Tesla Model 3 To Be Revealed On October 9?


“Tesla Motors Inc. will unveil its Model 3, the mass-market car, and new versions of the Model S sedan at the event Oct. 9, analyst Trip Chowdhry with Global Equities Research said in a note Friday.”

In all honesty, we’d be surprised if Tesla actually unveils the Model 3 prototype anytime in the near future.  It would certainly be unexpected, but Chowdhry seems to have access to an ample amount of Tesla-related information that’s not available to the public, so maybe he’s right?  Hard to say, but this is certainly the rumor of the day!

MarketWatch adds:

“It is no coincidence the event is to take place in the Los Angeles area rather the San Francisco Bay Area, where the electric-car maker is headquartered: Tesla’s top designer “spends almost 90% of this time in the LA Design Center,” Chowdhry said.”

“By showing a Model 3 prototype Tesla is also hoping to garner more attention from potential “gigafactory” investors, he added. The new Model S versions would have all-wheel drive and semi-autonomous driver-assistance system, which would be positive for car technology company MobileEye Technologies.”

So, it would seem that the “D” in the Tweet by Elon Musk stands for both dual-motor and driver’s assist, while that “something else” is perhaps the Model 3.

Color us skeptical.

Elon Musk's Tweet From Wednesday Night

Elon Musk’s Tweet From Wednesday Night

The "D" Teaser (via Elon Musk's Twitter)

The “D” Teaser (via Elon Musk Twitter)

Source: Market Watch

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Please don’t feed the troll/ridiculous speculator.

Agreed. This sounds more like a fishing expedition where he’s trying to weasel an official comment out of Tesla by throwing out a claim, and seeing if it will stick.

Muchas ganas tenemos los seguidores de tesla por conocer el Model ≡.
Me alegría mucho si Musk lo presentara el 9 .
S2 desde Europa.

Si todos vamos alego, yo espero mucho.

There would be loads more hoopla from Tesla if it was going to be revealed on the 9th.

No Model 3 yet, it would spoil Model S sales.

There is exactly zero chance that the III will be revealed before the production model of the X.

Tesla and Musk are fantastic at hype and advertising. They have enough things to make investors/fans happy for now. They should and will keep III information for next year or the year after, when the hype of the AWD S and the X starts to die down.

I think the “other thing” could be the Design Studio for the X (which will allow reservation holders to design their X), or perhaps even the X production model itself.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it were the Production model, because it would actually surprise a lot of people and lend importance and buzz to all of their future events regardless if it’s a “big” event or “little” event.

I’m doubtful this will happen. But I won’t lie – I’m very curious to see what Model III will be like.

Yeah, no. I know Tesla needs to keep interest high in their future products, but it is still too early to unveil the Model III. I agree with JRMW – it is critical that they prove they can design and produce more than one vehicle at a time before they start showing off a third.

On the other end the Model X was shown quiet a long time ago now and it still not in production, so if the Model III is in production in 2017 or 2018, it should be about time to see a very First presentation. After all we are less than 4 months from 2015.

Fair enough, but weren’t there rumors about the Model III prototype coming in early 2015? Given that we still haven’t seen the production Model X, that would be far more important for Tesla right now.

I, too, doubt that the III will be shown anytime soon. It just doesn’t feel right.

However, there are two things that argue for a little III-tease: the need to keep people anticipating the III (and not opting for a LEAF or what ever) and the “Musk factor” of always having something exciting up his sleeve.

One could lease a LEAF now, and in three years when the lease expires, maybe the III will be close to production :-).

Tesla is going to get hit upside the head with the cinder block of reality if Nissan releases the 150 mile leaf next year. In that Tesla has had over five years to work on the model X and over four years to work on the Model 3. Meanwhile the other car makers all they have to do is pop in a more energy dense battery.

In terms of this happening with a 150 mile leaf as of now there are batteries in existence with double the energy density then the Nissan leaf.

What is Tesla’s history of non-auto show reveals? Perhaps that should be the paradigm we should expect.

I hope the Model 3 looks like those renders that some independent people created. The one that looks like smaller version of the Model S. That car was really nice looking.

Except that Musk has explicitly stated that it will not look like a smaller S. There are not many things that he has come out and stated that clearly.

I hope that it doesn’t look like a small S, but rather has “family resemblance”. I’m a fan of the hot-hatch format myself (think Mazda 3, Golf, even the Focus hatch to a degree). I hope they offer it in that format. At the same time, sedans still seem to rule the streets in the US so to make it mainstream maybe it will be more of a three box design.

He said that render was not from Tesla, but did he deny that their model would look like it? I’m not aware of him denying similarities.

Elon says a lot of things. Occasionally, some of them actually come true….

so driver assist and dual motor will be double D? is that what he meant by not revealing the full name?

It would be reasonable that Tesla already has early prototype ready. After all original goal was to unveil Model “E” prototype in January 2015, and traditionally Tesla has progressed quicker than anticipated. So it is perfectly possible that Model 3 prototype is already ready.

Tesla is already large company with good capital flow and it can concentrate on multiple projects at a time. And for sure Tesla already has exact design for Model 3 prototype ready and they have new line that is used for prototype construction, therefore early Model 3 prototype is not that big of a surprise.

After all, Model 3 should enter into production in 2016. It is not that far ahead in the future!

I hope that I do not get disappointed, because Tesla Model 3 should be better than Audi A4 Quattro and BMW 328i xDrive combined!

I am thinking a production Model X instead of a prototype Model 3. He did say that with the reaction to unveiling the D that it was good that he didn’t mention the other letter. It might be “X” rated.

That would be the most logical that he shows what the production Model X will look like.

If we are lucky he might announce the base version of the Model X and the 60 kilowatt base version of the model S having a $10,000 to $15,000 price cut while at the same time a new 110 kilowatt battery pack comes into existence to take over the role of the 85 kilowatt battery pack.

These two things would open up a larger market for Tesla and it would be good for the overall health of the car.

I think ‘P’ is the other letter, regarding ‘glad I didn’t send the other letter’.

Yep, ‘P’roduction X is my guess (with substantial changes and interior views..
No chance of ‘P’rototype |||

Trip Chowdhry with Global Equities Research. That’s all you need to know.

First, “Global Equities Research” consists of one employee. Trip Chowdhry.

Second, Google his many “Apple Is About to Fail” predictions over the years then go ahead and rate the likelihood he’s not just an idiot out to gain attention (and money).

I don’t think Apple is going to Fail apart like a dam busting but I do think it could stagnate or slow down as it fills up it’s market.

The same thing applies to Tesla in that I don’t think it will go down like a plane crashing but could slow down a great deal if it doesn’t get more affordable models on the road.