Tesla Model 3 Reservation Line Outside Dublin, California Store Appears To Beat Them All – Video


Update (above): Looks like Santana Row is the winner

All buying a car they haven’t seen yet. Wow.

Posted by Robert Scoble onΒ Thursday, March 31, 2016

Outside Tesla’s Dublin, California store, the line to reserve the Tesla Model 3 has become so massive that it wraps around the parking lot and loops back on itself.

A quick count by us suggests that at leastΒ ~400 individuals are in line outside the Dublin store at this undetermined time. Check out the video above to see the impressive Model 3 reservation queue.

Location Of Dublin Store

Location Of Dublin Store

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This will make Tesla work twice as hard to get this car earlier than expected.

According to my friend who reserved one today at the Burbank Ca store there were about 100 people. Some were buying 2 of them. I am a little dubious about some of Teslas claims of how many orders that they have. My son bought a Model X. It took 3 weeks to get the car after he gave them his $5K. They said there was a big line but he didn’t wait in line at all. It is a lot easier to throw down $5000 than $100K

Tesla uses batch processing, and tries to time deliveries to maximize them at the end of a quarter.

Your son got lucky, and I’m guessing he lives within a few hundred miles of Tesla’s Fremont factory. Most other Model X buyers will have to wait a lot longer.

He lives in LA so you are correct.

He probably got my deferred X. Tesla gave me the option for a March build and April delivery, but I needed to push it out some. So I know at least one production slot opened. I’m past the “reservation” status as I’ve actually configured and ordered, but it wasn’t yet scheduled for production. Tesla contacts you when that time is close to give you the chance to reschedule.

There are (or, were) a verified 400+ people lined up at the Austin, Texas store.

I had wondered if our galleries here in Texas had any line at all. I wasn’t sure if they could take reservations or not, since they aren’t allowed to sell cars.

You can get arrested in TX for reserve this car, go figure!!

There were no lines at the Michigan stores… oh wait πŸ™‚

The coffee maker will be busy.

530 people in the telsa sunnyvale store (yes someone actually counted)

I counted 400 in Eatonville FL.

This car had better be absolutely stunning at first glance, or Tesla will be the laughing stock of the world

If there is one thing Tesla gets right, it’s styling.

Well, jury is still out on the Model X….but the S was definitely a looker.

I’m sure there will be people saying that the Model ≑ is the best looking car ever and will sell gazillions. I’m equally sure others will say the Model ≑ looks like a pile of bull pucky and that nobody would ever buy one.

Just like, y’know, every other car ever made. (Well, with the possible exception of the Pontiac Aztek… πŸ˜‰ )

YMMV… it’s not just for miles anymore! πŸ˜‰

Wouldn’t it be faster to drive to a different store with a smaller line, even it it was an hour away?

From recent personal experience, I would have to agree!! As a company they are not afraid to bust their tails to get the job done. How everyone is pulling the same direction is amazing.

Behold, the power of startups with something to prove!!!

Go Tesla!!!

500 people lined up at 100 stores is only 50,000 people which is hardly 1 million people or even 100,000 people. When are we going to find out how many actual pre-orders there are? But still, Tesla only sold 50,000 cars last year so 50,000 pre orders in one day would be pretty good.

Not everyone has the means to take a day off work to line up at the store. I take it most people will be reserving online (some may want to see what the car actually looks like and a few more details before plunking down $1000).

+1.Thanks Jake Y, you beat me to the reply ?. My thoughts exactly.

So you’re not impressed that Tesla can take reservations for an ENTIRE year’s worth of GM Bolt production, in the first day, before anyone has actually seen the car?

I am…

There’s no reason to bash the Bolt here. I am impressed that Tesla had such a great pre-order day. And I’m looking forward to seeing what the car all those people bought will look like.

Plunking down $1K is a lot easier than plunking down $50k. We will see if the orders are going to transfer to purchases. Remember the order deposit is refundable.

First GM could sell those 50k cars before Tesla sells one Model 3. Second you make an assumption that GM will forever make only 50k Bolts and GM and LG have no concept of supply chain management. LG has unused capacity that easily within a years time would allow them to increase their output. And if “demand” requires more I’m sure they will build out as necessary. People assume this is a race and Tesla is about to cross the finish line and in fact the race has just started.

This is a race which started back in 2008, when Tesla started selling the Tesla Roadster. (Well actually, it started a year or two before that; it started when other auto makers realized that Tesla was serious about making and selling a compelling BEV.)

You will please notice that GM keeps playing catchup… or follow-the-leader.

And as InsideEVs’ editor Jay Cole noted in his most interesting and authoritative comment (unfortunately it wasn’t in an article) about the affect of international currency exchange rates on marketing, LG likely can’t offer GM that same low price for batteries made in factories located in other countries.

So if GM wants LG to fire up its unused battery factory capacity, then it will have to pay more per kWh for batteries, which will lower GM’s already thin or nonexistent profit margin on the Bolt.

And that, gentle readers, is just one of multiple reasons why GM won’t ramp up production of the Bolt to match demand.

Yes, the race is just starting. And the Bolt will finish it’s first lap a year before the model 3 gets out of the pits.

I wonder who will win…. πŸ™‚

The problem with this is that we know GM is relying on LG to an unusual extent to build the Bolt’s parts, not just the batteries. It’s as if it subcontracted the car to a company that mainly wants to demonstrate to other carmakers that it has cool components they should use in their own EVs. LG’s agenda may not be to build as many cars as GM can sell. And GM may not really care. Its agenda is improving its CAFE numbers enough to get by.

There are 221+ stores…

Walnut creek had more than 200 for sure

Dublin …. , California. Thanks for the heart attack, lads.

IKR? πŸ™‚

650 people in line at the Santana Row store in San Jose, line now down to about 500 from peak earlier

What kind of person would sign up to buy a car that has not even been seen and loan Tesla money at 0% interest for 2-3 years?

I have always researched a car to the point I know more about it and its competitors then the salesman selling it, before I buy.

This is crazy.

I just hope the line clears out before I get to Dublin after work to sign up too.

Apparently a you kind of person. And a me kind of person. Time for a nap.

No one knows. Nobody’s getting in line to buy. They are getting in line to get in line to buy. And by the time a purchasing decision has to be made, they might get a car considerably earlier AND get more tax refunded than if they had not.

In addition, I bet many simply want to take part and support Tesla with this fun, small gesture. It feels nice being even a small part of something good.

Perfectly rational behavior.

Well said. πŸ™‚

Well played.

Hey, all you guys waiting in line to pre order Model 3, come on over to the Fort Worth Tesla store, there is no line at all. You could probably fly from California before the Reveal.

I’ve been to that store in Ft.Worth. It is quite puny. Barely enough room for a model-S to sit on the showroom.

Why do people in Houston like Teslas more than the rest of the state? I see Model S in the Heights more often than 7-series BMWs. Word is that 1000 people lined up at the Tesla center at the Galleria.

I am working in Lubbock. If I finish in time to get to Ft Worth before the store closes, I will be driving there.

It is a little hard for me to get there from here:

Nice photo!

1 1/2 hour, nearing the front of the sunnyvale srore

You should have come to Fremont. I was in and out in about half an hour, after arriving at ~11am. Some locations were processing much faster than others. Fremont had something like 15 stations, so the line moved very quickly.

If that is true they clearly weren’t working very hard. In any case, I’d rather see them work smart. Grit is kinda Ford F-150 territory. Not what the world needs.

S3X is good, although I will at best gain a 3-life.

2 hours, now at the front of the line.

…and the power/Internet goes out – “everyone come back tomorrow”

The reservations were taken with a custom iPad app so the power going out probably wouldn’t have caused a problem.

I counted about 320 people at the Corte Madera store a couple of minutes before 10 am. We got there at about 8:15 am and were something like #126 in line. It took a little over an hour for us to get to the front of the line once it started moving at 10 am. It was a pretty friendly crowd- got to know all the people close to us in line.

My sister in law checking in from San Diego reports they are helping people who showed up at 6am at 11:17am. She estimates about 600 people there.

I think Texas FFE is correct you might get to the front faster by flying out to Texas at this rate.

I was about number 15 at San Deigo UTC at 8pm last night. There is a second San Diego store nearby at Fashion Valley.

I was the first known current Tesla owner to make a reservation in San Diego (two deposits) at about 10:10am, with about 500-600 in line behind me.

I drive over to Fashion Valley to check out the line there, and I estimate several hundred in line there, also.

One reason I’m going in person is that I don’t trust Tesla’s servers to handle the crush. That and maybe I can get some of the tax credit, since it still somewhat good for a year after the 200,000 hits no matter how many are sold.

Best wishes for all of you standing in line, and…

Happy Model ≑ day to everyone! πŸ™‚

I Second That Emotion!

Over 400 at the Rocklin (Sacramento) store and that held steady for several hours.

250-300 at the Walnut Creek, CA store. Took me 3.5 hours and I was about 150-200 in line.

much faster in Florida. They ran through 250 in 2 hours here.

At 12:30 I pulled up and parked directly in front of the Palo Alto store. One guy at the door waiting to go in, I was #2. I was done with my deposit inside of 10 minutes. I asked the guy working the door if he knew about how many they had reserved and he said “Yes”. He wouldn’t give me the number. The process was very efficient. They had 6+ employees with laptops taking the information down.

Let’s say 50,000 Model 3s were pre-ordered today and maybe more. Tesla has only sold 100,000 cars total and only sold 50,000 around the world last year. Regardless of our personal opinions of Tesla I think we all have to admit that Tesla made history today.

Congratulations Tesla!!!

I was at the Sunnyvale CA store today. Got there at 4 AM with four of my buddies and was the 30th person in line. Processing went really quickly and I had my 2 orders in (for my wife and I) by 10:15. When I left the line looped multiple times around the parking lot and about 3 blocks down the street. At least 500 people were there, maybe 700.


At least 1,000 people at La Jolla (San Diego) store today, as many as 1,500 by the end of the day.

First person in line got there 5am yesterday. 9am arrivals processed about 2pm.

~80% males. Broad range of EV-non EV drivers. Broad age range 30-75. Majority appeared to be tech workers.