Tesla Model 3, S & X Orders Open In 7 Additional Countries



Elon Musk is Tweeting again and it’s confirmed this was not an April Fools’ joke. He announced that the Tesla Model 3 order page will be expanding to include 7 more countries. These include India, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Although the Tweet was specific to the Model 3, Musk validated in his replies that the Model S and X will also be available soon in the same locations. He replied that in New Zealand, the planned Supercharger network will eventually cover the whole country.

Musk has always been diligent and timely with his Twitter responses. The only thing Musk didn’t verify is Superchargers on Mars! With his SpaceX venture in the mix, maybe anything can happen right? April Fools’. . . or not. . . Who knows really?

Tesla had previously announced expanding into Ireland. South Africa, of course, is important to Musk as it’s his native land. It comes as no surprise seeing South Korea on the list with LG and Samsung battery strongholds on its turf.

According to previous Tweets, Tesla will delve into the Middle East and Latin America soon. Brazil is already on the list and Jordan was added last year. Tesla also has a pop up store in Mexico city as of 2015.

It’s not a shock that the company is announcing expansion, especially at such a “key” time. There is never a better time than “now” in every venture, but it seems Tesla really timed out this announcement nicely to coincide with the Model 3 unveiling. Kudos to Musk and company! Realize though that regardless of anything, this is truly the largest expansion announcement to date for Tesla Motor Co. We can only assume that it will get bigger and better over the course of time.

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scott franco (the evil EV owning republican)

I think China wants theirs. They have to get started copying it.


Ouch. But likely true. Tesla will have to “partner” with an industrial espionage automaker who will document and clone everything they do, while making the Model III…

If giving away all your patents isn’t enough to get the rest of the world onboard with long range, compelling EV’s– just make your product in China. Then your products will spread like wild fire. You just won’t be making money off them, anymore.

Correction – Tesla has NEVER given their patents away. Musk said You can use the patents without charge as long as we like what you’re doing.

If they REALLY meant to give rights they’d actually provide a written license PLUS source code/Design files/etc like other Open Source projects do everyday. Tesla has NOT done any of that.

Oh there have already been some Tesla clones.

I think there is a Supercharger Unit in one of Elon’s Falcon rockets and it’s headed for MARS as we speak ! !….. L M A 0…….Ha Ha

Great news for these countries, will add numbers to the RHD market.

India alone will increase the reservations of not only the model 3 but S & X to an unbelievable level. Here is why.


They have over 20 million cars.

That is India alone!

You should seriously consider reading first and ten writing second …. You honestly think that India is hungry for EV vehicle which costs 35K petro-dollars to manufacture in US.

If you wrote that they are hungry for 3.5K EV, I would have agreed …. Most people have no decent food and roof over their heads, Tesla product is not their life solution.

I know you need to fulfill your dream that there must be 1bil. Orders for the model 3 … But it will not. Come from poor countries.

Not all indians would be able to buy 35K cars but a large size middle class would be buying 10K to 15K cars in India. With Tesla coming to India , other manufacturers would start offering ev cars in affordable price bracket. Do not generalize a nation with out having any idea about sales volume of cars in that country. Mxs have you ever visited india?.