Tesla Model 3: Review After One Year Of Ownership: Video


Feedback is mostly positive with minor issues

Larry Benjamin accustomed us to great Tesla Model 3 reviews and insights, combined with outstanding videos and here is no exception.

After a year and 14,000 miles (22,500 km) the Long Range rear-wheel drive Model 3 (not available in North America anymore) was appreciated for a long list of things, as it’s fun to drive, handles well and has great performance. Furthermore, Benjamin likes the over-the-air software updates and says Autopilot improves over time. Lastly, he notes that with the Model 3 you can travel long-distance and more.

Of course, there are also weak points. Larry Benjamin mentions that there could be more voice recognition features or more Superchargers (sometimes you need to go nearly 18 miles and waste 30 minutes off your normal route). Overall, not that much criticism though.

Tesla Model 3 After a Year

Larry Benjamin reviews his Tesla Model 3 after a year of ownership. He also reviews some features included in software upgrades including Navigate on Autopilot, Pole Position, Whoopie Cushion and Romance Mode. Supercharging on a trip to San Francisco from Los Angeles is also described including the sparse number of Superchargers in Marin.

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“went 1/2 hour out of the way to charge for an hour” if so, he abused the %80 rule.

I don’t get his description of how he was staying in San Fran and had to drive 30 minutes to get to a Supercharger to charge then drive 30 minutes back to his hotel before leaving back to LA. If you look at a Supercharger map of the Bay Area there are Superchargers everywhere. Unless you are way out in the boonies they are all no more than 20 miles or less apart. So if he had to drive 30 minutes to get to an out of the way charger that means he had at least 20-30 miles left. If you draw a 20-30 mile radius over the Bay Area you will notice that it covers a huge area. Why couldn’t he have just stopped at one 20 miles or so into his trip starting at his hotel on his way heading back to LA? You really have to look at the Supercharger map of the Bay Area to understand what I’m saying. https://supercharge.info/map has a cool feature where you can turn on range circles and set the distance to see how close all these Superchargers are. I mean I can’t even possibly figure out where he could have been… Read more »

After watching the video again I see he is coming from up toward Marin which means his stop at Daly City was after he was on his way south. But even so there is a Supercharger in Petaluma which if you draw a range circle for 20 miles it takes you down more than halfway to the Daly City charger. So it wouldn’t make sense to head north to Petaluma and then back south to his hotel if he was already only 20 miles from the Daly City charger to begin with.

Now if he was staying over east more toward Napa then there is a Supercharger in Napa as well. There might possibly be a sweet spot just south of the Napa and Petaluma chargers but equidistant in between where it might be just a hair further than 20-30 miles to the Daly City charger but that is a stretch.

Good video but could have used some info on efficiency, maintenance issues, tire wear, defects.. etc. Also he seems like he has an early car with the older seats… the newer seats are much better. I keep hearing about these defects and problems with charge ports, trunks .. etc.. lot of it seems to be from early cars and most of these issues have been fixed. Having owned the car for 3 months and 3500 miles, I haven’t had any issue so far, knock on wood.

Good video, easy to understand, no funky background music right to the point.

Must be rough to have 18 miles to nearest Super charger. When I get my model 3 the closest supercharger will be aprox 2000 miles away. Will be awesome to have my 9 months of free super charger use and know I can never use it.

Where the hell do you live than ?