Tesla Model 3 Reservation Queue Begins To Form In Australia


Australian, Andreas Stephens, starts the queue for the Tesla Model 3 by arriving at the showroom 48 hours ahead of time to wait for the opportunity to put his name in, just to wait another 2 years for delivery.

Tesla Fremont Assembly

Tesla Fremont Assembly

Stephens waits outside with a book and a phone that will surely die soon. Tesla staff has already given him a ride in a Model S and kept him supplied with fresh coffee.

The new model will not be revealed until Friday afternoon in Australia. The public still has no clue about the official details of the vehicle. The Tesla showroom in Artarmon will open on Thursday at 8am and Stephens will be the lead man in. A $1500 deposit will buy him a spot in the queue.

The Model 3 may cost him $65,000 to $70,000 when it is delivered in Australia. This information is also unknown.

Stephens says that his son turned him on to Tesla, and when the car arrives, his son will be going for a much awaited ride. Currently, Stephens owns a Toyota Corolla Seca, and doesn’t even have a garage. He jokes, “I’ve got two years to build one”.

Since Stephens isn’t a current Tesla owner, he will be far from the first to take delivery of his Model 3. Tesla is giving priority to current Model S/X owners.

The scene outside of Tesla dealerships will be much like that of Black Friday sales and Apple stores during new releases. Both companies rely on direct sales (although Apple branches out as well), and have almost cult-like followers. Seeing mobs of people lined up for hours and days ahead of time, around the buildings and down the block, will not come as any surprise.

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He’s also in a RHD country, so he’ll be waiting a long time … and then a bit longer than that.

Right. He will have plenty time to build that garage.

I SEROIUSLY doubt the Model 3 will look like the hatchback in the picture. I’m betting on a sedan style like the Model S.

I am going to go out I a limb and guess that Tesla will introduce the 3 as both a sedan and, get this, a wagon! The wagon is the one car missing from the Tesla stable and it won’t be that hard to do.

The only thing left to do will be a pickup truck so they can really stick it to Bob Lutz.

He climbed up a persimmon tree and out on a limb, and CRACK! the limb she broke and the preacher came floatin’ down.

He hit ole’ earth a cutting right and left, he did put up a pretty good fight.
But before long the bear grabbed him, and held on with a vim, and once again the preacher raised his eyes to the god in the skies, and these words he said to him…etc.
–Andy Griffith

Just as a note. We replaced out the Model 3 render in the story…just because I personally could stomach another thread reflecting on it, lol. Instead, enjoy this Australia showroom with covered Tesla, (=

Thank you Jay. Please delete that image from IEV’s records!

…it’ll all be over in 48 hours, (=

I’m actually on “late shift/moderating” duties tonight…so I’d like it to be a low-key evening.

My preference is to just watch a new release movie with the feet up, and then finish a book I am working my through into the wee hours of the night…as opposed to actually having to work/write or moderate my way through the night.

Going full /lazy mode ahead of the live Model 3 debut late Thursday, and sales Friday, (=

I’m glad I didn’t look at the article earlier, then. Thank you so much for showing us some mercy, Jay! 😉

I dislike guesswork artist rendering as illustrative material in general — even if accompanied by a disclaimer they leave an impression (esp. if used repeatedly). A covered car is much more suitable.

Only case I’d find artist renderings worthwhile is when there are multiple ones, in a more in-depth article discussing pros/cons of multiple designs.

“Just as a note. We replaced out the Model 3 render in the story”

Thanks for that. I plan to plunk down my $1000 reservation early Thursday morning before the reveal. But if the real thing looks like that rendering I will immediately ask for my money back!

Highly unlikely there’ll be 2 body variants straight off.

I seriously doubt we’ll ever see a “wagon” from Tesla. Station wagons have gone out of style, almost entirely replaced by CUVs, minivans, and SUVs.

But even aside from that, it’s not a realistic scenario. That would be almost as challenging as Tesla releasing the Model S and X at the same time.

Small companies don’t have the resources to develop multiple major products simultaneously. Tesla may no longer be a small company in absolute terms, but relative to major auto makers it’s still fairly small.

++, except on

“Station wagons have gone out of style, almost entirely replaced by CUVs, minivans, and SUVs.”

This is only true in the US. Elsewhere they’re alive and well.

That aside, while obviously they’re not committed to anything, the last I know Tesla mentioned doing a Model 3-based CUV after the 3, a.k.a. the Model Y.

No sedan please, hot hatch with space for stuff!

Do you realize y’all are arguing over the angle of the rear hatch? The Model S is a “hatchback sedan”, also known as a “liftback”. The only difference, so far as I can see, between cars labeled “liftback” and those labeled “hatchback” is the the angle of the hatch when closed, with “hatcbback” hatches being more vertical and “liftback” hatches more horizontal.

Shades of difference…

Wagon would if so also be another shade.

0r at least a sedan with fold down rear seats ,with some room for things….

Most likely a hatchback with a sedan-like profile… just like the Model S, which you’ll recall doesn’t have an actual sedan (with classical trunk) variant. Mazda 6 is also like this.

To be fair, the Model S does have a storage well at the back, not unlike a sedan’s trunk. So it’s a bit more sedan-like than just having a sedan’s rear profile.

(For Model S’s with the optional 3rd row child seats in the rear, those seats fold into that well when stowed.)

First man in line

…and so it begins

If I were Elon I would give him the first unit!
And if I were Elon Model 3 would have 300 miles range and free SuperCharging.

300 miles and non-free supercharging would be better. That way there would be less queues at superchargers and it would increase the second hand value of the models S and X as the only ones with free charging. And it would be another income stream for Tesla.

you know., sometimes I feel like a nut & sometimes====)(*&^%$#!@#$%^&*(===i just don’t know….The Super Charger is huge & A very important Part of this whole equation……….

Yes the model 3 must be compatible with supercharging, that is the biggest selling point for Tesla. All I’m saying is that it doesn’t have to be – even shouldn’t be – free.

Who can tell if Tesla will not install solar-city canopies with Tesla batteries at most stations and grow the network at a more rapid pace ?

That would be one huge canopy! Taking some data from Wikipedia: “central Colorado […] receives annual insolation of 5.5 kWh/m²/day”. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_cell_efficiency)

Let’s assume a future 30% effective solar panel, that gives on average 1.65 kWh/m²/day. Filling up a single 90 kWh car per day would require – ignoring losses – a 54 m² (580 sq ft) canopy!

Sure. You need a pretty big array to cover the draw even from a single Supercharger stall. But every bit of clean energy helps.

Supercharging isn’t free, it’s just the advertising budget.

Wait in line just to drop a name in the hat for a car that might be good 2 years from now?


Elon is a genius!

2 yrs. I tend to agree with you ., But if it’s worth waiting for .., Then what the Heck! it should be worth the wait!

Well, I certainly do admire the dedication of Tesla fans who are so fanatic that they’ll literally spend days in line to make a reservation for the privilege of waiting 2+ years to get a car.

Not so sure about the sense they’re displaying, though. Especially when it comes to Australia, as right-hand-drive countries will reportedly be the last to get any Model ≡’s.

Admirable or stupid?

I think “stupid” is a bit harsh. I don’t see this as being any more fanatical than, for example, sports fans who attend a game stripped to the waist with their faces and chests painted with team colors.

Just my opinion, of course.

They are passionate…

Person driven by passion can’t be logical.

Let us call them “illogical”.

What if you are passionate about logic.

When passion takes over your brain, all logic goes out of your head…

You, on the other hand, are logical about passion.

When passion goes out of your brain, logic finds it hard to wake you up in the morning…

Passion is Pain.. this is not painful…Lets maybe say “FANATIC” ??

The guy is retired, solo, no cat to feed and has nothig to do anyway, and weather seems good so…

I don’t get why people do this. Not just Tesla but any product. Why wait for days outside a shop to be one of the first ones to buy a gaming console/TV/telephone or whatever it is? Is it really that important to be the first one that you have to waste several days to get it? The day after it’s going to be pointless anyway! I can see the point if it’s a limited resource like tickets to an event or something but a mass produced gizmo that anyone will be able to buy a couple of days later anyway?

He’ll probably get a bit of attention. Get his picture in the local news. Heck, you wrote a comment about him from across the world! Many people crave attention.

I’ll head over to my local Tesla store in the morning to assess the line. If it’s not too bad I’ll make my reservation as well. I think it’ll be fun meeting some other Tesla fans and feel like I’m a small part of something important. Even though I realize it doesn’t really matter if I just reserve online instead. And once the cars do arrive, I may get mine months earlier than if I waited one day to reserve online. During those few months I might drive a car that is far far more exclusive than any other car I can afford to consider. You may sneer and say I shouldn’t care about that, but I think I’d feel a bit special 😀

Hey, when you really want a new toy, you want to get that new toy as soon as possible.

Regarding the Tesla line, as an EV advocate I don’t mind a little discomfort in order to help Tesla get some free PR that will show up on the news. Consumer education about EVs is still a huge problem so every additional bit of free exposure helps.

BTW, when I went with a friend to pick up his new Tesla Model S, he said that he felt the whole Tesla thing felt a bit “cultish”. And that is certainly true. Lots of Tesla fan-boys.

But I said “Well, count me in among them. Tesla is one of the few companies that is doing so many things right to bring EVs to market. The large fan base is well deserved.”

If I didn’t have a family to provide for I would camp out at the Orlando Tesla store.

My wife and I are both going to reserve one on Thursday. I’m also going to reserve one for my friend.

I am surprised that this the only report on “queue” forming. We live in the silly world where people line up for anything somehow thought to be so unique or must-have.

That’s just the way it goes and one can shake his head, but his time and money and probably 2 mins of fame on the local news and YouTube.

Just enjoy the event and have some fun.

I can enjoy a scenery or nice joyride trip …. Not a pre-order opening day for anything.

I should see if there is anyone camped out at the Tesla stores near me.

Oh hell . . . I’m gonna do it. Time to dig up the camping equipment from the attic! 🙂

OK, the mall where the closest Tesla store to me will not allow people to camp out.

Perhaps I’ll go to the next closest store.

call yer local media an’ tell ’em you’re gonna do it, then see what security can come up with when the local TV station is there recording it..

i.e., free publicity, hehe