Tesla Model 3 Scores 4.5 Stars In UK Review

Black Tesla Model 3

FEB 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

AutoExpress visited the U.S. to test drive a privately-owned Tesla Model 3, as the right-hand drive version of the car will not be offered in the UK before 2019.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The overall verdict is surprisingly high as  the Model 3 got 4.5 out of 5 stars possible. That maybe opens the door for the future Model 3 all-wheel drive version to get  5/5?

“This is the Tesla to buy, full of EV pep and at a more affordable price. It competes well with other sports saloons around the same price point and looks future-proofed when it comes to self-driving tech. The wait for delivery is by far the biggest drawback – and the knowledge that there will be lots of fresh rivals by the time your Model 3 turns up.”

The review notes that Model 3 is quick and because it weighs in at 450 kg less than the Model S, it handles exceptionally well. (Model S feels extremely heavy, according to AutoExpress).

Only minor details got negative marks – like the location of Autopilot controls, smartphone not always able to unlock the car on time when approaching and, in some circumstances, awkward, laggy controls via the screen.

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The price of the Long Range version of the Model 3 in the UK is expected at £42,000 (around $59,000).

Source: AutoExpress

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Get Real

Sounds about right.


“The review notes that Model 3 is quick and because it 450 kg than the Model S, it handles exceptionally well.”

I totally forgot that kg is now a verb. Thank’s for the reminder. You kg the best!


AutoExpress said:
This car weighs over 450kg less than the 100kWh version of the Model S, so the long-range Model 3 comes in at 1,730kg, including the hefty battery. That’s not exactly light in overall terms, but it’s more than respectable for an EV with this sort of range.


The auto critic of The Detroit News, Henry Payne, is impressed with Model 3 too.

In general, smaller and lighter car is usually better at handling.

It’s causing me a bit of a headache. Especially after the KONA was revealed today to have a WLTP range of 470 km! On the one hand, Model 3 does seem to be a great drive. On the other, having to control even the wipers via the touchscreen is going to be a recurring annoyance, if I get one. And third, I no longer trust Tesla or Elon Musk, who seem to have learned that lying works pretty well – whatever the reason, they do willfully lie all the time. KONA won’t be as sharp a drive, and I guess it’s not as cool to say I drive a Hyundai as to say I drive a Tesla. But it will come with a much better warranty. New tires will cost half as much as for the Model 3, the ride will be more comfortable, and the sticker price will also be a fair bit lower, even with more equipment. Sense and sensibility, I guess. And although I put my name down for a KONA reservation a year after I put my name and 10,000 NOK down for the Model 3 one, Hyundai will beat Tesla to it and be first… Read more »
MTN Ranger

Tirerack just started offering Model 3 wheels and tires. You can get anything from $100 to $282 for each 18″ tire.

Get Real

Elon is not lying you can’t see the forst for the trees fool. Stop reading right-wing propaganda sites.

Musk is, if anything, overly optimistic with crazy stretch goals.

Tesla often delivers late but they deliver great in their product/ecosystem.


Does it appear to anyone that InsideEV forums have gotten distasteful of late?


St elon is the pope of tesla church. People love to eat his bull


It certainly does seem like some of the serial Tesla bashers have started writing as if they own the place, if that’s what you mean. 🙁

Warren M

Ironic. Perhaps you bash me for loving my i3.

Ron M

I’m predicting February 2018 sales of between 4,000 – 5000 Model 3

Big Show

3850 is my guess but I will be delighted if you prove me wrong. I don’t think we will see big numbers until they install their new battery assembly machine from Germany.

Get Real

BTW, VW and the laggard German OEM probably propagated the biggest lie of recent memory in the auto business with their world-wide emissions Diesel cheating.