Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders Receive Small Token Of Appreciation


Following the successful opening of reservations for the Tesla Model 3, CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce that reservation holders would receive a “token of appreciation.”

Elon Musk Tweet

Elon Musk Tweet

Well, it seems that some reservations holder are now receiving that promised gift, which is a sketch of the Model 3 and a Thank You card from Elon himself.

It’s believed that other gifts may be on the way as well. Musk did say that a scale model of the 3 and “a few other things” were coming in Tweets related to the matter. He even mentioned an “extra gift” for those who waited in really long lines.

So, this Model 3 sketch may be just the first of several gifts coming for some reservation holders.

Source: Tesla Motors Club Forum

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Will be sold on Ebay in 3..2…1…

Well, that sucks!

What sucks?

LOL, “thank you for ordering a model 3”

Last time I checked we reserved a spot in line for $1k. Nobody has actually ordered one yet.

Anyways, it’s more good cheap PR for Tesla.

“Nobody has actually ordered one yet.”

Sure you did, just like those 40,000 people who “ordered” a PowerWall last year.

I would love to know the meaning of your post because to me it says nothing

Perhaps you should read it again, a little slower this time.

He’s right. Reading your poor attempt to make two different types of events appear equivalent, still doesn’t work when you slow it down.

Let me explain why what you’re implying, does not make sense:

In the first case, a simple indication of interest was expressed by prospective customers. No money exchanged hands, no goods or services were exchanged. The Powerwall product continues to be refined and developed.

In the second case, money exchanged hands for a reservation number and a place in line to have a vehicle eventually custom built for a prospective customer. A tort was created between both parties, and the deposit is refundable.

This is why your argument of false equivalency fails and is essentially nonsensical; no matter how fast or slow one reads it. So you’re not actually making Tesla look bad, you’re making YOU look bad. You grock?


Tesla told you all loud and clear, it isn’t place in line. Money you will pay for options will determine your place in line, and to some extent your location.

Elon described requesting PowerWall info and giving your email address as a Powerwall order.

Elon described putting you name on a reservation list and placing a refundable $1,000 deposit as a Model 3 order.

Perhaps you can explain to Elon what an order is.

Anon said:
“A tort was created between both parties, and the deposit is refundable.”

Sorry Matlock, but a “tort” is not what you think it is. Did you sleep through law school? You don’t know the definition of a tort, and Elon doesn’t know the definition of an order. LOL!

Tort: a wrongful act, not including a breach of contract or trust, that results in injury to another’s person, property, reputation, or the like, and for which the injured party is entitled to compensation.


Again, Sven, why do you have to be so mean? I hope you don’t have children. You are really not a nice person.

It’s just a bit of sarcasm over the massive reservations of Power Walls that resulted in very few actual orders.

It could happen to the Model 3 too (but it won’t). So it’s wise to save the word “order” until us reservation holders actually can order it a year or three from now.

Not exactly the same, in that the Powerwall required no money down. I signed up for both and have learned quite a bit from both. I received a personal call from Tesla Energy to evaluate my solar array. I, like many, am running on the ever popular Enphase micro inverters. I informed Tesla Energy that I was willing to replace one of my branch circuits with the SolarEdge central inverter, which is the only one they currently support. The engineer reccommended that I wait a while in that they were working on a product for the micro inverters that would be out in about a year.

That’s news…

Thanks for letting me know that! I’m in the same position but I never bothered responding to their email since I assumed they would just ignore me because I also have the Enphase microinverters.

But it is nice to know they claim to be working on a solution for us. A nice AC-coupled battery system that could Isolate from the grid and operate a small critical load panel when the grid goes down is what I really want.

“A nice AC-coupled battery system that could Isolate from the grid and operate a small critical load panel when the grid goes down is what I really want.”

That means the inverters will be built in the battery pack.

It would increase the price of the pack and potentially higher loss.

Enphase already sells AC battery. No need to wait for it from Tesla unless you need for some religious reasons.
No, it doesn’t pay off for most, and Tesla packaging of some Samsung cells is not going to change it. It may make sense in some special cases though, you should know you situation better.

PowerWall 2.0 will be compatible with SunnyBoy Storage 2.5, which will make the PowerWall AC coupled. Then it won’t matter what kind of solar you have, or if you have it at all.


The powewall cencels are because nobody get it that in Europe you pay not $ to €, you pay $ to € + 20 % Vat + tax + shippment. And so it will happen to Model 3 again.

The powerwall is far more expensive ~1000€/kWh (installed) than at the anouncement 250$/kWh. Therefore no one ordered really one!

That was not a normal increase because of tax & conversion. Then powerwall would be only something around 350-400€/kWh because of tax & conversion.

There is a BIG difference between the PowerWall and Model 3.

The PowerWall people just clicked on a link to indicated some ‘interest’ and provided an email address.

The Model 3 people put down $1000.

In Sven’s warped imagination, they are the same. 🙁

It isn’t so much difference as all these people believe they will be able to get their $1000 back at any time and Tesla bankruptcy is impossible. Interest on $1000 isn’t big money. $1000 _refundable_ deposit for a car is a joke. It designed to pump stock, not to measure some interest to buy something for real.

It was designed to gauge initial interest in the product which is through the roof whereas yours and sven’s incessant anti-Tesla FUD here is for what purpose?

LOL, “thank you for ordering a model 3”

Could you please point out where that is stated because I don’t see it anywhere and it has never been referred to as orders just reservations

Says it right above the sketch of the 3.

And signed: Elon.

“thank you for ordering a model 3”
The power of suggestion 🙂

waited 5 hours in line for a freaking piece of paper???

don’t know about you, but I waited five hours to reserve a car.

I waited in line for the paper, although I’m going to take advantage of free Tesla Model 3 that comes with the paper. It’s only $35k for separate processing and shipping charges.

Idea: I think it would be cooler if Tesla gave away matchbox Model 3 csrs and let people pick out a sample color in advance. I bet if Tesla placed a big order for a specially commissioned limited edition of 400,000 matchbox cars (costing them about $5 apiece plus shipping), it would be a well spent $2 Million dollars in keeping people engaged.

From the article:

“It’s believed that other gifts may be on the way as well. Musk did say that a scale model of the 3 and “a few other things” were coming in Tweets related to the matter”

this is part of a marketing campaign that involves the use of premiums and social media to keep reservation holders engaged. if tesla went into radio silence after taking deposits people would start asking for their money back.

People complaining about their free gift(s) they didn’t know would exist when they got in line, reminds of a bit by Louis CK, where people complained about the airplane Wifi.

the “free gift” is a bit of a gimmick, but i agree that there isn’t any reasonable basis to complain because tesla is not attempting to mislead anyone.

Indeed. As long as they’re looking that gift horse in the mouth, they might as well examine the hooves too before accepting it. [/snark]

It also reminds me of what I’ve read about complaints overheard from people who work for auto review magazines; complaints that some of the auto makers hand out “swag” which isn’t as lavish as that from others.

Talk about a sense of entitlement!

Funny clip! My gift will be my brand new Model 3. Other gift will be clean air because my neighbors will be giving up gasmobiles for Teslas, Bolts, LEAFs, e-Golfs, Insight EVs, iOniq EVs, and so on. Thank you Elon and Carlos for having the vision to move forward with electric vehicle technology!

I got the drawing. I am going to frame it. I think it is a very cool gesture.


Model car for those that stood in line from my understanding—that’s not 400k.