or I may just have them painted.

It looked like a mean batmobile in the first video. I don’t like grey cars generally but that one is winning me over.
I was sure mine would come in blue, but I might have to think about it now…

I have no Complaints with the right colors these interiors should look fine. Get the production line rolling ,Make these cars right and get these cars out there.
…Although I wish the Electric Motors were More Energy Efficient, But I’m sure they’re working on that.

If you are talking about permanent magnet motors then no Tesla will not use permanent magnet motors as their drive motors.

That is not scalable. There are not enough rare earth metals on earth to replace all ICEv with permanent magnet motor electric cars. Tesla’s primary goal is replace all land transportation with sustainable electric transportation.

The rims look gorgeous on them. They’re aerodynamic and subtle themselves but highlighted by the clean, uncluttered body itself.

Those are ugliest rims I have ever seen. I would not have a vehicle with those on it. Looks as bad as steel rims without the hub caps.

Good looking wheels.

I would use those standard 18″ wheels for long road trips.

Get aftermarket 20″ wheels for my everyday driving I do in the city.

I almost never do constant highway speed driving. Unless I am on a road trip.

So, you switch wheels before each trip to suit your needs? Cool.

In the video, we can clearly see a part of the dash that looks to be removable, right behind the steering wheel. My hopes for a HUD with augmented reality are back from a deep coma and i don’t care what neysayers thinks!
”happy danse” 🙂

Maybe for future upgrades. I don’t think it made the ‘cut’ this round. But you’re right, looks like they earmarked that space for something.

Yeah, in the Model 3 future upgrades department, HUD will hopefully make the cut, before the next pencils down moment. Here’s another thanks for some more great Model 3 video sleuthing.

There’s nothing removable on that dash, it’s just a shadow.

Yeah, i think you are right. 2 shadows actually. left one from the driver’s door window and the right shadow comes from the A pilar. What appears to be a removable part is actually the real color of the dash with shadows on each sides…. Bummer!

But a nice flat spot to put your Navdy.com heads up display.

Man, nice car! SUCH clean aerodynamics.

In the first video the driver keep looking back over the shoulder multiple times when backing out of the parking spot….so M3 doesn’t come standard with backup camera? That better not be the case.

I doubt it. I still look over my shoulder and I have a reversing camera. He’s an older person, so his training would be to check all his blind spots, so I don’t think it is unusual.

I do too and have cameras on all my cars but Tesla camera has a really wide angle so there’s no reason to be that cautious.

So pleased with those wheels to see a manufacturer pushing the boundary of market acceptance for better aerodynamic design. But I’m also a person who would also go for wheel spats for more efficiency.

It’s not impossible to make a good looking car with rear wheel spats

I haven’t seen rear wheel covers called “spats” before, but I like the analogy!

The first-generation Honda Insight had rear spats too, but the second-generation didn’t.

I think it’s safe to say that wheel spats aren’t popular. Too bad, because they can make a real difference in reduced drag and therefore energy efficiency.

At least the visibility out the rear window seems much better than the MS (which would be unacceptable in a non-fanboy car of course)

One thing I like, every time I’ve heard the Model 3 doors close they have a nice, solid, think. Nothing tinny or cheap sounding. I hope this is an accurate impression.